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Content notes/conversational parameters: brief discussion of oral health and teething; mention (no specifics) of anxiety dreams. On the whole I think teeth are skin-crawlingly awful, so please don't go into detail about oral damage/dental procedures/etc in comments. The level of detail in the post is probably a good guide. <3

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Dec. 18th, 2018 10:30 am
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1. I've cracked my fourth metatarsal.

2. ... probably?

3. The X-ray was... inconclusive? but there was some kind of irregularity on the bone around where all the soreness is?

4. I'll keep an eye out for the report from the fracture clinic, said the person treating me. Because it would be an... interesting... mechanism... for fracture... but that doesn't mean it's impossible...?

5. I have a boot to wear while doing weight-bearing Anything on it.

6. Nobody is entirely sure what to do about my orthotic insoles.

7. My follow-up with the fracture clinic is on the 11th of January.

8. why am i Like This
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I'm pretty sure that I broke my foot yesterday evening

by sitting down
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... because I was most of the way through doing morning balance work while brushing my teeth when I abruptly needed to Not Be Upright, Right Now.

So I e-mailed in! And spent the morning feeling groggy and miserable on the sofa, and sometime in the early afternoon checked my e-mail to discover... that the mass spec was broken today anyway, so I didn't even lose any lab time, and saved at least a 3-hour round trip on public transport.

WHICH MEANS: I should update you all on The DPD Saga before going to bed.

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Most of A's flying 34-hour visit back to London was thus eaten up wrangling DPD, wrangling the resulting wheelchair parts (successfully), and packing, but we did also do a Date Activity we booked lo these many months ago long before we had any idea that Belfast was going to Happen, being specifically Glow Wild at Wakehurst -- an illuminated sculpture/lantern trail in grounds owned by the National Trust but used and managed by Kew. I was telling A fondly, on our way around it, about my year 6 art project that involved making lanterns from willow and paper, so I was delighted by the sign toward the end explaining that over 200 primary school pupils had been involved.

The lanterns were divided into two approximate groups: one set of abstract or geometric solid-colour lanterns strung in trees (some exciting rounded octahedra in various colours; some more like Physalis alkekengi) and FIGURATIVE WILDLIFE. (There was also a grove of moon-and-stars with beautiful architectural willow frameworks silhouetted against their skins, but that appeared to be thematically disjoint from everything else, or perhaps more accurately at least as thematically disjunct as the ten-foot-long floating sky koi, if less disjunct than the ???Weeping Angels???.)

The exciting wildlife started with OWLS and continued largely on a theme of birds (robins! swallows! a heron! a bluetit! a green woodpecker! probably-a-chaffinch!), with BONUS HEDGEHOG AND FOX AND BADGERS. The badgers were wonderful and A Friend and I was delighted by them; A very indulgently took some photos for me, and I provide two here to give you a bit of a sense of being Personally Judged by a Passel of Glowing Badgers.

This willow-and-paper hedgehog lantern is a couple of foot tall, and was displayed at Wakehurst as part of the 2018 Glow Wild trail. Five badger lanterns made out of willow and paper, glowing in the dark. On display at Wakehurst as part of the 2018 Glow Wild trail.

And with that: A collected the keys for the Belfast Penthouse this morning, established that most of the unopened post dating back over a year was for Game of Thrones cast and crew who really don't care and have long since moved out, and I bid you goodnight.
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Health: it's about three months since we last upped my thyroxine dose, and night before last (in a room at 18degC) I ended up under three layers of duvet, plus the weighted blanket, plus two folded fleece blankets, plus a hot water bottle, plus wrapping myself around A... which was just about sufficient warmth that I could relax and Go The Fuck To Sleep. (Three duvets + anger blanket + A was emphatically not sufficient. I was shivering.) Also, I'm sleeping more during the day again. Hurrah for probably-seronegative-autoimmune-hypothyroidism that's going to keep declining. \o/

Growth: first batch of mulch out the bin, and lessons so far appear to be broadly (1) it's all very well to put in enough shredded paper to absorb the liquid from the compost caddy, but I kiiiiiiinda need to also put in enough to absorb the liquid from the weeding; (2) also more wood chip for structure; (3) dried grass needs chopping up really small, no, smaller than that; and (4) while sandwich packaging continues A Nightmare Waitrose are at least... trying?

Squash (unsurprisingly) did not end up ripening before the frosts, so I'll try again next year with an earlier start and a better understanding of powdery mildew. I really need to thin out the spinach (and make some pasta?), and we just ate the first of the fennel, and very nice it was too.

Belfast: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
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Please tell me lovingly but firmly to book a damn' GP appointment?

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ETA poked at NHS 111 online; GP appointment now booked for 17:10 i.e. about five hours' time. Thank you. <3
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In the sense that I tried Yet Another GP at my local practice (the one I saw for trigger finger, who was generally great), and he was good about it all.

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At the beginning of July, I (very resentfully) joined a local gym.

Back in 2016, the UCH hypermobility clinic provided me with a series of group exercise sessions based around gym work and Pilates. Hydrotherapy was on offer, but as I didn't want to do it (because of how long it takes my hair to dry) and they didn't want me to do it (because I have not-asthma) I had no experience with that.

Turns out, contra every single previous physiotherapist I'd ever seen, that there are ways to make strengthening exercises helpful to me, as opposed to actively visibly harmful, and it involves dialling stuff way down past the point they gave of "... we can't really get any gentler", and also, it's nice that the exercises you're prescribing sort out 90% of people in six weeks but as it happens I'm a longer-term project than that.

(If I sound bitter, it's because none of these people, lovely though they were, actually picked up on the hypermobility, and none of them had any idea how to help me, despite their being trained professionals.)

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Acquired surplus-to-requirements from someone who thought I'd have an easier time getting rid of them than she would.

And in fact I've discovered one of them works quite well for me, i.e. is the least irritating overnight splint I've found so far and I'm currently under active medical advice to actively splint overnight because of the now-confirmed-trigger-finger, SO, free to a good home, I'll cover postage (probably internationally, though honestly it would probably be more cost-effective for me to just give you the money to buy some locally), you're gonna hafta wait for me to actually get to a post office:
  1. one set of black neoprene wrist splints; metal insert, velcro fastening
  2. one set of pink-and-black neoprene thumb/wrist wraparound splints, velcro fastening, no metal insert

Both approx a size small (they fit me) but I will happily measure up if you'd like me to give you more details. Actually managing photos will be trickier but if you don't mind giving me a run-up I can manage it.
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For the past week or so, the base joint of my right-hand little finger has been very sore, particularly on the palm. Range of motion is generally normal, except immediately after waking; at that point, the finger is "jumping" between different positions along its length (bent/partially extended) as I flex it, accompanied by a general feeling of thunk. This gradually wears off over the course of half an hour or so. Sensation is mostly normal (if slightly tender).

Potentially relevant things to consider: hypermobility-type EDS; RSI.

Suggestions/input/advice welcome; I have not yet tried sleeping in wrist splints but suspect that's my next step.
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So! I have now been on thyroxine for about six weeks. In that time, my miserable symptoms have entirely resolved (no more cystic acne! more energy! better sleep! normal gut service resumed! I'm not cold all the time!) aaaaaand my serum TSH has dropped from low end of normal (0.64) to "subclinical hyperthyroidism" (0.26). The thing is, to some extent this was expected because supplementing thyroxine, and on the other hand it was already dropping steadily prior to thyroxine supplementation!

... and I'm seronegative for thyroid peroxidase antibodies buuuut (a) those aren't the only ones out there, and (b) some people are just seronegative for all of them. Also (c) they're v low concentration and fluctuate a bunch even then.

So! Is it masked hyperthyroidism, where the hyperthyroidism causes hypo-like symptoms because hysteresis? Is it autoimmune hypothyroidism, which would fit with my other conditions, with no antibodies detectable because I like being difficult? Is it something else altogether? Are they going to take away my thyroxine and just leave me weeping and investigating the grey markets? WHO KNOWS. But hey, I can buy it off the internet if they do. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG.
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My bloods a few weeks ago had T4 at ~10% lower than the test in November, both right down at the bottom end of the "normal" range. A previous screen (~4 years ago) had much more middle-to-average numbers.

Given my cluster of autoimmune conditions, I'm going in for follow-up bloods to screen for thyroid antibodies on Tuesday. If they show up, we'll start treating me with thyroxine; if they don't, we'll keep monitoring. (I actually specifically asked if the thyroid antibodies screen was one it was worth doing, and my excellent GP's response was "good idea".)

This is me doing a relieved flump.
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Yep, I am increasingly convinced this is "subclinical" hypothyroidism: low serum ferritin and hypothyroidism interact; together with fatigue, changes in bowel habit and weight, elevated blood cholesterol, and being cold and thirsty all the time...


Feb. 8th, 2018 11:41 pm
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Culinary adventure of the day: I had a kilo of Seville oranges in the fridge needing Something To Be Done With Them, and then today while taking a lot of painkillers in Waitrose there appeared before me, as of a vision, reduced bergamot. I didn't know that Waitrose even sold bergamot; I can but assume that they're stored above my eyeline.

I now have the first stage of bergamot marmalade simmering away.

(Painkillers: I managed to ??sublux?? ??wrench?? my good shoulder while putting on some jewelry this morning, and ended up at the point where I was going to be clearer and more decisive having taken codeine and a muscle relaxant than not. Bodies: WHO KNOWS.)

What other news is there? Let's see. On Saturday last I went around the Science Museum (well, a bit of it) with Simon; we said hello to the new (tiny) Skylark exhibition, celebrating British space science; the maths gallery, which included among other items an Important Architectural Dragon; a brief hello to the clocks gallery, where I (re)discovered watch guards; and a look around the Information Age gallery, which had broken lifts and a stunning absence of the printing press. Also token BSL translations of everything... because, as far as we could tell, Alexander Graham Bell.

And I'm sure there was something else I was going to tell you but it escapes me, so instead have a short story about a ghost temple cat and a space station by [personal profile] yhlee.


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