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Not-really-a-linkspam: How Autistics and Neurotypicals Experience Emotions Differently. I have a whole bunch of quibbles & criticisms, but I'm interested in the framework, the concept of experiencing "justice" and "mercy" and "work" as emotions -- for example (emphasis as in the original):
I have a close friend [...] She will show me something she has been working on, and my immediate response will be to correct the language which might not be as accurate or as thoughtful as it could be. I do this before telling her how proud I am for the Work she’s doing, before I tell her it’s well-written, and before I affirm for her that she is a good person doing a good thing. She does the same for me.

The reason is because if someone complimented me on Work I was doing, then I would feel they were implying that I was Laboring in the interest of self-promotion or validation-seeking. These aren’t spoken values, but something we feel innately. This is how I Labor with other autistics. We correct each other. We offer what expertise and insight we can to sharpen the other’s Work, to add volume and clarity to the other’s Love song.

I don't think the things the author talks about as Weird Neurotypical Habits -- gifts, cards, talking about the weather, asking "how are you?" -- are in any sense universally solely Weird Neurotypical Habits even though they don't work for her. "We don’t really congratulate each other, because that would be an invalidation of the Purpose." -- um, excuse me, no. (There's probably something here about autism and trauma, as previously discussed: it's taken me a while to learn that it's useful for me to note and recognise and praise effort, as well as outcomes and product, but it taking me a while to notice that, it not coming naturally to me, doesn't mean it's pointless or invalidating.)

But it still feels like there is Something In There, even if I've not managed to articulate it yet, so apparently that's what I'll be chewing over this afternoon.
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I spent some of last night's insomnia Reorganising My Tabs to make everything make a bit more sense. I now have a tab tree of linkspam, and a tab tree of Books To Do Something About, and a tab tree of seeds, and a tab tree of all the academic papers I opened from e-mail alerts and need to shift over to the other desktop. HERE GOES.

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... is apparently something I can pay someone to do (non-UK localisations available). Along with 3D printing materials and a host of other things.

Still at the "contemplating, also does this actually look like it's reasonably energy-efficient" stage, but. Huh.

Quick links

Jun. 2nd, 2018 11:01 pm
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1. realsocialskills t-shirt, Pride edition, orders open until (I think) the 21st.

2. this train is a Good Boy (tl;dr Victoria Station got evacuated on Thursday... because nobody turned the fire alarms off before the Flying Scotsman came to visit.)

3. A friend linked to the blog Cerebral Sexuality elsenet and I am intending to sit down and have a poke through it at some point.
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The Graun is just wrong, on so many levels, and it's sort of endearing. They're correct about the Bird's, of course, but I absolutely categorically disagree with many of the conclusions they come to.

All else aside, they don't even mention pears, and they go for almonds as an addition to the crumble rather than the much-more-obvious hazelnuts.

(They do also give a shout-out to a recipe for gluten-free crumble topping, in case you're interested, but it does contain eggs and nuts.)


Mar. 12th, 2018 09:07 pm
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The making of the Tower of London poppies.

A diary of a short trip to Antarctica.

My best photograph: Mars rover Curiosity's shot of the hill she'll never climb. Amateur astronomer photographs a star going supernova. The not-planets: an infographic.

Recreating mediaeval English ales.

(There is one human who is responsible for a lot of these links and I'm grateful! They are welcome to identify themself in order to be congratulated on their taste should they so wish.)


Jan. 21st, 2018 08:43 pm
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Thank you all for the offers to be couriers for my mother -- she ended up shortly afterwards sorting something out herself, so I shall not need to inconvenience any of you (or your guests). <3

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There are two posts I'm after that I am failing to be able to turn back up.

One of them is a tumblr post about the Stanford Prison Experiment that I saw go by a few weeks ago: it's a continuation of this post, that discusses a variant that (a) did not include "prison" or similar as keywords in the call for participation, and (b) included a participant with trade union training, and how very differently it subsequently went.

The second is a post about disability and forced intimacy and access intimacy, I think by melhoukia/s.e. smith: what sticks in my mind about it is the discussion of reciprocity of care & an anecdote about kicking public rubbish bins as they walked past them so a visually impaired friend could more accurately dump their empty drinks can.

Many preemptive thank. <3

edit all sorted because you are jointly and severally magnificent, see comments for links x
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Spirited Away: an alternative to the standard reading.

On (respect for) children as autonomous human beings.

Plants can hear??? White-gaze-y article, but the scientist profiled -- Leigh Joseph -- is working in and with her home community.

Decentring love, written by a friend; I have my reflexive kneejerk "THAT'S NOT WHY THE CAMPAIGN FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY EXISTS" reaction to a throwaway line in it, which Kat of course perfectly well knows (and also, in context, it kind of is) but I'm throwing it up here anyway in case it's of inerest, which I suspect it might be.

Righteous Callings: Being Good, Leftist Orthodoxy, and the Social Justice Crisis of Faith. I remain unsure what I think of this one.

Here are all London's abandoned tube stations.

8th Fire (TV series): "8TH FIRE is a provocative, high-energy journey through Aboriginal country showing you why we need to fix Canada's 500 year-old relationship with Indigenous peoples; a relationship mired in colonialism, conflict and denial."

(Completely unrelated other than being a TV series I have open in tabs: The Middleman.)

A colony of bats has moved into a triceratops.
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You know the way tears are an excretionary mechanism for Nope Too Much Of That Emotion Let's Have Less Of It? No, they really are, maybe: emotional tears contain more misc hormonal wossnames. Have an art project!
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Shut The Fuck Up, Marvel:
"Shut The Fuck Up, Marvel" is a nearly 30k long essay, a spiritual sequel to The Problems With Comics, a deep dive into the true issues with Marvel's economics and business - and how an obsession with short term profit, the constant renumbering and relaunches and events, all compounded by a complete inability to understand basic marketing techniques or outside audiences, has absolutely destroyed the sales stability of many of their former best selling books, all as they condescend to those who criticize them on their stories, or on how they try to sell comics.

Marvel's Secret Empire kicks off by doubling down on Captain America's Nazi past.
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On the grounds that pretty much the bare minimum I ought to do after watching Moana was actually read some discussion (and it would have been better if I'd done that first), herewith a brief linkspam. A lot of these have been discussed in detail in the Facebook group Mana Moana: We Are Moana, We Are Maui.

I am not willing to host White People Criticise Critiques Of Racism. If you are a white person and you want to criticise any of the links here, (a) please actually try to read the discussions Pasifika people are having about this because that will give you a better understanding than discussion with me (do not wade in to tell them they're wrong if you go read), but also (b) I am okay with you PMing me to go "??? you thought this was worth sharing can you unpack some more for me" or similar.

Read more... )
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This is relevant because my current auxiliary internet device was running Cyanogen. I was annoyed about this for a variety of reasons, including "unrooted device means I can't transfer data between handsets for one of the apps I use" and also "unrooted app means I can't run f.lux but am instead stuck with Twilight". I was well aware that rebraining the device was likely to lead to sharks (official plaintext transcript, containing comic titles, URLs, post dates, transcripts (when available), and other metadata).

Here are some of the details of the implosion. Here's another report. tl;dr: if you are running CyanogenMod you probably want to turn off automatic updates; if you are running CyanogenOS you may wish to reconsider this plan.

The upside is that CM is in the process of being forked to LineageOS, with updating from CM to Lineage planned to be as seamless as possible -- if you want to build your own you can do so, at this point, but if you'd like flashable build packages you'll have to wait while infrastructure gets put in place.

So. Under the circumstances, having been planning to rebrain to CM this holiday anyway, I bumped that up the priority list (with hand-holding from [profile] silver_adept and [personal profile] me_and; many thanks). Herewith details of all of the sodding sharks involved, from the perspective of someone who had done some of this once previously under less frustrating circumstances. A lot of it might read as stating the obvious! I'm completely okay with that because I would like to have the reference material for my future use.

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