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Reading. V excited that I can read physical books at the moment without my hands yelling at me (hurrah for ring splints). Head On (John Scalzi) and record of a spaceborn few (Becky Chambers) in hard copy; I'm now making substantial progress through The Collapsing Empire (also John Scalzi) in ebook, because I got to the top of the library queue. (For reference, also on hold: Feel Free, being collected essays by Zadie Smith; Daring Greatly, Brené Brown, having failed to get together the brain to read it when I got it out the library in hard copy a while back; The Consuming Fire, John Scalzi, sequel to TCE; Conversations with Friends, Sally Rooney. There's a fair chance that I'll suspend the holds on both the Smith and the Brown just because they are likely to be fairly heavy going and, as discussed in therapy a few weeks back, it is actually okay for me to read for fun at the moment.)

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Film/TV. Leverage. It is Leverage. I am still kind of fascinated by it but, like, I cannot quite deal with Eliot, last episode, having... decided that Parker was incompetent? For reasons of plot convenience? Obviously she wasn't, but. Oh children.

Growth. AHAHAHA SO MUCH. Headlines:
  • I've repotted the lemon!
  • I've provided some timelapse photography of the plot!
  • I've borrowed a cordless drill and made significant progress with building my raised bed edging! (This also counts as a Skill Acquisition, especially as I was doing so without more competent supervision.)
  • I've fixed the broken autovent on the roof of the greenhouse! (Ish. It's possible I need to get a new wax cylinder; it's not opening as much as I really feel it ought.)
  • ............ I found the carpet.
  • It is, you see, The Rule that every allotment plot is absolutely chock-full of fundamentally made-of-plastic carpet.
  • I thought I'd got away with it.
  • I tried to dig a hole to put the legs of the raised bed into.
  • ... I hit carpet.
  • I have found at least two layers.
  • I... I think they extend underneath all the raised beds.
  • The raised beds in which I am growing spinach, and fennel, and allium various.
  • The raised beds I weeded thoroughly last year and then manured and then left to get themselves set up with decent soil structure and generally getting going with a no-dig philosophy.
  • That I'm now going to have to dig up.
  • To get out the carpet.

Notable Pokémon. Another (!) shiny Eevee. Hatched a Really Rather Good Beldum. No event-specific shinies yet, of course, but there we go.
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TV. We finished Orphan Black S3; A reappeared shortly thereafter in the living room holding out S4 to me. I gently pointed out that there were only 20 episodes left; we are therefore getting started with Leverage S4, which began with Elliot being wrapped up in snow gear and we think makes even less sense and involves even more incompetence.

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Trips. We stopped off at Belfast zoo on our way to drop off [personal profile] cesy and [personal profile] alexwlchan at the airport! We got snowed on while watching the penguins be fed. (I hadn't previously realised that Rockhoppers and Fiordland penguins also have yellow eyebrows; I thought it was just Macaronis but nooooooooope.) My other favourite New To Me Aminal: the Gidgee Skink, which is a sort of slightly flattened spiky sausage that droops itself inelegantly over surfaces and cannot move itself to movement even when crickets are literally walking all over it. They're great and I love them, almost as much as I loved the tiny tortoise that was very determinedly failing to eat a pear. Also feat.: small goats (that were efficiently stripping needles off all the local seasonally-recycled-pine-trees), Tamsworth pigs (v eager to be scritched by fingers, which are better than walls, in that they are flexible and repositionable and have pointy bits), miniature donkeys, a BARN OWL that was an OWL and therefore a LIE, some Norfolk Grey chickens.
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Paper: currently at the point where every time I think I can write a sentence, I end up disappearing into the rabbit-hole of double-checking references and re-wrangling data for an hour or two. This is A Good Thing, in that it means that I've got to grips with the job in question sufficient to see the small manageable chunks, rather than burying my head in the sand about it. Of course I've just run into a bit of a dead end, at least until I can get my supervisors' input (probably in the new Gregorian year), but happily there are many other paths for me to branch off down.

Relatedly: PhD2048 is dangerous. I'd successfully avoided all previous iterations of the game, which unfortunately meant I wasn't innoculated when this nonsense started doing the rounds.

Foot: bruise came up briefly! Swelling was temporarily visible! Now at the point where I can walk on it around the house a little provided I'm careful and don't push it beyond, ooh, the bedroom-bathroom-kitchen-sofa route before I have a rest. In turn this means I'm wearing the boot a little less (it has so much velcro), which means I'm crossing my legs by default, which means I'm putting weight through my foot awkwardly, which... means I'm wearing the boot more again! But so it goes.

Thyroid: I'm feeling hypothyroid-ish worse again but my numbers are now pushing toward hyperthyroid! Still no autoimmune markers (and all my vitamins et cet are fine), not clear to me that the GP is actually aware that you plausibly want to end up "hyperthyroid" by-the-numbers when treating hypothyroidism, but regardless I'm intending to go back in the new year and ask for (i) free T3 levels as well as free T4 and TSH, (ii) trying adding in straight-up T3 in case there's a conversion problem ongoing, and (iii) a referral to an endocrinologist because I'm really bored of this.

Books: I kinda sorta ended up, on Wednesday, going into Foyles and then Fopp with awesome ex-housemate-C, who was briefly around; in consequence I acquired a present for Adam, an unambiguously-for-grown-ups book by Shaun Tan (I slipped and fell, it was by the checkouts, I flipped through briefly and saw the giant snails and succumbed), some Actual Pink Floyd Of My Very Own (for the listening to on our backs in the dark at 1am, sorry neighbours), and another couple of Carrie Fisher's memoirs (they were two for a fiver, It Had To Be Done). And, er, then going into Waterstones unsupervised, where books were Buy One Get One Half Price, which meant that I acquired a copy of Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race (having had the library ebook automagically evaporate from my device when I was 2/3rds through, due to disorganisation) and Mortal Engines (because I loved the film and wanted to know more about some of the worldbuilding and characterisation that were sketched for the cinema but were clearly explored in a great deal more detail in the source text).
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Danez Smith is Black, Queer, and Poz (HIV+); Danez is an astounding poet. Don't Call Us Dead is amazing; I don't have good words for talking about it, but please please please consider looking it up. Here's a sample.
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I was feeling a little bad for increasingly going "this book... is a weirdly Christianised vaguely-[culture]-flavoured bad A:tLA knockoff" and then I read the acknowledgements, wherein the first expression of thanks was to a clearly-Christian god followed, a bit later, by acknowledgement of Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino as storytelling inspirations.

Whereupon it struck me that it absolutely contained an extended scene involving memories of children running laughing around a now-desecrated littered-with-bones temple, and all of a sudden I found myself much less able to seriously entertain the idea that the extent to which I was going "... really" meant I was A Bad Person.

(I feel it would be a bit mean to be this scathing if I were naming it, but I wanted to share my amusement and am not above individual personal warnings-off if you want to know the title & author!)


Oct. 22nd, 2018 07:31 pm
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Today in doctors: I have bronchitis (I am forever amused that so many illnesses are just called [Greek for body part]+[Greek for "it's a bit cross"]) and an antibiotic prescription and stern instructions to spend some time steaming myself. Apparently I am to expect coughing for two weeks after the end of the antibiotic course, just Less Bad Than This. On the upside this has provided some helpful-for-my-brain calibration on "what's bad enough to bother a GP about" in this specific domain, so hopefully less time it'll involve less angst.

Today in cookbooks:
  • the copy of The Fat Duck Cookbook that I had espied in the window of a closed charity shop yesterday was... still there. So I popped in to make its acquaintance, having already told myself very firmly that it was probably going to be twenty quid and I wasn't to get it if it was more than a fiver and anyway it was probably offputtingly mostly meat... so I sat there leafing through it, increasingly absorbed, and finally grudgingly checked the price. Which was £6. So I got it, obviously.
  • while browsing the library shelves for more of the Leiths books, I came across an actual copy of smitten kitchen every day, found a sticky-toffee-pudding waffle recipe, and decided I needed to bring it home for A to poke at (his current favourite waffle recipe -- have I talked about the waffle iron here? -- is a lightly tweaked version of smitten kitchen's essential raised waffles, adapted to work better and more consistently with our set-up, and writing it up For The Old Blog is on my todo list), and then to my mild outrage found... a recipe... for porridge... I'm actually plausibly willing to eat, neatly solving at least some of my breakfast problems (provided I use non-calcium-fortified milk): caramelised pear baked oatmeal.
  • ... and also The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry, which looks like a fascinating memoir of a year (two years?) of study at Le Cordon Bleu, so I intend to nestle into that good at proper.
  • finally in Today In Cookbooks, I continue getting on very well indeed with the Leiths How To books; I think this attempt at sourdough is going to be my best yet, possibly to the point that I get to tick "get competent at sourdough" off my culinary skill acquisition list for the year ("learn how to make neat pastry" is also tentatively in the running for getting ticked off, again thanks to Leiths). I will find out tomorrow.

This week in allotment: compost bin had cooled down a fair old way again due to running out of food while I was in the Peak District, but I gave it a big feed onnnn Saturday, and temperature was rising again by Sunday evening. (I'm about to have another big feed for it, because I'm using up the last of the frozen veg stock in tonight's stew and therefore boiling up a new batch from the scraps bag, which will then go to become More Vegetables.) The squash is recovering well from the powdery mildew; the damage is increasingly less miserable. I only have one large fruit ripening up, though, so I'm not convinced I'm going to get a whole heap of them this year even if I do let them just keep going in the unseasonable weather. The spinach, however! Is doing magnificently! So our future contains A Lot of spinach.

This week in HOUSE: A has indulged me A Great Deal on the topic of DIY, including an IKEA trip to acquire (1) a blackout blind and (2) a curtain rail. The idea is to make the living room both more lightproof (for when we have guests staying) and warmer (because A has pre-existing Big Velvet Curtains that will cover the French window nicely, in addition to the current slightly flimsy blind); he put up the blind last night while (heteronormativity!) I was making pasta sauce (using tomatoes from the patio and courgettes from the allotment...).
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  1. I wandered up behind [personal profile] me_and while we were getting dressed this morning -- or, at least, while I was getting dressed -- to discover that he'd got distracted by entering the search query "how to attract bats", presumably inspired by our having see A Bat over the back garden at dusk the past few nights. "We could get a bat box," he said, slightly defensively, "and put a camera in it." "... and stream it to the big TV?" I asked. "..." said A, to whom this had not occurred, and who had suddenly discovered a potential New Best Friend. Don't get me wrong -- I am utterly delighted by getting to sit on my sofa and watch the bats for half an hour or so; even down in Cornwall you've usually got to wander down the lane a little to get to where they hang out. I am just, also, utterly charmed by A. Which is convenient, really.
  2. Speaking of which, he continues An Actual Hero in re mortgage applications. Meanwhile, I am sublimating my anxiety about Whether We Get To Keep The House into Welp I'm Just Going To Act Like I Get To Keep The Allotment, so despite no actual paperwork having arrived for me U & I have decided that probably the council is just being slow... so when I went over yesterday evening I took some proto-compost over and fairly thoroughly weeded the smallest raised bed. During which process I found the BRAVEST of tiny carrots, which U has carefully planted in their just-dug-out bed along with some nasturtium seeds, on the grounds that the poor thing deserves a fighting chance.
  3. I am reading Akata Warrior by Nnedi Okorafor (released in the UK as Sunny and the Mysteries of Osisi) and am consequently, as usual, craving jollof rice and plantain. I have put together tomato stew based on three online recipes, and I've got two ripe plantain plus some bonus cauliflower to cook it all up with for dinner.
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... and while grumpily looking for a place to buy the ebook, preferably DRM-free, I finally discovered Rebellion Publishing, who carry DRM-free multi-format ebooks under the 2000AD, Solaris, Abaddon Books and Ravenstone Press imprints. Here's the direct link for Revenant Gun.

My process for finding DRM ebooks has previously been a grumpy trawl through Smashwords (if self-published), Weightless Books (DRM-free, has very little), Foyles (which mostly doesn't seem to sell ebooks any more, though it did for a while, even if they were mostly DRMed), Hive (entirely DRMed, supports independent booksellers at your discretion, I was pointed at them by my favourite SF bookshop in Edinburgh), and finally landing up at Kobo (not linking because it's Big; has almost everything; sometimes DRMed and sometimes not, depending on the publisher/author request). Rebellion is... going to be my default for Solaris imprint books, from now on.

I am very excited about this.


Jun. 5th, 2018 10:38 am
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1. Singular they is well-attested, as we know, but I find myself wondering whether the appearance of they with the singular verb form in modern low-prestige grammars ("they was doing...") is part of what drives the prescriptivist sneering, consciously or otherwise.

2. I sincerely hope that today's Strong Female Protagonist is going to get narratively called out for the bullshit it is. I do pretty much trust the creators so my hopes are high, but I am bracing.

3. Body positivity: I keep on being frustrated by mainstream presentation & understanding of it as "ISN'T YOUR BODY GREAT DON'T YOU LOVE IT :D" where "love" means "have unambiguously solely positive feelings about", and I keep wanting to wade in to conversations about same with "okay but this is a ~MISCONCEPTION~ it's actually about COMPASSION and KINDNESS and UNDERSTANDING THAT IT'S DOING ITS BEST and d'you know what all the studies show this actually really helps" but I recognise that wouldn't actually be useful, so, you know, you all get a grumble here instead.

4. How To Tell If You "Need" A Mobility Aid: if, in spite of all the structural and systemic and social barriers, using one (part-time! full-time! whatever!) makes your life easier and more pleasant, you need it. That's genuinely it.

5. I swung by the local cheap gym the other day to scope out their level access or absence thereof; as I was giving up, the person at reception who'd seen me wander past and then back out came out and asked if they could help me. Oh yeah, they said, we can do that, let me just come and open the side door -- obviously we'd need to get a ramp but this is how you'd get in. And, you know, I can't get into reception with level access, but the way it's set up I'd be passing reception at eye-height with whoever's on front desk so could get their attention pretty easily. Anyway, I then e-mailed to say "recently post-op, would like to join up with my partner once I'm cleared to return to exercise BUT I'd need level access as discussed last week, here's some eBay links to examples of the types of ramp you could get"... and a few days later got the response "we've just placed the order, should be arriving in the next few days, please sign up whenever!" So that was vastly easier and more positive than I expected.

6. I appear to want to do more reading about thinking about anger, as an emotion, as it's experienced in my social context and consensus reality. For me it's basically always an expression of being scared, and if I can work out why it usually redirects into a different emotional experience; I'm curious about how other people experience it, so here's a placeholder note about that.


Feb. 8th, 2018 11:41 pm
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Culinary adventure of the day: I had a kilo of Seville oranges in the fridge needing Something To Be Done With Them, and then today while taking a lot of painkillers in Waitrose there appeared before me, as of a vision, reduced bergamot. I didn't know that Waitrose even sold bergamot; I can but assume that they're stored above my eyeline.

I now have the first stage of bergamot marmalade simmering away.

(Painkillers: I managed to ??sublux?? ??wrench?? my good shoulder while putting on some jewelry this morning, and ended up at the point where I was going to be clearer and more decisive having taken codeine and a muscle relaxant than not. Bodies: WHO KNOWS.)

What other news is there? Let's see. On Saturday last I went around the Science Museum (well, a bit of it) with Simon; we said hello to the new (tiny) Skylark exhibition, celebrating British space science; the maths gallery, which included among other items an Important Architectural Dragon; a brief hello to the clocks gallery, where I (re)discovered watch guards; and a look around the Information Age gallery, which had broken lifts and a stunning absence of the printing press. Also token BSL translations of everything... because, as far as we could tell, Alexander Graham Bell.

And I'm sure there was something else I was going to tell you but it escapes me, so instead have a short story about a ghost temple cat and a space station by [personal profile] yhlee.
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My Strong Female Protagonist vol2 Kickstarter package just arrived, and I am DELIGHTED. It was somewhat delayed because I backed at the "customised book" level, and now I have a queer Black disabled female scientist sketched in the front of my book and three copies of her wall mural as a pin. I am overjoyed.
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Last night, A & I trundled off to the Piccadilly Theatre: A had acquired us tickets to go see Philip Pullman in conversation on the general topic of La Belle Sauvage. I was very pleased I'd recently completed a reread; I was very pleased that I'd read the new book, so that I could flap happily throughout.

(I objected rather to the moderator describing His Dark Materials as having an "omniscient narrator"; it's multiple tight third innit? However! I restrained myself from asking, in the questions section, how that description had been arrived at; instead, I asked about the divergence and reconvergence of Lyra's Oxford and our own -- Jordan College in place of Exeter, but Lyra's friend's initials still carved into a wall somewhere -- and got an answer that didn't particularly address the worldbuilding, in preference saying that he is cheerfully stealing things from everywhere.)

My favourite fact is that baby's daemons are named by the parent daemons. The section we had read was Hannah Relf in the Bod with the alethiometer, up to being reminded of the name she had forgotten. There was a lot of discussion of where things had come (or been stolen) from: an illustration of Father Thames; the real pub; the fifty years spent walking around Oxford and looking at it; the science (and his great relief that he finished The Amber Spyglass before we worked out what dark matter is); the babies and their daemons, chattering like swallow chicks; the great flood Pullman was taken to see as a boy, when he was eight or nine, in Australia. (Why John Parry, and his relationship with Will, and Will's relationship with him: asked very solemnly by a child who will, no doubt, read it all very differently in ten years' time. Pullman's father, I had not realised, died when he was very young.) Serafina Pekkala's name is not from the Helsinki telephone directory (but he likes saying that, because it gets a laugh): it's from Whitaker's Almanac. Malcolm in contrast to Lyra: someone with a happy family.

There was also, naturally, discussion of his mode of writing, and another earnest question from a young child about Does He Actually Think The Church Is Really The Enemy (answer: political power and tyranny is the problem, not religion), and the power and purpose of story.

He still doesn't know how daemons are born.

And, possibly a spoiler: Read more... )
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I made it to the top of the library queue, so I am currently reading La Belle Sauvage, the new Philip Pullman. I am greatly enjoying it and I'm especially greatly enjoying having recently completed a full reread, including the two tiny books, but how absorbing and delicate and delightful I'm finding the process is not in this instance the point. No, it is not.

You see, our protagonist -- this is, as best I can tell thus far, not in any way a spoiler -- is currently reading two books: The Body in the Library and A Brief History Of Time.

I had been primed to expect one of these books to be a thriller.

It still took me three mentions, of which the last is literally "The Body in the Library, however, was gripping", to realise that this probably wasn't a His Dark Materials-verse sociological treatise on the (presumably contested) nature of embodiment in archival spaces.

... I thought some of you might enjoy this.
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  • ... a pair of smart black trousers that more-or-less fit me, which was the entire point of the outing and was the very last thing I found in the very last shop I tried.
  • a copy of Perfumes: the A-Z guide for the princely sum of £1.99, which I would be delighted to pass on as a gift to anyone who wants it and Doesn't Currently Have One (one of the things I do when I'm feeling sad is dip into it for Snark)
  • The Oxford Book of Legal Anecdotes, because [personal profile] me_and expressed interest when I sent him a photo of it (which I thought he would, I just wasn't sure it would be enough interest to override the Too Many Books To Read Already)
  • Karen Armstrong's memoir
  • a lavender-scented suspicious microwave ferret, I don't even know, it is My New Best Friend, what on earth (and in totally failing to find an example online so I wouldn't have to take a decent photo I instead found a suspicious microwave SLOTH HUG HOODIE)
  • um
  • another pasta machine
  • it was bought on spec for a local Pokemon Go friend who wants it to help her make elaborate fondant icing masterpieces
  • it was £7.50 and is bright red and Jamie Oliver and she's very pleased
  • I promise I'm not keeping this one too
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  1. NEW HORN CASE NEW HORN CASE NEW HORN CASE. I have been meaning to get one for Literally Years -- basically since I got this horn, in fact -- because my horn... doesn't actually fit... in the case that was supplied with it... such that I had to remove a slide every time I put it away, and this massively raised the barrier to doing practice at home. More recently, the zips have been gradually giving up. SO. On Saturday A accompanied me on an exciting adventure to Paxman, whose step-free entrance is hilariously locked up at weekends so Everybody Learned Something, and I now own a case that (a) my horn fits in, (b) has working zips, (c) fits on my lap much better for wheelchairing, and (c) is BLUE. Detachable-bell, space for a mute, I totally failed to spot it on the website, props to Paxman for pointing it out to me (it was actually slightly cheaper than the thing I'd gone in expecting to buy).
  2. Because Borough Market is right there if you've visited Paxman, we had excellent fresh pasta for lunch (I had the pumpkin and ricotta tortelloni; they were brilliant). Further inspiration for the Surprise Charity-Shop Pasta Machine, etc. I just looked up how to make tortelloni.
  3. On Sunday I finally got around to adjusting Lightweight Wheelchair: I'd extremely belatedly spotted that the pushrims were on the wider of their two settings, and if I moved them on to the narrower the chair would probably need slightly less finessing to get through the front door. However, changing the setting involved removing the tyres and inners and both layers of rim tape, so I didn't get around to it until Sunday afternoon (sat on the picnic bench on the decking in the sunshine, with the patio doors open). I only holed one of the inners, promptly remembered that set of tyre levers always does that, and added them to the charity-shop pile! The chair fits through the door comfortably! My wrists are still somewhat sore (my hand strength isn't great and these are Schwalbe Marathon Plus on 1" rims, okay), but I am pretty pleased with myself, and with finally living somewhere that all my chairs are actually trivially usable. Give or take getting another cushion so I don't gotta swap them around as much.
  4. I absolutely adore The Ruin of Angels (the latest in Max Gladstone's Craft Sequence, the first five books are available as an ebook omnibus for under a tenner, highly recommended) to the point that I'm researching what the blue mineral most likely to be local to Kavekana is so I can Have A Relevant Theological Necklace. (I'm gravitating toward sodalite, but have tweeted the author to ask...) (... and he hasn't responded but I did on Etsy find an Exactly Correct pendant bead so, er, whoops? Whoops.)
  5. I am having Feelings about the latest Check, Please! and partnership and mutual support and interaction. (Cup I - Playoffs, future Alex.)
  6. When my baby brother got into the van at Bristol Parkway on our way down to Cornwall the other weekend, he handed me a milk chocolate trilobite that he'd picked up at a museum because it was a trilobite and obviously. Naturally I have not yet been able to bring myself to eat it, so I keep finding it when I'm shuffling things around in the kitchen and grinning again.
  7. PASTA PASTA PROOF-OF-CONCEPT PASTA. Ricotta tortellini with sage butter; and then we ran out of ricotta, so tagliatelle with Italian Hard Cheese, pepper and Parsley From The Tub On The Patio (which is looking very cheerfully established, HURRAH). Turns out tortellini are actually easier than tagliatelle at least at the proof-of-concept who-cares-if-they're-all-the-same-size stage; I have learned Many Thing and am looking forward to trying again, and am genuinely impressed with how well the dough worked given that I arrived at it by eyeballing a Graun How To Make The Perfect... column and then fiddling with ratios to achieve a quantity I thought we could actually eat.
  8. Having seen Night At The Museum 2 doing the rounds on Tumblr (specifically the scene with the Tuskegee Airmen and Amelia Earheart), when I stumbled upon Night At The Museum in a charity shop for £1.10 last week I jumped upon it, having got the two confused. Happily, today I discovered the sequel for £1 in a charity shop, so next time I am feeling Sad and want to Curl Up On The Sofa Watching Something I have that lined up. I will cry.
  9. I continue Greatly Enjoying Pokemon, and am particularly smug because today I took part in a raid and ended up with a Suicune with shit IVs, so I... caught it on my second Pinap berry, for 12 candy, because double-candy event. (I will explain this in more detail if anyone is actually interested & doesn't understand!) (Also I really need to write up my Fascinating Sociological Study in Pokemon Go at some point, but for now suffice it to say that the person I've most made friends with is currently ill? And I ran into her mum outside the sorting office yesterday morning, and we had a brief chat about the world, because obviously.)
  10. I am about to embark on a His Dark Materials reread, not least because A has acquired us tickets to An Evening Of Conversation in the relatively near future, with ticket price including a copy of The Book of Dust -- so given how hideously behind I am on new releases, I think I'm just going to do the reread and then read the new one once I have it. But AAAAAAAAH. :D
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I have just finished this series, Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents, and goodness but it does a lot of things with change and motion and theology that speak to me on a very deep level.

I find it very difficult to believe in the writing style -- I... have yet to knowingly meet a teenage girl who writes like that in her diary, okay -- but provided I ignore the conceit of diaries (and my exasperation with implausible world-building -- if food's so hard to come by where in hell are they getting enough cotton to make new jeans from) I am incredibly invested, and I want more, because of course I do, and perhaps I'm going to go and find a bunch of fic (I feel a little ashamed that the fic I want in the first instance is fix-it fic, as though that somehow erodes or elides nuance and complexity; in fact, as we perfectly well know your blue-eyed boys [MCU] is fix-it fic and in no way overlooks struggle and sacrifice and heartbreak).

And it is also sociologically fascinating to have read these books for the first time now, in 2017, when they were written in the 1990s and set in a near-future 2020s-2030s dystopia, in the context of current US politics and racism. Mild spoilers? )

Recommended, I think, but with the caveat that it has every single content note, to first approximation. If you'd like more details, please ask.
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Hello UK folk I would still like to post you Anuja Chauhan books, pls holler if you're interested in either of them. One is a romantic comedy about cricket.
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I am grumpily insomniac; I have given up on sleep for the time being and have curled up in a blanket with some hot chocolate and a book; and probably this would be working better if The Fifth Season (which I am belatedly reading for Hugo purposes) wasn't Wrong about both geology and horses.
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I have just finished it, rather late to the party (I was stuck, for several months, partway through Kalpa Imperial, which I found rather a slog, and suspect I didn't understand). I have a lot of inchoate thoughts about the ethics/mechanics/pragmatics of the ending, which I would like to sort of flap at people about, and in general I enjoyed it a lot and am really looking forward to subsequent books.

Links to discussion posts I avoided around release due to Spoilers v welcome.

(The author, Yoon Ha Lee, is on DW as [personal profile] yhlee and I greatly enjoy reading the short fiction including crackfic AUs of this series that he posts, along with everything else.)


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