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1. A remarkably efficient trick to stop me neg-stimming over People Who are Wrong on the Internet, particularly on Facebook: message whoever the host is, and ask if it's okay to continue to respond or if they'd rather I dropped it, making very clear that my default course of action is to drop it. (Their space, their rules, their capacity to moderate, etc.) At the point at which they say "actually I'd rather that thread stopped there" I feel basically completely fine about not continuing.

2. Minor hand injury, everything is fine, I'm just amused. Read more... )

3. Oh also: I got an e-mail from the Irish government today! ... I submitted the wrong form of my birth certificate and need to submit a different form within 21 days. I have made this my mother's problem. And they didn't specify any other issues with my application, so...? Maybe Irish citizenship soon.
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Also? My tailor's better than Daniel Craig's.
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It is a delight to me that I had a conversation on Sunday night in which I pointed out to facesfriend that I do not, in point of fact, know them very well -- I started paying any consistent attention to their existence about 6 months ago and we started dating about 4 months ago (which is weird for me; I am really not used to getting to know people by dating them); he looked gently baffled and said he thought that, in fact, I knew him pretty well. I paused. "Okay," I said, "my predictive model for your behaviour is based on a relatively small sample size, and what data I do have isn't necessarily representative." "Right," he said, "that makes sense." Hurrah for human interactions wherein I get to express myself like that and it's just okay; this is, of course, some of why Hel bemoans that there's no way they can ever write dialogue that is an accurate representation of conversations they have with friends, because nobody would believe people talk that way in real life.

(Tangentially relatedly, but only sort of sideways rather than directly: I am having a pretty bad case of the I-am-not-allowed-to-want-things/I-am-not-allowed-to-be-wanteds this week. Not entirely sure why, but it's a thing; sorry if I go a bit spiky and weird on you.)
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P: Sweden likes to claim it invented the cheese slicer, but so does Norway, and when Norway enters the conversation Sweden tends to back down. On the other hand, Norway also claims to have invented the paperclip, which the Internet pretty convincingly refutes, and Norway tends to back down in the face of that too.

me: So in a game of rock-paper-scissors, Internet beats Norway and Norway beats Sweden? ... which must mean that Sweden beats Internet.


kaberett: a watercolour of a pale gold/salmon honeysuckle blossom against a background of green leaves (honeysuckle)
facesfriend: Aha I was looking up whether aloe vera is actually effective as a burn treatment
facesfriend: And found a page with general "how to treat burns" advice
kaberett: it does appear to be
kaberett: ...
kaberett: would you like an aloe vera
kaberett: please say you'd like an aloe vera
kaberett: please?
kaberett: ...
kaberett: there's another three in the back garden
kaberett: that have managed to survive the winter
facesfriend: Wow. Didn't think you'd be able to conscience leaving them out to freeze...
facesfriend: (page includes an assortment of general points about burn treatment, general medical stuff such as you might find on NHS website or similar)
kaberett: (did you burn yourself)
facesfriend: (plus a single bullet under the various bits of treatment advice for "if the patient is still on fire")
kaberett: hahahaha "put the fire out"? :-p
facesfriend: No I am not burned but I was pondering adopting an aloe and wondering if they were actually effective for that or if it was just placebo
kaberett: they are actually effective
kaberett: please take an aloe
kaberett: (... were you considering adopting someone else's aloe)
kaberett: (if you're not dating them can I pull rank)
facesfriend: (baby I only have eyes for your aloe)
kaberett: (THANK GOD)


Aug. 26th, 2014 08:44 pm
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kaberett: ... chris
kaberett: chris I have broken everything enough
kaberett: that alt+ctrl+f2
kaberett: doesn't give me a terminal
kaberett: please tell me you're impressed
Chris: ...
Chris: *how.*
Chris: this is the machine you just reinstalled, right?
kaberett: no this is the desktop
Chris: oh ok
kaberett: chris
Chris: so I mean it's possible that xorg.conf contains DontVTSwitch I guess?
kaberett: how did I do this
kaberett: it didn't ought to
kaberett: how do I fix the thing
kaberett: sorry the clarifying point
kaberett: is that it's failing to load the graphical desktop either
kaberett: which is why I'm even trying
kaberett: :-p
Chris: ah
Chris: ..
Chris: but I mean, is it showing you some empty/faulty graphical screen which you then can't switch away from, or..?
kaberett: black featureless screen of d00m
Chris: (or something text based I mean)
kaberett: it briefly shows me a text-based login prompt
kaberett: which gets REPLACED
kaberett: never to be seen again
Chris: ...
kaberett: ... there's the additional special
kaberett: (yes there's more)
Chris: those sure are some impressive sharks you've got there.
kaberett: (do you actually want to hear it)
Chris: yes
kaberett: okay so
kaberett: I was fucking around with installing some more xserver-xorg packages
kaberett: on the grounds that the internet suggested that was a reasonable fix for the issue I'm having -- ... was having? -- with saving xorg.conf
kaberett: and nothing obviously broke
kaberett: ... until I went away to the kitchen
kaberett: ... and came back after the screens had gone to sleep
kaberett: ... whereupon um
kaberett: ... they wouldn't wake up again?
kaberett: I got a brief flash of background+mousecursor every time I hit space or moved the mouse enough to trigger
kaberett: ... you're proud
Chris: wtf.
Chris: *applause*
kaberett: Malachite structure strongly resembling cock & balls (geococks)
but will e-mail to people who want to recoil in horror, particularly in the knowledge that it represents my best chance at actually getting any sleep tonight...

23:46 <evanmcc> one of those tuples has managed to break emacs's syntax highlighting
23:46 <kaberett> *snort*
23:46 <evanmcc> you win one internet
23:46 <evanmcc> from 1997
23:47 <kaberett> does it contain a useful graph plotting package with a gUI
23:47 <kaberett> ...
23:47 <kaberett> thank you that has genuinely made my evening :D
23:47 <kaberett> I did say it was the worst script ever ;)
23:48 <evanmcc> there was no such thing as a useful plotting package in 97
23:48 <evanmcc> I have something worse, but it isn't actually on this machine
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... about a fic I may or may not get around to writing. Context: 02x04 Korra. Content notes: abuse, kink.

Read more... )

(Entirely unrelatedly, I am having SUCH A FEELINGS about the Elementary season opener!)
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19:53 < kaberett> happy to listen
19:54 < kaberett> I'm leaning more towards "biting" than "providing active
                  listening to help you work thing sout"
19:54 < kaberett> as a heads-up
19:54 < kaberett> because um
19:54 < kaberett> http://kaberett.dreamwidth.org/158899.html
19:54 < kaberett> ^ that is what anxiety feels like
19:54 < kaberett> I am still mostly coherent, but I am tensed and hunched and
                  my pulse is elevated and I am feeling choked and adrenaline-y
19:54  * Woggy nods
19:56 < Woggy> (That poem ;_;)
19:56 < kaberett> hah <3
19:56 < kaberett> combination of 3 or 4 nights' insomnia
19:57 < kaberett> (poems tend to come to me that way)
20:00 < Woggy> It is beauty and truth and love and feels given form and shape
               and on the paper and...yes.
20:00 < kaberett> there was a sonnet I tried writing months ago, about the body
20:00 < kaberett> and the body as poetry
20:00 < kaberett> comparing the cage of our ribs to the constraints of the
                  sonnet form
20:01 < kaberett> so that's where I pulled that particular metaphor from, and
                  maybe one day the sonnet will get written
20:01 < kaberett> (I am having Many Thoughts about legibility and the body as
                  story and skin as canvas)
20:01  * Woggy quiet nods
20:02 < Woggy> (For all i'm somewhat mrh about certain aspects of my body, the
               fact that it's _mine_, with the attendant history, is
               an...important physical anchor.
20:05 < kaberett> and I poem I was probably unconsciously drawing on while
                  writing that is this one:
20:05 < kaberett> the "radio's prayer" at the end is the Shipping Forecast,
                  which is a BBC Institution and generally regarded as very
20:06 < kaberett> and part of the reason that I associate it with my poem, in
                  spite of it not actually containing any real talk about
                  bodies, is because of her other work, and how much of it
                  _does_ contain bodies
20:06 < kaberett> the woman whose skin becomes a flawless map of her hometown,
                  for example
20:06 < kaberett> and also this one, which speaks about the emptiness and
20:06 < kaberett> WHICH IS BASICALLY I have a ramble about my poetic
                  influences, and feel free to not engage with any of it ;)
20:08 < kaberett> (and then it spins off into how much I feel that Words, Wide
                  Night is - or can be - the same kind of love-song to self
                  that is Derek Walcott's Love After Love...)

-- which -- self-referentially? recursively? -- brought back to mind the book I am currently reading, Ursula LeGuin's Changing Planes (content notes: SO RACIST seriously do not bother with it it took me about 15 pages to get to the point where the only reason I am finishing it up is completionism), in which there is discussed a plane/dimension/world in which language consists of around 5000 syllables that can be strung together, where the meaning of each syllable is determined almost entirely by its context -- the syllables present before and after, to great extent. The writing system is described as non-linear -- starting from a central syllable or idea and growing outwards in organic or artistic patterns, such that by the time the piece is completed the original central point may no longer be of particular importance. So -- this I thought of, of course, because of the discussion above about constellations and reinterpretation of meaning...
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When I have an idea that I want to communicate - something like tech competence/tech confidence, or the thing I'm currently working on about what I am, for the time being, referring to as integrative identity - there is a very particular way that I think about it, and it is this:

In the back of my mind is a cooker. They're gas hobs, of different ring sizes, and there's a lot of them. Somewhere off to the sides - rather less solid - there's a slab of a chopping board, and there is always the ghost of the scent of parsley.

Each Thing To Write gets its own stewpot, and occasionally I throw another ingredient in, and then I cook until done. (I can't tell you how long it will take, because I cook by listening and by smelling and by gut feel.) Occasionally I ladle some out into a different pot and tweak the seasoning and lumps, because tomato sauce for lasagna can also be the base for shepherd's pie.

If I'm in a hurry, I turn up the heat, or I transfer the whole to the pressure cooker, and I prod at it more frequently and anxiously.

I'll get anxious about serving you anything I consider imperfect if you are a guest. But if I trust you, and I love you, and we have worked together and dirtied our hands together and walked long, hard roads together -- then I will throw together leftovers in the fridge and make you the comfort food of my homeland, and we will be fed.

-- so this is my metaphor for how I approach things I care about getting right. (It's not historically been the case for poetry, but [personal profile] jjhunter is teaching me that with verse, too, it's allowed to sniff and to sample and to frown, and to reach for the salt.) This tells you, I think, an awful lot about how I feel about food, and about feeding people.

I wish I could cook for all of you. I hope that this is enough to keep you going until I can.


Jul. 23rd, 2013 10:38 pm
kaberett: On May the 3rd 2013, an Adelie penguin looks REALLY UNPLEASANTLY SURPRISED and slightly flaily with its flippers. (HOLY SHIT)
< kaberett> also this was my afternoon: https://twitter.com/XanderSalamandr/status/359772662995750912
< kaberett> [...] so this was the second day running I had heard noises as of a pigeon being kind of useless behind the gas fire, in the blocked-off fireplace
< kaberett> I'd started out hoping that it would find its own way out
< kaberett> on hearing it today I decided it clearly hadn't, and I should Do Something about it
< kaberett> I persuaded baby brother and houseguest that they wanted to be useful to complement my faffing slightly uselessly
< kaberett> so we moved the fire forward
< kaberett> and pried up the board blocking off the fireplace along one edge
< kaberett> and saw nothing.
< kaberett> so we sat and waited a bit
< kaberett> and eventually a pigeon reappeared.
< kaberett> and I looked at it, and it looked at me, through the gap
< kaberett> and it looked sad and bedraggled
< kaberett> so I went and got (a) some pumpkin seeds and (b) a couple of flowerpots
< kaberett> and laid a trail of seeds from inside the fireplace to inside the flowerpots
< kaberett> and it eagerly consumed the seeds inside the fireplace
< kaberett> then turned itself in baffled circles for a while.
< kaberett> and occasionally peered out.
< kaberett> and finally nerved itself to push its way out into the LIGHT in spite of the people.
< kaberett> ... it proceeded to not go into the flowerpot, having apparently had enough of dark confined spaces, regardless of how many pumpkin seeds they ontained.
< kaberett> it crouched, instead, in between the wall and the flowerpot, for a little while, eying me with GREAT SUSPICION.
< kaberett> and then it flew across the room, and sat sadly on the windowsill staring out of the window.
< kaberett> Xander has kept birds.
< kaberett> Xander calmly walked over and picked it up.
< kaberett> I opened the front door.
< kaberett> Xander took it outside and gave it a boost.
< kaberett> And off it flew, slightly bedraggled but looking VERY HAPPY to be in sunshine again.
kaberett: A series of phrases commonly used in academic papers, accompanied by humourous "translations". (science!)
00:17 < kaberett> me: I'm a bit worried that I'm only actually running at ~80 papers cited
00:17 < kaberett> C: ... is that a problem?
00:17 < kaberett> me: ... it's a literature review?
00:17 < kaberett> C: You were highly selective!
00:18 < kaberett> me: ... you mean I only took papers from the first three pages of Google Scholar results.
00:18 < kaberett> C: That's highly selective!
00:19 < kaberett> me: ...
00:19 < kaberett> C: You should put it in your methods section!
00:19 < kaberett> me: ...
00:19 < kaberett> #OVERLYHONESTMETHODS

eta I am seriously considering turning this icon into an appendix, okay
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noldo: Snuff1 was um people wandering around and making page long speeches clearly intended to beat you around the head with the bush
noldo: ...
noldo: that got away from me a bit

... meanwhile, from the bed the woozl quoth:

no you see that is where I realise the complete absurdity of not leaving people any oranges

1 Pratchett, not Palahniuk.
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  • [TW: POTENTIALLY DISTRESSING MEDICAL DETAIL] My period started yesterday, and all that gave it away was a mild ache in my lower back. This when I'm only on half dose of paracetamol - I successfully halved it several weeks ago, and unlike every other time I've tried doing so I didn't go back up to full dose after three days. So: either the amitriptyline is really doing its job, or I'm getting less pain... which would be a good thing, except that I suspect it's indicative of progression of nerve damage. ON THE PLUS SIDE, if it is progressive nerve damage this means I might be rid of the labial neuropathy one day. On the down side, that would be due to paralysis (yes, that is a thing endo can do). Er.
  • QuantumGIS. Unlike ArcGIS, it's not $2000 a licence, and it has useful help files. (Arc? Arc's manual says really cheerful stuff like THERE IS THIS THING YOU CAN DO IT'S SUPERCOOL BECAUSE OF REASONS LET ME TELL YOU HOW AWESOME IT IS and, er, never tells you how to do it.) Unlike Arc, it runs on things other than Windows. UNFORTUNATELY, files created under Windows that run perfectly fine cause, um, silent but immediate crashes of the entire sodding program when you try to open them under a Linux install. ... I was sad.
  • One of the things I did today was, er, write a (fairly polite) e-mail auf Deutsch to, er, the suppliers of my wheels. Based in Germany. Whose. Manual. Is, ah, provided in multiple languages, because that's helpful. ... the English and the German are mutually contradictory - somewhere along the line "nun" got translated as "not", rather than "now" - and I'd be inclined to chalk that up to a typo apart from some of the truly egregious other mistranslations.
  • ... hold on is Buffy actually a series about Joss' ideal Manic Pixie Dream Girl oh dear goodness it is isn't it that's really rather distressing
  • In which I explain why I'm a bit of a disaster:
    see I have a very great weakness for men who look good in formalwear while flirting with femininity and who will be _really wry_ at me while being musical
    they don't have to be men though
    sorry that was probably tmi

  • Custard. Isn't it the greatest?
  • Basil in raspberry trifle turns out to work really well.
  • How am I supposed to get chilli plants to fruit, anyway? Like, I've got the flowering down, but the fruiting not so much.
  • Corsetry! Isn't it great, though? And oh boy I am enjoying being secure enough in my gender presentation (for all that I am PERMANENTLY MISGENDERED) to feel okay about that one again.
  • Genitalia! Aren't they weird? Like, just sort of inherently? Not as weird as knees, obviously, but Pretty Bizarre nonetheless.
  • I'm feeling gently guilty about having spent £11 on a teal-taffeta-covered diary for 2013, but... teal. taffeta. How could I not?
  • I really, really enjoy spending time with my mother.
  • Beds are great.
  • I've been wearing that jacket, with all of the pins and so on on it, really quite a lot, and - every time I have the kind of interaction in public where I am Wearing That Jacket and Wearing My Docs and generally being a Pretty Stompy Queer Crip? But I am also polite and friendly and personable and thank people? I... kind of feel like I'm ~activisming~, in microcosm, in ways that are kind of terrifying but kind of exhilirating too. Does that make me weird?
  • I was whinging to pretty much anyone who'd listen about the Really Weird Looks I get for carrying my 30kg wheelchair up stairs at wheelchair-inaccessible Tube stations, and when it was Boything's turn he suggested I get a t-shirt that's plain on the front, with PART TIME CRIPPLE on the back (so it's only visible when I'm not in my chair). I... am very tempted to start making and selling those.
  • Relatedly, few things are more irritating than people ignoring my "no thanks, I'm fine, honest" when I'm trying to get my chair up stairs, because (a) that thing is heavy (b) most of the weight is in the back wheels (c) there's a REASON I'm keeping the back wheels on the steps (d) if you lift the back wheels OFF the steps and then move faster than I comfortably can, you ARE making things more dangerous, you ARE increasing the likelihood I'll trip and fall, and you ARE standing between, have I mentioned, a thirty kilo wheelchair and gravity, and that is a bad plan
  • That bit of ranting aside, I'm actually really cheerful. Sorry for taking up ALL YOUR READING PAGES today, darling subscribers. And do let me know about that one disasterfic. <3
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[personal profile] mustela_nivalis: http://www.naturephoto-cz.com/photos/jbohdal/least-weasel-7_1.jpg
kaberett: ... thank you
kaberett: ...
kaberett: why is it a giraffe
woozl: is least weasel
woozl: can be whatever it wants
kaberett: ...
kaberett: because least weaselly?
woozl: Yeah
woozl: also because can easily take down an element 5 times its size
woozl: ...
woozl: animal
woozl: prey animal
woozl: ...
kaberett: ...
kaberett: giraffes
kaberett: are more
woozl: yes I know it is carnivore thus subsists on animal death
kaberett: than 5 times
kaberett: its size
woozl: wait it is BEING A GIRAFFE
woozl: because it can kill your rabbit
woozl: um
woozl: this is not a very logical argument
woozl: but still
kaberett: ...
kaberett: ...
kaberett: rabbits are less than five times the size of a giraffe
woozl: ...
kaberett: JUST
kaberett: SAYING
woozl: alex
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kaberett: "I knew a Slavicist once. ... no actually I don't think I did. Okay this just smells like - I'm just going to assume that's enough water. I don't know. Does that look like enough water to you, Alex? Is that too much water? Are you unhappy? Am I doing this wrong?"
noldo: ask him if I can be a Slavicist or is that not hip enough
kaberett: ...
kaberett: ...
kaberett: and then he left the room
kaberett: (before I asked the question)
noldo: (DO IT)

[meanwhile he returns. "Dear Korean. What is the word for water in you?"]
kaberett: A pomegranate, with eyes and mouth drawn onto masking tape and applied (pomegranate)
context, i.e. the immediately preceding part of the conversation )

noldo: ...
noldo: by the time I'm 40 I'm going to have a conspiracy theory about every single vegetable in existence, aren't I
kaberett: yes
noldo: RIGHT
kaberett: face
kaberett: I do not think
kaberett: this will actually
kaberett: require
kaberett: any especial effort
kaberett: on your part
kaberett: ...
kaberett: I've met you
noldo: you _know_ how many vegetables there are out there, right?
noldo: by the time I get through every single fucking variety of spinach in India I'm going to be sixty
noldo: anyway
noldo: pumpkins
noldo: they would bite you and draw your blood
noldo: only they don't got teeth
noldo: so they enlist the help of the blood service
kaberett: ...
kaberett: ...
kaberett: ...
kaberett: ...
kaberett: this is going on DW
kaberett: jsyk
noldo: oh god
noldo: you realise at this rate
noldo: everyone on DW is going to think I am some sort of tinhat nutter wait never mind carry on
noldo: if the shoe fits etc etc

[previously: Antarctic onion-herding, citrus fruit grow underground, perplexed clementines, multilingual list of edible plants that are evil and must be destroyed, mangoes, potatoes, bonus sharks okay those aren't actually vegetables]


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