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Danez Smith is Black, Queer, and Poz (HIV+); Danez is an astounding poet. Don't Call Us Dead is amazing; I don't have good words for talking about it, but please please please consider looking it up. Here's a sample.
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The Full Circle Fresh Air compost caddy is genuinely the least vile compost caddy I have ever met. It doesn't disgorge horrible slime! It doesn't smell vile! Flies are genuinely astonishingly minimal! I would not have bought it had there not been one missing its base knocked down to two quid in TK Maxx, but I am very glad I did.
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... and while grumpily looking for a place to buy the ebook, preferably DRM-free, I finally discovered Rebellion Publishing, who carry DRM-free multi-format ebooks under the 2000AD, Solaris, Abaddon Books and Ravenstone Press imprints. Here's the direct link for Revenant Gun.

My process for finding DRM ebooks has previously been a grumpy trawl through Smashwords (if self-published), Weightless Books (DRM-free, has very little), Foyles (which mostly doesn't seem to sell ebooks any more, though it did for a while, even if they were mostly DRMed), Hive (entirely DRMed, supports independent booksellers at your discretion, I was pointed at them by my favourite SF bookshop in Edinburgh), and finally landing up at Kobo (not linking because it's Big; has almost everything; sometimes DRMed and sometimes not, depending on the publisher/author request). Rebellion is... going to be my default for Solaris imprint books, from now on.

I am very excited about this.
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you might also like Heartstopper, an LGBT comic about a British grammar school, which I have just inhaled this evening after one of you all reblogged it on the tumbls xx

(comment I left on the Patreon: 3-2 came across my dash earlier this evening, I have just read EVERYTHING (with laughing-out-loud and misting-up and making-my-partner-read-bits), thank you *so much* for this. -- I am 27, I was in Year 9 when Section 28 was repealed, I was the only out queer in my secondary school of 1000+ students, and I recognise these crushes SO HARD. Thank you so, so much for making this be a thing in the world, and I am really looking forward to reading more. <3)
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... because I have just made P read it, and then we stayed up til 1am talking about it, and I haven't talked about it here yet because Too Many Feelings, which I will now attempt to sketch.

(Spoilers within!)

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Strong Female Protagonist, which I've recced before and will rec again, is a webcomic that has consistently thought hard about definition, regulation and registration of super-powered humans, and about morality and ethics and how to make good choices. It doesn't have answers; it does have compassion. I like it a lot.

(... this is not exactly a CA:CW hate blog, but I do think it's sort of tragic that a freak meteorite destroyed the Marvel studios after GotG was released, so they never got a chance to fulfill the potential of the storylines they'd set up up to that point. But hey, your blue-eyed boys is canon.)

eta I take it back, this is a Civil War hate blog, I had not at that point seen this (trigger warning, I seriously cannot work out how to words things beyond that in ways that aren't ~~a spoiler~~, but please do note that I distinguish between "content note" for "bad things happen" and "trigger warning" for "this is handled abhorrently")
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[personal profile] jedusaur told me about it, of course, and [personal profile] staranise has just started writing fic about it, which in turn means that I've been flailing about headcanon.

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I DON'T EVEN GO HERE, etc etc etc.
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(Announcement of its availability, and list of sources; DRM-free epub from Smashwords.)

This book is my new best friend.

It's about botany and the dreams of plants. It's about language and words, words that are like fish, and you catch them and you get to keep them. And it's about, elliptically, how girls are taught to accept shitty behaviour from men as profound and meaningful and worth it, and about some of the ways one might be able to go about unlearning it.

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Tuesday afternoon I went to Otherworlds with [personal profile] sebastienne -- an exhibition of space landscape photography -- and it was so good, people, so good. It was so good I started crying less than fifteen seconds after entering (good little space robot). I accidentally left with a scarf and two postcards. I am going to drag [personal profile] me_and along and let him wander the hall while I sit and cry over my favourites. I am willing to take absolutely anyone else along at all to wander the hall while I... sit and cry over my favourites, with breaks for getting loud and overenthusiastic at you about how geology is fucking FANTASTIC, okay, BECAUSE, right, [a totally relevant and utterly enthralling fact]. The curation is brilliant (you get to see reflections of other photographs in the black backgrounds of the ones you're looking at). I just -- I had a lot of feelings, okay, and then they leaked out of my face.

(And then we went and recuperated in the Members' Room for fifteen minutes before braving the thronged hallways of It's The Natural History Museum And It's The Easter Holidays once more, and a small child sat thoughtfully on the sofa said to its mother, "I wish the WHOLE WORLD was made of candy... except for us," and then in the queue for the accessible loo I had a fantastic chat with another three small children about why I use a wheelchair, and how it's polite to ask people before you touch their wheelchairs, and how they could give me a quick push to see how easy it was, and how I could do wheelies. OFFICIALLY COOLEST GROWN-UP IN THE TOILET, okay.)

And then! An Evening Of Unnecessary Detail! This month's -- it is a monthly thing -- featured Tom Scott (talking about emoji), Morgan and West (the time-travelling magicians), and a couple of other people [personal profile] sebastienne and [personal profile] shortcipher were actively interested in, I think; it was a show in three thirds, each third being subdivided into three acts; there was one act I Actively Disliked (a whole bunch of misc oppression-perpetuating not-actually-very-funny jokes strung together as a thinly-disguised ad for an upcoming show), but the other eight + MCing were great. I am now actively into Helen Arney and Marian Call (particularly Good Morning, Moon), and I also learned a great deal about how to cook in hotel rooms from [twitter.com profile] georgeegg (it had not occurred to me that balancing a cereal bowl on top of the kettle would give you a double boiler, e.g.).

Meanwhile I have been reading a lot of excellent short fiction. Over the past few days I have particularly enjoyed John Chu's Hold-Time Violations (the politics of physics; content note for ill mothers) and Restore the Heart into Love (orthography); SL Huang's By Degrees and Dilatory Time (transhumanism and aids and vision; content note for cancer and surgery), and the diptych Hunting Monsters (content note for abuse) and Fighting Demons (... I mean this also has content notes but I am struggling to word them); and I have finally got around to starting T Kingfisher's The Raven & The Reindeer, which thus far I am finding very comforting.

And there is sunshine, and I am basking in it.
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Helen Arney and Marian Call are fantastic geek songstresses -- I saw them both perform last night, at An Evening Of Unnecessary Detail, which was great -- and over the next week they're playing Bath (today), Edinburgh (tomorrow), Manchester (1st), London (again; the 2nd) and Cambridge (the third). More details at the link; I hadn't realised I needed the Elements Song filked about unobtanium and phlogiston but I really did. More info
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CN Lester is crowdfunding their new album, Come Home. I wasn't able to attend the first performance of it but I've heard the live recording: it's lush and lyrical and sharp, as all their work is, and is something I end up identifying with a lot, very frequently.

There's a pair of songs on their last album, one from the perspective of an audience member and one from the perspective of a performer. The former features the lyric I forgot my perpetual moving/because he marked time with a pen in his hand, which stills me and settles me and, well, it's not a wonder that fades with distance or knowing how it's done/it's hearing my thoughts, unspoken, on someone else's tongue: I have had that crush, more than once. The other -- well, the other is called You. That video has content notes for slurs and abuse, but it -- the pair together -- make me cry, every time.

Dave Hughes, about whom I am written before, has a memorial EP available for pre-order: all proceeds go to a specific charity (content notes: cancer; death).


Feb. 11th, 2016 07:47 pm
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no but look at this Korra/Asami vid I got for the [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year Exchange

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and that's funny because I use it to help me manage health and executive dysfunction, get it.

Apps I am currently using (Android ecosystem), in case they are of use to other folk:
  • my useless ex's timer for medications: I have it set up so that it counts down a four hour interval, sounds an alarm, and keeps sounding an alarm (through multiple snoozes) until I tell it I've actually taken my meds, at which point it starts counting down from four again. Some bugs and rather dated; I'm working (very intermittently) on bringing it up to date, and as matters stand you have to build it yourself, sorry. Permits multiple named timers.
  • Clean Interval Timer for physio: I need to do 6 reps of 45 seconds each with brief breaks in between, and this makes that easy. Lets you configure whether it makes noises at you or not as auditory cue as well as the visual (useful for me because I'm working up to doing physio with my eyes closed); optionally keeps the screen awake while a timer is running (once you've finished a session, you then need to back-button away from the timer to make it stop keeping your screen awake; I mention this because it was non-intuitive to me). Permits multiple named timers.
  • Chrono List is in fact what I use as an interval timer as of Feb 2016. I like how it handles sets less than how Clean Interval Timer does, but it handles multiple timers much better, alas.
  • Depression Test adds up your PHQ-9 and keeps a record of previous scores plus dates. It's ad-free, uncluttered, and if you're testing as Ill it offers Helpful Links. Also available on other platforms.
  • Clue for tracking periods: gender-neutral, scientifically solid (set up to facilitate thorough competent fertility tracking and is completely agnostic about whether this is for attempting or preventing conception), highly configurable as to what you track, gives you configurable reminders, 10/10 absolutely do recommend. Also available on other platforms.
  • Swype + Dragon Dictate. I don't actually use Dragon on the AIDe but could hook it up to desktop-flavoured Dragon profile if I were that way inclined; good predictive text, and rapid easy switching between keyboard layouts. I have the minor frustration that it doesn't seem to exist in the specific keyboard theme I want (namely pale blue with alt keys) and I'm not yet up to learning how to make one (if third-party creations are even possible). Also available for other platforms.
  • Regularly for shame-free reminders (with urgency indicator and historical record) of things that need doing, er, regularly. Things I have in there include physio, brushing my hair, meditating, wiping down the kitchen surfaces, changing my bedlinen, pumping up my tyres, and cleaning/oiling my penknife. It is great for not having to remember whether I've done something recently or when it needs to happen next, and is also great for giving me the hit of Ticking A Thing Off on things that would ideally happen daily.
  • Wunderlist for more general/less-repeating todo. Still slightly dubious about it but it's definitely helping some; will doubtless write more about it at some point. Also available on other platforms.


Nov. 10th, 2015 12:30 am
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If you're interested in some fairly accessible accounts of the kind of work I do, I strongly recommend Geochemical Perspectives as a series - I'm currently reading my way through White's (2015; Probing The Earth's Deep Interior Through Geochemistry) and have grabbed a couple of the others (Arndt on continental crust formation; Moreira on noble gases in the mantle). The White is written colloquially, clearly and accessibly, assuming very little background: it's very readable, and is an excellent introduction to my PhD's topic area.

I've not looked into it at all but I'm amused by a leaflet I received with one of my charitable wossnames advertising Book Aid International as a reverse book club: you buy three books and you never receive them because they get donated to people who would otherwise struggle to afford them (e.g. medical textbooks and the like).
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Recipe in fact by John Meecham, one of his chefs; features in the book Jerusalem, which actually made me cry a bit when I read through it at [personal profile] aella_irene's earlier this week (because homefood, and because unity, and because all sorts of things).

I in fact had been craving rice pudding for a little while, long enough at least that I bought some pudding rice a few weeks ago and hadn't got around to doing anything with it; and we had some double cream in the fridge from my profiterfails a week or so ago, and a four-pint flagon of milk that needed using up. Ergo.

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1. Werecats. Cute; not quite my thing.

2. The Potentials. Surprise queer feminist Buffy-tribute punk-rock. Chorus of THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS THE FRIENDZONE. Lots of "this is about Xander not about Nicholas Brandon, who's having a really hard time at the moment". Yes good delighted.

3. ... some band whose name I honestly didn't catch, but like. Sort of pleasantly wall-of-noise-y but did not greatly inspire me? -- lol, okay, I legit just went looking at the listings to see if I could identify them and link to them in case any of you all were interested in spite of my lacklustre write-up, and the gig listing legit just says "+1 more band TBC." WELP.

4. Jesus and his Judgemental Father. THIS IS WHO I WAS HERE TO SEE AND I WAS FUCKING DELIGHTED. They decided the correct option, presumably given their mini-tour with The Potentials, was to open with the Buffy theme tune. They subsequently decided that the correct option was also to close with it. They actually managed to hold it together through the giggles. It was fab. They opened with two breakup songs I will perpetually find immensely cathartic (every single time I've titled a wangsty entry "what now? I get over you somehow" THAT WAS THEM and IT'S WHAT THEY OPENED WITH okay), then did Kings & Queens which, well, I am never not going to fucking adore it (major fuckin trigger warning for discussion of murder of a trans woman if you go looking), and they did some new shit including a song called Cis White Noise that I am super looking forward to hearing again when I see them next week, and a;sdkfja;slkdfj this band YES SPLENDID EXCELLENT.

5. No Ditching. Five femme-presenting people up on a stage doing punk rock about, right, how you know what it's like when you've got that one friend? only they're a dog? and they don't live with your family and you super want to hang out with that dog but you really, really don't want to hang out with the family the dog lives with? ... also cute anecdotes about cows. I am absolutely on board with this and I also liked the sound they made.

I already had tickets for JAHJF's London gig next Friday night, tickets a tenner, see you there yeah and then I got the heads-up that they were doing this too and I had no clue who any of the other acts were, but you know what, it was £4 and I adore this ridiculous band -- and it was so worth it and I am def chucking money at these support acts, okay.
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Today's Strong Female Protagonist (it's a webcomic) carries a content warning for allusions to all the terrible things people do to each other, and I suppose for all the terrible things they do to themselves, and it's probably more effective in the context of the storyarc leading up to this point but it's nonetheless really good, okay, and I encourage you to check it out.


Sep. 4th, 2015 08:08 pm
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1. About twenty minutes ago I thought something to the effect of "hmm, okay, I want to do something intellectually engaging this evening, now what sha-- HOLY SHIT MY ANTIDEPRESSANTS ARE WORKING." This is a glimmer as yet, but thank fuck. PHQ-9. ) I'll have been at 30mg for two weeks come Sunday.

2. Woolstack continue absolutely brilliant - the colourway I'd asked them to special-order came in today, and Lisa-who-seems-to-handle-communications-at-least-with-me sent me photos of all ten skeins so that I could tell her which of them I wanted for my specific project. (And then in the follow-up e-mail commented enthusiastically on how good my chosen colours looked together!) They're going in the post Monday - I just missed today's post - whereupon I'll be able to start making the skyscape shawls.

3. In related news, I am utterly baffled that my quick and dirty picspam of those shawls is the most popular thing I've ever put on tumblr by, like, two orders of magnitude. (I mention this in part because it's picked up another 150 notes in the past 24 hours.)

4. Braided nylon hoses for track pumps exist. I have contacted the UK importer for the pump I currently own asking if there's an appropriate part; if not I'll sell it on ebay (resale value high) and buy myself one of the brand that manufactures the hoses I got linked to, because holy shit being able to top up my tyres without worrying about allergen exposure. ♥_♥ (Context for those of you missing it: I've gone and done that thing where it's super easy to develop a contact allergy to latex, and it's easier still if you've got a bunch of other misc autoimmune/autoinflammatory bullshit going on. The hose on my current pump is latex, which is A Pity. This is additionally the context for the one-line story about The Time I Made An Unauthorised Purchase Of Latex-Free Gloves Using A NASA Grant.)

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Er, kab, said [personal profile] sgsabbage after my last post on the topic, do you actually like Frank Turner? I can't tell.

Well, something to that effect.


[personal profile] swaldman noted he'd liked I Still Believe (iirc) when it was performed at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, or something (I was actually completely oblivious to the fact the guy was performing at that point, but then I was kind of screamingly crazy and also in Edinburgh at the time), but hadn't particularly cared for the others or found them memorable.

And that, you see, is the crux of the matter, and it is this: Frank Turner has written one good song and a lot of variations on it, and he's also written a lot of intensely misogynist bro-y crap. (For my go-to example of the latter, look up the lyrics to Worse Things Happen At Sea, which has content notes for threats of stalking and domestic violence.)

The good song, to be clear, is I Still Believe, and all the songs that sound like it: the rock-anthem paeans to holding fierce & tight & viciously exulting to life (let's grab life by the throat/and then live it to pieces), with an endearingly misguided veneer of assertions that any of this shit is meaningfully punk rock. It's misogynist around the edges, because fundamentally there is absolutely no fucking way I would last longer than five minutes in a pub with this guy before I was yelling at him that the fucking reason he's stuck on I have to say that, honestly,/I still haven't found/the person who can take the strain/.../so I'll do this on my own is that he's straight and he doesn't think of women as people, and he doesn't want a partner he wants a Manic Pixie fucking Dream Girl, and perhaps if he could think of higher praise than Tre's the safest girl I know and if he could conceive of women having complex interiorities with motivations beyond being the addressee of but darling, if you're there, gentle voice and soothing hands,/to quiet my despair, to shore up all my plans he'd have more satisfying relationships--

-- all that aside, right, I Still Believe, and here's a run-down of its variants.
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But seriously there are so many other people you could spend time and money on instead. The Indelicates, obviously, though they don't particularly do much of a line in grimly-clinging-on-to-positivity-rock-anthems (and the one they have written I can't share with you, sorry, but they're perfect anyway and you should listen to them); Freshlyground (start with Doo Be Doo and Air Hostess); Matt Fishel, particularly Testament (NSFW music video; it's ok to keep your head held high/and it's ok to doubt yourself sometimes/and it's ok to fall in love), and if you're into Orphan Black please watch this then tell me that Felix isn't into the guy; Muncie Girls (Feel It Soon); everything by ONSIND. Yeah.
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Today's bonus shout-out goes emphatically and unequivocally to Over Langshaw Ice Cream and in particular their stand at the top of Grassmarket. They insisted I try a spoonful of the pink peppercorn & heather honey-flavoured ice cream before they'd serve me a scoop, and it was phenomenal and merely served to confirm that I absolutely wanted it. I don't know what their raspberry sorbet was like, because there were enough other flavours I desperately wanted in my face that I didn't get THE THING I ALWAYS GET if it is available, but I have no doubt it would have been fantastic; as it was I got a scoop of the thing mentioned above (and you could taste the heather, and there were occasional bursts of pepper, and it was glorious), and a scoop of the Cranachan (whisky, honey, rasperries, toasted oats), and this was absolutely the correct decision. And it turns out that Over Langshaw farm are the suppliers of eggs to yesterday's creme brulee van...! (Azz, the website has photos of their hens.)

Endings. I was in the middle of a really bad pain flare for this on so was mostly staring blankly into space while waiting for the painkillers to kick in. Two-person sketch show.

MC Escher exhibition. This was the thing I really wanted to get to; it's a collection of almost 100 works (including very early pieces) plus bits and bobs of correspondence, and in addition to better understanding how his most famous works fit together (many of the early sketches played with perspective and perception in Italian landscapes, and clearly informed the very-very-different-to-the-foreground backgrounds of Waterfall and Belvedere) I've acquired some new favourites: Phosphorescent Sea (1933), Porthole (1937) (entirely made up of diagonal lines!), Still Life and Street (1937), Puddle (1952). Additional mentions to Magic Mirror (1946), Other World (1947) Dewdrop (1948), Three Worlds (1955), Snakes (1969). Beautifully curated; I absolutely recommend this if you get any chance at all to go.

An Hour Long Sinister Wink. Two-man cabaret; largely competent though tuning on the cello was a little shaky. Ended up triggering me really very badly, which is to say that I don't particularly feel like talking about it in more detail.


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