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This is relevant because my current auxiliary internet device was running Cyanogen. I was annoyed about this for a variety of reasons, including "unrooted device means I can't transfer data between handsets for one of the apps I use" and also "unrooted app means I can't run f.lux but am instead stuck with Twilight". I was well aware that rebraining the device was likely to lead to sharks (official plaintext transcript, containing comic titles, URLs, post dates, transcripts (when available), and other metadata).

Here are some of the details of the implosion. Here's another report. tl;dr: if you are running CyanogenMod you probably want to turn off automatic updates; if you are running CyanogenOS you may wish to reconsider this plan.

The upside is that CM is in the process of being forked to LineageOS, with updating from CM to Lineage planned to be as seamless as possible -- if you want to build your own you can do so, at this point, but if you'd like flashable build packages you'll have to wait while infrastructure gets put in place.

So. Under the circumstances, having been planning to rebrain to CM this holiday anyway, I bumped that up the priority list (with hand-holding from [profile] silver_adept and [personal profile] me_and; many thanks). Herewith details of all of the sodding sharks involved, from the perspective of someone who had done some of this once previously under less frustrating circumstances. A lot of it might read as stating the obvious! I'm completely okay with that because I would like to have the reference material for my future use.

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It was once, several years ago at this point, my intense displeasure to be party to a conversation in public space in the house I was living in at the time, where I was doing housework -- and actually, I say "conversation", but what I mean is "a middle-aged white guy who was a guest of one of my housemates was holding forth about his expertise in child language acquisition".

Astonishingly enough, he was wrong about everything. In particular, he literally claimed that children should be taught Esperanto instead of a natural language like French, because it's completely unfair and unreasonable to expect children to memorise tables of irregular verbs before they can have a conversation with their friends, and Esperanto doesn't require them to do that! It is, he said, ridiculous -- you give five-year-olds recorders, not bassoons.

(1) That isn't even how child language acquisition works (very different to language acquisition post-11, and third & subsequent languages are much much easier than the first couple),
(2) The reasons you don't give five-year-olds bassoons are that (i) they are extremely expensive, (ii) they're twice the height of most five-year-olds, and (iii) five-year-olds do not have the lung capacity because unlike violins where it is possible to make 1/8th-sizes at standard pitch by changing the tension of the strings the same cannot be said for a wind instrument,
(3) Actually giving 5yos recorders is preposterous, because while they're very easy to get a sound out of they're very hard to get a nice sound out of, see also "why on earth do we teach children to draw with wax crayons",
(4) There is absolutely no benefit from teaching children a constructed language rather than a natural language, especially not one that is not only so heavily based on Indo-European but the Romance family while claiming to give people an introduction to ~every language ever~,
(5) ... dudebro you just claimed Mandarin and Cantonese were IE languages I am so done with this conversation, please stop mansplaining linguistics to me and please for crying out loud stop encouraging schools to teach children Esperanto.

If you have ever heard me loudly exclaim bassoons are NOTHING like irregular verbs, you now know why.


Aug. 26th, 2014 08:44 pm
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kaberett: ... chris
kaberett: chris I have broken everything enough
kaberett: that alt+ctrl+f2
kaberett: doesn't give me a terminal
kaberett: please tell me you're impressed
Chris: ...
Chris: *how.*
Chris: this is the machine you just reinstalled, right?
kaberett: no this is the desktop
Chris: oh ok
kaberett: chris
Chris: so I mean it's possible that xorg.conf contains DontVTSwitch I guess?
kaberett: how did I do this
kaberett: it didn't ought to
kaberett: how do I fix the thing
kaberett: sorry the clarifying point
kaberett: is that it's failing to load the graphical desktop either
kaberett: which is why I'm even trying
kaberett: :-p
Chris: ah
Chris: ..
Chris: but I mean, is it showing you some empty/faulty graphical screen which you then can't switch away from, or..?
kaberett: black featureless screen of d00m
Chris: (or something text based I mean)
kaberett: it briefly shows me a text-based login prompt
kaberett: which gets REPLACED
kaberett: never to be seen again
Chris: ...
kaberett: ... there's the additional special
kaberett: (yes there's more)
Chris: those sure are some impressive sharks you've got there.
kaberett: (do you actually want to hear it)
Chris: yes
kaberett: okay so
kaberett: I was fucking around with installing some more xserver-xorg packages
kaberett: on the grounds that the internet suggested that was a reasonable fix for the issue I'm having -- ... was having? -- with saving xorg.conf
kaberett: and nothing obviously broke
kaberett: ... until I went away to the kitchen
kaberett: ... and came back after the screens had gone to sleep
kaberett: ... whereupon um
kaberett: ... they wouldn't wake up again?
kaberett: I got a brief flash of background+mousecursor every time I hit space or moved the mouse enough to trigger
kaberett: ... you're proud
Chris: wtf.
Chris: *applause*
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Subject: Re: [ISOGEOCHEM] Is CaF2 safe in an EA

Thanks you all for the responses. I vaguely remember an old micro-chemical technique for mineral identification that uses powdered fluorite to produce HF, through some means, and remove silica so that the specimen can be further tested. I don’t remember the details of that technique but the idea of running CaF2 in my EA in the presence of organics did have me concerned. I’m relieved to learn that it can be done safely.

Thanks again.
-- Steve

... followed shortly afterwards by...
We used to do something like this in the lab! And we are still alive. Vogel spot test, maybe.

Fluoride + H2SO4 -> HF + .... over a burner to heat.

You do it in a test tube. Then you dip a wet glass rod into the vapours, and if it etches it, then there is fluoride.

Very cool. And QUITE safe ...

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If you are reading this at the time I post it, hi, and I would apologise for putting together an edited highlights list and taking up space on your reading page, but actually I'm not terribly sorry.

If you are reading this FROM THE FUTURE, then it is because I like and respect you and I am sick beyond the telling of it of having my major, legitimate concerns about Amanda Palmer dismissed as sour grapes sparked by that thing she did where she got people to play in her band for free, because guess what, that is so not on the list of things I am angry with her for that it's not even on the same landmass as the aforementioned list.

I further want to clarify that I get liking problematic media. I am okay with liking problematic media (I do it!). What I absolutely cannot handle is being told that I only care about the issues below because she let people play on stage with her. (There are so many bands I would be delighted to play with, I cannot even tell you. That? Really, REALLY not the issue.) No - what I actually care about is the stuff below the cut.

Content notes: rape, racism, ableism, sizeism.
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ETA oh wow, there is more. I'd been blissfully oblivious to the biological essentialism and cissexism, and also to the bit where she appropriated a protest song about police brutality and racism to mark getting out of a record contract. Also, [content notes: addiction, suicide, abuse], Read more... )
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But I was going to list good things, but then I got into a conversation about why incidence of diagnosed autism spectrum conditions (ASCs) is higher among trans people than among the "general population", so now I'm going to brain-dump here.

Content note: Simon Baron-Cohen. )
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(I am caught up with the introductions post so far; if you'd like to meet people I know, please feel encouraged to go browse comments & leave one of your own, if you haven't already. Absolutely no obligation to subscribe or grant access.)

Today I was supposed to: post a lot of things, have lunch, and go to a pain clinic education session.

I managed to: eat a fig and some berries for breakfast, get a bus at approximately a sensible time, post the things, have lunch with my mother, and... get on a bus. And ride it to the end of the line. Because there were roadworks, so it was rerouted away from the hospital, and I was in too much pain to realise that the sensible thing to do was get off the bus and get a taxi. So I missed my pain clinic appointment. Which is somewhat awkward and deeply embarrassing, but whereas at the time I was convinced it was because I Am Shit I have with the benefit of a little more hindsight and a lot more opiates recognised that no, in fact, it is merely that I am ill and was having a bad day. So that's going to be an interesting phone call to make tomorrow. (On the plus side, I have had near-constant stress-induced facial herpes outbreak for the past month, BUT I haven't had any Staggering Crazy this menstrual cycle, which is good.)

But then I got home and collapsed into bed and some hours later, when everyone was home, finally managed to ask people to get top-up painkillers + water + me all in the same place, following which I perked up rather, astonishingly enough. And I read some more of the current book (Labyrinths, Borges, in translation; it's Harry's copy, and it was rather unsettling to be sat in the sunshine in Fulbourn, where he spent a lot of time in the local mental hospital as an in-patient, reading a book with a hand-written dedication to him, and some wry pencilled comments in exactly the style I would make them), & I showered, & I played a game of Scrabble, & I wrote two e-mails about the Housing Situation, & I transferred all of WtNV to the mp3 player.

On balance successful, I think, primarily because I actually managed to realise (unprompted!) that missing my appointment wasn't a case of me being the worst person in the world, utterly incapable, &c. Well done me.
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This here is a screenshot of the Contact Us form of an estate agent I was contemplating arranging a viewing with.

Title (sorry, "Salutation") is not an obligatory field; however, there is no blank option. The choices are, in the order listed on the website:
Mr & Mrs
Mr & Miss
Dr & Mrs

I-- I don't even know where to start.
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As it is I have improved it with Pimms, Lashings, and an imminent Lashings performance.

Most of the details are tedious and involve buses and racists and ableism. The following, however, is what actually spilled the day over into FLAMETHROWER.
... as per all of my previous e-mails - see the reference number - I was unable to pay online because of the obligatory title field which *does not list my title* (which every other member of customer support has managed to use: "Mx" is NOT a typo).

When I phoned up I should NOT have been unable to pay for the item: it is a customs item NOT tracked, so should have been held for 21 days, not 18 days.

I am really, really unhappy with the service I have received from you collectively. I appreciate this is not your fault but I do think you should do something to make up for the fact that:
* the delivery card was originally misdelivered to X [Name] Mews rather than X [Name] Street
* the tracking number was illegible
* I was unable to pay online because of your appallingly bad (and transphobic!) form implementation required me to use a title but did not offer my preferred title
* I was unable to collect in person because I am disabled
* I was unable to phone immediately because my combined disabilities
make phonecalls incredibly stressful for me, even without all of the above
* when I DID phone, I was unable to pay *even though I was calling
within 21 days* because your phone structure doesn't take account of the fact that I was calling about a Customs item, with no option to talk to a human who might have been able to sort things out
* I immediately e-mailed you and have spent over a week waiting for
responses, during which time you have returned my item to sender.

I have given you ALL of this information SEVERAL times.

I am really, really unhappy.

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This is a screenshot of the "Fee to Pay" page on the Royal Mail website. Titles are obligatory. They offer six options, which are given (in order) as: Mr, Miss, Mrs, Ms, Dr, Sir.

This is a screenshot of the Contact Us form to which you are directed if you tell them that you have a problem with a Redelivery or paying a fee. Again, title is an obligatory field. It offers ten options, which are given (in order) as: Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Mx, Dr, Lady, Rev, Lord, Sir.



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