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Cyborgs for Disabled Rights t-shirts are available on Bonfire for the next two days, supporting wheelchair training and gear for a disabled Jew!
Hi, I'm Rachamim a Jewish wheelchair user in the UK. You might know me as Yetanotherlefty on twitter https://twitter.com/yetanotherlefty or wordpress https://yetanotherlefty.wordpress.com/

I'm getting a new wheelchair at the end of the month that will give me more independence and allow me to leave my house on my own and to continue to work at the local baby and toddler group. It's a very different wheelchair to my current one so I'll need training how to use it - I need around £500 for that.Any excess funds will go on other wheelchair related costs like a transfer board, wheelchair gloves and reflective stickers.
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As discussed by [personal profile] rydra_wong, tomorrow afternoon Inclusion London and Disabled People Against The Cuts are hosting a briefing and discussion session regarding the UN finding that the UK government was engaging in grave and systematic violations of the rights of disabled people.

You can use WriteToThem to find, and write to, your MP, in order to draw this session to their attention and urge them to attend. The event details are:
Grave and systematic violations – What next after the UN disability inquiry? Briefing and Discussion
Committee Room 12, Houses of Parliament
2.30 – 3.45pm Tuesday 24th January 2017

My letter specifically pulls my MP up on his comprehensive failure to respond to my previous e-mail to him so will be of limited use, but just in case: Read more... )

(If any of you have the cope to adapt this for [community profile] spoonlessactivists, please by all means go ahead and do so.)
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The wonderful [personal profile] such_heights is running a fundraiser for [personal profile] leanwellback: his husband's sudden and unexpected death has left him with financial problems to deal with on top of grief.

[personal profile] such_heights is incredibly talented and hard-working - I spent quite a lot of my 5ams last winter watching Love Is Cool on loop (Doctor Who, the Ponds, River Song), and spent quite a lot of last week crying my eyes out over Can't Go Back Now (BtVS, Willow). There's fic and podfic on offer as well - please do go check it out. <3


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