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1. A remarkably efficient trick to stop me neg-stimming over People Who are Wrong on the Internet, particularly on Facebook: message whoever the host is, and ask if it's okay to continue to respond or if they'd rather I dropped it, making very clear that my default course of action is to drop it. (Their space, their rules, their capacity to moderate, etc.) At the point at which they say "actually I'd rather that thread stopped there" I feel basically completely fine about not continuing.

2. Minor hand injury, everything is fine, I'm just amused. So I messaged A:
Okay I'm going to preface this by saying I'm pretty sure I just need pressure and a plaster, not a&e

But I just fucked up during dinner prep and took a slice off my thumb

And it hurts and I am dealing with adrenaline and I would appreciate sympathetic noises and internet cuddles

(Had completed wound cleaning and started application of pressure before starting to type at you)

[5 minutes elapse]

(Bleeding seems to have stopped)

... at which point A gave me sympathy and scritches, and I dithered at him about whether to soak the kitchen roll off and dress things properly or tape it down. A checked whether advice was welcome/sought, and then, er, this happened:
A: (if you reckon it's worth doing the skin graft, take off the kitchen roll and attempt the graft now)
me: (Got skin into place before applying pressure)
A: (Well done <3)
me: (What kind of amateur etc etc etc :-p)
me: (This is how I ruin your first aid training)
A: (in which case, just tape it up; you've incredibly little to gain from getting the paper off at this point)
A: (:-P)

(The actual reason I froze up is that it's not possible to non-destructively remove my ring splint without getting the current dressing off, even now I've trimmed the kitchen roll down a lot, but if I leave the splint on overnight that's going to start threatening skin integrity. So I froze up, but I froze up at the point at which Not Doing Anything Further made absolutely no medical difference whatsoever, it just delayed dinner. So: go me.)

3. Oh also: I got an e-mail from the Irish government today! ... I submitted the wrong form of my birth certificate and need to submit a different form within 21 days. I have made this my mother's problem. And they didn't specify any other issues with my application, so...? Maybe Irish citizenship soon.
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