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with all the usual caveats about how noisy crowds + not being able to easily move away from people smoking &c all sounds utterly miserable and like it will wreck me for days and possibly weeks--

-- which means that I probably want a sign that reads something to the tune of "Leaving the house was a bad idea. Leaving the EU would be worse." Right? Should I be making it pithier and more entertaining? Is it even a coherent idea?
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Food: gosh but the sourdough was Excitable about having milk sugars to eat. Very tall, very soft, very close crumb, much less chewy than the water-based ones I've been making; also rather sweeter and rather less tangy. Definitely an interesting variation and I'm definitely going to use up the rest of the flagon of milk tomorrow to make another loaf.

Politics: I keep thinking to myself with grim hilarity that, hey, if this is actually about parliamentary sovereignty, well, the EU has never been found to be in contempt of Parliament, which means it's doing rather better than other party in these negotiations.
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So as best I can tell, [personal profile] tim has just unfriended me everywhere on the entire Internet because -- I can only assume -- of the post I made yesterday, which disagrees pretty strenuously with his latest post about this twitter thread. I think it forms part of a disturbing pattern of behaviour on his part: I've tried (repeatedly!) expressing concern about his ableism in comments on his posts (as have others), and I've seen similar concerns expressed about his approaches to racism and other areas of oppression. He's point-blank refused to engage, as is of course his absolute right, but I am increasingly scared by how unwilling he seems to be to admit to mistakes or nuance, given ~his position in the feminist community~ and all that shit.

So here's the comment I left on that latest post, which is screened and which I imagine is likely to remain so, because actually I think the content is important.

(I hate that this is, in essence, a "call-out" post? But [personal profile] tim has been very clear that he thinks call-out culture is a good thing, and I have tried -- repeatedly -- to talk to him about this in his space. It has gone nowhere. So: now I'm talking about it in mine. Because I'm scared, and because I think engaging critically with his position statements actually matters, and he seems to be very keen to prevent that. Here we are.)

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Prompted by having received an utterly anodyne response from the party that completely ignored all of the actual issues I raised.

So, with content notes for transmisogyny and transmisogynist violence, here's the very brief summary of why -- regardless of party leadership's opinion on that matter -- that poster is Not Okay. (Yes, I have explained this in painstaking detail in reply to the e-mail from the party.)

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This is not terribly clearly articulated (i.e. I pieced it together while mostly asleep on a car journey back up from very-nearly-the-farthest-reaches-of-Cornwall) and I'm absolutely certain it's not original, but nonetheless here's a thought on UK politics relevant to the general election campaign in which we find ourselves mired, sparked by reflection on Theresa May's emphasis on strong and stable government.

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As discussed by [personal profile] rydra_wong, tomorrow afternoon Inclusion London and Disabled People Against The Cuts are hosting a briefing and discussion session regarding the UN finding that the UK government was engaging in grave and systematic violations of the rights of disabled people.

You can use WriteToThem to find, and write to, your MP, in order to draw this session to their attention and urge them to attend. The event details are:
Grave and systematic violations – What next after the UN disability inquiry? Briefing and Discussion
Committee Room 12, Houses of Parliament
2.30 – 3.45pm Tuesday 24th January 2017

My letter specifically pulls my MP up on his comprehensive failure to respond to my previous e-mail to him so will be of limited use, but just in case: Read more... )

(If any of you have the cope to adapt this for [community profile] spoonlessactivists, please by all means go ahead and do so.)
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... the time from waking up to the first hate speech directed at me by a Leave voter was three hours.

She was an NHS employee providing me with necessary medical care.

She told me that Leave was a good result for the NHS -- because it can't cope with all the people who don't work, don't contribute, demand scans and MRIs, expect free prescriptions, even expect free paracetamol rather than buying it themselves.

She was cutting a dressing off my hand.

She asked me what I thought.

I thought: every single one of those things you listed describes me. I thought: I have just been told by a medical professional that I don't deserve care. I thought: there is no way I'm telling you you just described me. I thought: I'm terrified.

I'm white. I'm third generation. English isn't my first language but people can't tell unless I tell them and I certainly *sound* posh. I don't look Jewish until you put me in a room with the rest of that side of my family. I can, if necessary, leave the house without a wheelchair.

I pass. This is what I got while passing. I am terrified for the people who can't.
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The context is, naturally, Brexit; and equally naturally, that Leave supporters started telling each other that they should take pens along to polling stations, cast their votes in ink, and then leave the pen behind To Be Helpful. In case, I suppose, of some spectre of people rubbing out their marks and replacing them with something else. (For those of you unfamiliar with how the UK does this, you cast votes using a terribly quaint system of applying pencil to paper and sticking it in a box.)

Reproducing here for posterity and (well, there's a chance) interest. (Original.)

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Yes, I typed the majority of that out one-handed on the auxiliary internet device's touchscreen, because typing still hurts. It is important and I had a feelings.
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Content note for consent issues, and what's going on in UK politics at the moment. You will note from the part where I've disabled comments that I don't really want to talk about this further.

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kaberett: Sketch of a "colourless, hamsterish"  animal having a paddy. (anxiety creature)
(Copied from Facebook, where I expected it to have more of an ~~~impact~~~, See Also the bit where my Problematic Fave Aunt has kind of-sort of apologised to me. Ish. It's not entirely clear what she thinks she's apologising for; I can't face engaging.)

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I have been saying for some time that I really need to look at voting statistics for my borough in order to determine whether I need to vote for my (mostly competent, keeps trying to pick twitter fights with Julian Huppert) Labour MP Andrew Slaughter in order to avoid a Tory, or whether Andy's sufficiently safe that I can vote LD or Green instead depending on policies and candidates.

As it turns out, there isn't enough record to make a good call because the borough's only bloody existed since like 2010 (in its most recent incarnation; it previously existed 1885-1918 and 1983-1997, but I'm not poking at boundary maps hard enough to work out whether that's meaningful for my purposes). Anyway, it looks like Andy's sufficiently safe that I can vote according to my politics + desire for candidates without risking getting a bloody Conservative in; which means I will wait for Green & LD candidates to be announced and then make my mind up. (For all Andy annoys me he does mostly respond plausibly to letters and I approve of his interactions with the NHS, so.)
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I just got my application for DLA rejected. Again.

This fucking week.
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Here are the results of yesterday's election for my region.

For those of you playing along from abroad:
  • Labour (Lab) are a traditionally socialist party, who were ousted at the last General Election; recent prime ministers were Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.
  • the Tories/Conservatives (Con) are the long-standing right-wing party to which Margaret Thatcher belonged; they are currently in coalition government with...
  • the Lib(eral) Dem(ocrat)s, a traditionally left to left-of-centre party (very left-wing on social issues, slightly more central on fiscal stuff, ~party of my heaaaart~, hence my being so disappointed in them, etc).
  • UKIP, the UK Independence Party, are theoretically a single-issue party pushing for exit from the European Union. They are also racist, heterosexist, and probably cissexist. They are vile. They are more vile about people like me than the Conservatives manage to be, which I consider frankly impressive.
  • the BNP (British National Party) are neo-Nazi scum. UKIP is not quite as obviously virulent and unpleasant as them.

In almost every single district locally where UKIP fielded a candidate, they polled better than at least one Big Three (Lib/Lab/Con) candidate, in most cases better than Green+one Big Three, and in some cases better than two Big Three candidates combined.

My cynical gut feel says that the increase in UKIP votes is broadly a result of people who think the Tories have gone too soft, but tell themselves too many pleasant lies about their values to actually vote BNP.

"We are speaking for ordinary voters across the county who know we will go the extra mile to represent them. We have put our communities first not party politics." -- says UKIP.

Obviously, obviously I know that in my capacity as a queer trans disabled third-generation somewhat-Jewish immigrant, I'm the kind of person who gets sneered about as the preposterous stereotype of political correctness gone mad, as the benefit scrounger who doesn't deserve it. I know this, and mostly I am insulated from it, but tonight I am not.

I know that I'm still protected by my whiteness, by my class, by my accent, and by the fact that I pass (much as I hate it) as straight and cis and English-as-a-first-language.

And still I am frightened.
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[Original post, 24th Jan, LashBlog.]

I'm choosing to repost this content here because of the terrifying news that it's been recommended that tramadol be upgraded to a Class C drug. I spent five years being routinely disbelieved by everyone about the amount of pain I was in, because I could go from "normal" to "can't speak in complete sentences" in a matter of minutes, and the only outward sign that anything had changed would be... not being able to speak in complete sentences. So I was making it up, right?

Well... no. And like I said elsewhere earlier today, in the UK it seems to be much easier to get hold of a prescription for neat codeine if you're able to rock up to your GP and say "So, I've borrowed some spares from a friend; I've been taking [dosage] and have noticed [xyz] improvements in function and quality of life. Could I have a prescription of my own?" Than if, say, you just show up and say "I've been a responsible citizen but maybe this will help?" I'm currently going through a similar phase with temazepam: I've taken 30mg this calendar year (and therefore ever), in three doses, and it's been enormously helpful. When I asked a GP for it, without disclosing I'd already tried taking it, I was told that it was awfully addictive, and that there were concerns about drug interactions. Sooner or later I'll get around to being pushier about it - and, yes, I choose that word advisedly.

Fundamentally, I consider anything that makes access to adequate pain relief harder a bad thing. Criminalising responsible drug-sharing makes access to adequate pain relief harder, and is a massive issue in terms of common behaviours among people with chronic pain that I've had this discussion with. This is not a good plan, and I'd really rather it didn't happen in my country.

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