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Feelings the first: I've just had A finish Season 1 of Korra, and I'm going to be making him watch Spirited Away before Season 2, because that sequence is frankly one of the few things I like about Season 2, so. BUT. Having very recently watched the end of Book 3 of A:tLA with him, I Noticed a Thing about the end of Season 1 that I had not, previously, and then FEELINGS. Spoilers, obviously. )

Orphan Black is also a bunch of FEELINGS, also has spoilers (up to 5.07), and also comes with a content note for Significant Gore slightly beyond what one normally expects of the show, along with all the usual "everything is horrifying but I love all of them" caveats.

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(I appear to be avoiding both my mother and my counsellor. Hmm.)

1. Baby's first paper! (Sadly now lacking the phrase "the hair loss of a rabbit", oh well.)

2. I have learned Yet More about how to bend matplotlib to my will.

3. Awesome ex-housemate C is coming over for dinner & to get caught up on Korra s3.

4. Hel came over again yesterday and we watched what is possibly my favourite Elementaepisode ever (1x04, "people are the most fascinating puzzles there are") and talked a lot and I made enough food that I had lunch today. Also many talking. (And they've offered to bring me dinner @ work next Wednesday when I'll be mass-speccing!)

5. [personal profile] elisem keeps right on making beautiful art; the thing that is currently producing jaw-dropped awe on my part is Time For The Second Act (other's I've adored from this batch - also now gone! - are Alluvial Magic, Night Protocols, How The Message Travels).

6. I have wrenched the work inbox back under 10 e-mails in total (i.e. things I need to keep half an eye on and maybe chased up), plus actually done some chasing on one of the things.

7. All of you folk for the hugs/tea/congratulations/interesting conversation over the past few days -- sorry I haven't responded individually <3

8. We have been having persistent problems with our house plumbing. Last weekend housemate acquired a heavy-duty plunger; since then I have twice effected a 90-second fix that would otherwise have taken us a week of stress and contacting the estate agent. Such an improvement to our quality of life. (Speaking of, I should really, er, tidy the pantry? We kind of bought ~15kg of flour and ~10kg of pasta a week or two ago and haven't yet rearranged the pasta shelf sufficient to accommodate it all...)

9. Watching A:tLA with t'housemate. It continues the show of my heaaaaaart, and even at this stage - on what has to be my fourth or fifth complete watch-through since I first met it in summer 2011 - I am spotting new things and bursting into tears at gloriously careful and precise foreshadowing and how much these children grow up and how much trauma they survive and how none of it - none of it - is treated flippantly or dismissively. (And reading the awesome Avatar!Katara fic [personal profile] jedusaur's been reccing everywhere! I'm not entirely convinced by the writing style but I think the way it's set up is very clever and frequently heartbreaking; I devoured the first 120k words over the course of yesterday, when I mostly refused to get out of bed, and I have the rest to work on... but I'm going to try to get my Hugo reading, at least the written fiction categories, done first.)

10. I just... am incredibly aware of how lucky I am to have this housemate I get on with so comfortably and so well, with whom I actively enjoy living, who is good for me & who I can be good for, and just... yes. Yes. Good.


Jun. 11th, 2014 06:56 pm
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1. Sunshine.

2. The strawberry plant is starting to have actual fruit on it. Still nowhere near ripe, but nonetheless!

3. Flomping around in vest top and linen trousers.

4. My new wallet. It was a ridiculous extravagance and I felt super-guilty about it, but... it makes me happy every time I look at it, so.

5. Living close enough to friends that if my housemate is out for the evening and I'm not doing brilliantly at food, I can ping someone over IM and ask them to come over for dinner and they will. (I really love that "do me a favour? let me feed you?" is a thing I can ask people.)

6. I am on my first reread of Ancillary Justice because it became perfectly apparent that my brain wasn't going to let me settle into anything else until I did. It is a long time since that last happened.

7. ... apart from the bit where my ereader ended up partway through Famine (by [personal profile] lightgetsin, part of A Deeper Season, the epic Vorkosiverse AU I love to bits) and ~for some reason~ this time round I ended up highlighting huge chunks of it. Ways to fit myself into the world, indeed.

8. My supervisor has replied usefully to the last e-mail I sent her, which means she doesn't hate me forever and I can get on with the things I was trying to get on with with rather less anxiety, thank goodness.

9. People: in addition to spontaneous-friend-tonight, I'm seeing my mum for lunch tomorrow (and possibly visiting London Volcano in company), and [personal profile] randomling is coming over for dinner Friday night; and TOG is staying Friday-Sunday morning. And I then have about three different options for Interesting Things I Can Do With Nice People on Sunday afternoon.

10. Having finished The Middleman, I have persuaded my housemate that A:tLA is a good choice for Next House TV Show. However I am probably going to try to get my act together to make Orphan Black a thing we can do together next season, given how much the entire Internet seems to like it!
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Two words: compulsory heterosexuality.

As so often with fannish wossnames, I have [personal profile] randomling to thank for pushing me to this realisation/articulation. Spoilers for S1 follow.

Spoilers for S1. )
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... Is there a community for it on DW?

  • Sort of, but not exactly, in that I apparently signed up the day that Open Beta started (belated happy birthday to Dreamwidth, and a simultaneous belated and early happy birthday to me...) but I only really started thinking of it as my Primary Online Home in about 2011, after meeting [personal profile] noldo and getting dragged delightedly into Avatar fandom.
  • Yep. Oh dearie me yes. And: because it is the show of my heart, because it is beautiful and heartbreaking and enriching and wonderful. Here is my normal pitch for it:
    Avatar: the Last Airbender is a mainstream US kid's TV show. Within the first five minutes of the first episode of the first season, a female character calls a male character out for sexism, in as many words, and she is taken seriously.

    One of the main characters is a six-legged ten-tonne flying platypus-bison. He is a stealthy, stealthy getaway vehicle.

    This is a show that contains no white people, that features disabled people, that is full of a wide range of women, that contains a canon trans character - and that deals with abuse and genocide and war and colonialism in nuanced, complicated, loving, difficult, varied and above all target-audience age-appropriate ways.

    There are three moments of Fail that I can point out to you.

    That's three moments in a three-season series.

    Show. Of. My. Heart.

  • Yep! [community profile] white_lotus.

I'm not very okay at the moment, and I'm not sure why. I'm safe and I'm functional and I'm managing self-care and I'm enjoying the world (cherry blossom and bluebells and daffodils and tulips and cowslips, and chaffinches bathing in puddles and wagtails bathing in fords, and silk aviation maps and family and--) and I'm reading and I'm even managing work, but I just seem to be... not very okay. I'm not used to being this kind of not-very-okay, and I don't know how to deal with it, and I don't have tools for it, and I don't know what the problem is. I don't know how to deal with depression that presents without anhedonia.

Hmm. PHQ-9 reckons I'm currently scoring 10, dysthymia/minor depression. I suppose that sounds about right? I just- none of the normal triggers are in place, and I don't know why. Or maybe this is what a stressful situation (viz, Finals) looks like after several weeks of pretty intensive mindfulness training? Maybe I'd be much worse off if I hadn't done (as much of) the course (as I have)? I don't know. I don't know what to do with this.
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I kind of feel like this is cheating because I've only got 19 works on AO3? But whatever, it is something other than my brain melting out of my ears as I continue to contemplate mass extinctions.

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And by kudos... )
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Title: who by fire
Size: 949 words
Characters/pairings: Mai/Zuko, Aang/Katara, Roku, Iroh
Rating: U
Elsewhere: AO3
Notes: set in the middle of the show finale. I'm not quite sure how a Leonard Cohen song inspired this, but it did, so there we go.
Summary: There was precedent, of course, for succession in the event of the untimely demise of the incumbent ruler. Between political intrigue, ambition and necessity - and these qualities have never been in short supply within the ruling classes of the Fire Nation - history contains no shortage of examples. Deposal in the absence of bloodshed, however, is another matter entirely: and more so when the Heir Apparent is the banished prince, who has, contrary to every expectation, found the Avatar and brought him home.

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In which I accidentally a Zuko icon while checking canon. From the final episode of the show:

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Title: To crave the rose
For: [personal profile] noldo
Size: 645 words
Characters/pairings: Mai/Zuko, two minor OCs
Rating: U
Elsewhere: AO3
Notes: the Internet tells me that birthday cake would be unlikely to happen until the age of 60. I couldn't resist the combination of Zuko being a bit rubbish at crafts, and those two after a lifetime together. In the headcanon I'm rapidly developing, the rose garden was Zuko's official wedding present to his bride. (She rolled her eyes at him, of course.) Happy birthday-of-2012, dearest face.
Summary: The palace grounds are meticulously laid out, and the rose gardens especially are noted for their exquisite formal design and the creativity and dedication evident in the unique cultivars. They are Mai's favourite haunt.

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If you're an Avatar: the Last Airbender & Korra fan, then you should probably be a member of [community profile] white_lotus.

And if you're not, you should definitely, definitely go and watch this fanvid right now - the first item of this Lunar New Year Exchange. I. I know I should save up all my recs til the end of the exchange? But I have now watched this vid twice, and I only haven't watched it more because I end up in floods of tears by 10 seconds in and I can do without that on top of the bit where my sinuses are already filled with glue.


And, yes, the aspect ratio is wrong, and it could be a shinier technically? But the story. The story and the passion and the themes of power and responsibility and trust and support and. #SOBBING #ENDLESSTEARS
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A [personal profile] noldo and [personal profile] kaberett production.

I watched Avatar: the Last Airbender for the first time in August 2011; [personal profile] noldo and [personal profile] mustela_nivalis were very encouraging, and very patient about my flailing.

At the beginning of season 2, I started writing fic for the first time in about eight years.

I got to the end and they pointed me at the Avatar: the Legend of Korra trailer, and I collapsed into a small puddle of hyperventilating squee.

So when The Promise was announced, I promptly put all of it on pre-order. Like, oh, pretty much every other fan with the finances to do so, I suspect.

And, d'you know, I was heartbroken. Sure, characters had the same names... but where's the Katara who, two minutes into the first episode of the first season of this mainstream USois kids' TV show, called a dude out for sexism and was taken seriously? Where's Toph interacting with Katara? Why is Mai relegated to ~the girlfriend~? Why is Sokka so bloody cissexist?

And that, boys and girls and everyone else, is when I got upset enough to go through the books and do a line-by-line count of who says what to whom.

By the power of [personal profile] noldo, I bring you the distressing results in the form of brightly-coloured graphics. So far I've only done counts for Books 1 & 2; Book 3 will follow on in the not-too-distant future. For these purposes, one "line" is approximately one speech bubble.

Part 1 )

Part 2 )


y so faily ;______________________________;

This show had such a great pattern of being incredibly feminist, and giving us actual complex developed - & developing! - female characters, who weren't defined solely by their interactions and relationships with the men of the series. Unfortunately - all my other issues with characterisation aside - as underlined by the statistics, that really, really doesn't carry across to the books.

Thoughts very welcome!
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Avatar: the Legend of Korra, sequel series to Avatar: the Last Airbender, is now on episode 8. It's had its ups and downs, but I'm really enjoying it so far.

What I'm enjoying rather less is the fandom commentary. Unfortunately, people seem to have decided that one of the characters is trans* -- and a lot of the speculation and conversation around this topic seems to me ill-informed at best. (Obviously, I don't and can't speak for all trans* people.) Most of the points I'm making arise from [personal profile] blab's essay on the topic (spoilers up to and including ep 8), but this is mostly because that's how I first became aware of the conversation, and I don't feel up to seeking out more examples.

To be clear: I'm queer and trans*, and specifically I'm non-binary (see icon!). I would love for Korra to contain trans* or queer characters. It would make my year. As a result, much of this mini-essay is deeply personal, which is why I've written it up in my own journal, rather than leaving at as a comment in a place that isn't "mine"; I'm happy for people to discuss the points I make in comments, but I ask you to respect the fact that I might not be able to engage in all threads myself.

There are two key areas I want to address in brief: the language being used in the discussion, and the actual details leading people to speculate.

Point the first: language/framing
This section is a general primer and contains no spoilers.

A lot of the language being used in this conversation is not language that trans* people tend to use about themselves. This is a pity; it would be awesome if the ongoing conversation were a little more sensitive. Particular examples include:
  • "transman", "transpeople", "transwomen", etc. Preferred terms are generally "trans man", "trans people", "trans women", as discussed by Transkitten and recommended by Press for Change.
  • speculating over whether or not someone is trans* full stop is generally considered disrespectful and in poor taste. Yes, it's different (sort of) if it's a fictional character, but some of the conversation feels to me like it's edging into skeevy Erika Moen-style fetishisation, and people need to watch that.

Spoilers/speculation up to and including episode 8. )

Frankly, I would be absolutely astonished (though delightedly so) if even a show as generally non-faily as A:tLA/A:tLOK featured a trans* character without making it visible, as they did Toph and Teo's disabilities; and I think (again, speaking only for myself) that in order to remain respectful of and safe for trans* fans, any speculation in this area needs to remain aware of that context.

edit: I've been asked (out of band) why (or whether) I am reacting so differently to this suggestion vs queering canonically heterosexual characters. I don't inherently object to fic (or other media!) containing trans* characters (I've written some), because seeing representations of People Like Me is nice. What I do object to is the are-they-aren't-they that's going on regarding canon: this kind of speculation is used to undermine trans* people's expressed identities every day, directly and indirectly: among social circles when you're not there, as street harrassment -- if you can think of it, it happens. Consequently, seeing it done by my fandom? Makes me pretty uncomfortable.
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1. Public transport (trains! The Eurostar! Even the X5!)
2. Beautifully sunny spring weather
3. Bouncing around Oxford with a bunch of queers
4. Singing! In a group! With theatre!
5. Mattor panir and pantomime
6. French toast and deliberately reinterpreting V for Vendetta as a criticism of misogyny in socialist and anarchist movements
7. Fannish squee, and especially getting to rec fanfic
8. My first clutch of patches for Dreamwidth are awaiting review, and I now have the camel book for better learnings about Perl
9. I've got the beginnings of a series of short-but-nerdy Avatar fics planned
10. I am getting much stronger and much more confident at the wheelchairing

... it has been a PROPER awesome week or two, okay. :-)
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O dear, eheu, oi moi, etc. A wailing and a gnashing of teeth!1

I am awake. It is three in the morning. This is sub-optimal. It is especially sub-optimal because my sleep cycle has been kind of shot recently2, and tonight I actually got to bed by about 10.30.

Why, then, am I not asleep?

Because I have been coughing so hard that my eyes are getting bloodshot, my sternum hurts when I breathe, and surgery scars are acting up. It is not fun okay.

Therefore I shall offer you evidence of my doings in times recent. The journal of the thrice-esteemed [personal profile] noldo contains one conversation and one perplexed clementine. Below the cut you will find an (unbeta'd, concrit welcome) A:tLA fic. And, do you know, between that and coughing and watching this Dr Who fanvid on loop, that's about all I've been up to.

1 Teeth? Will be provided.
2 Winning combination of grief and stress and depression. See also: reasons I have not been terribly social.

A fic! )
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Hosted by [personal profile] littlebutfierce; my thread in said love meme.

  • I made mincemeat! Four jars thereof! One jar made two dozen mince pies! I have three jars left! I also made cheese straws and jam tarts because oh dear my pastry quantity estimation skills! If, therefore, you are local to me and would like a c. 400g jar of (vegetarian, other ingredients upon request) home-made mincemeat, holler. First two as does gets 'em (am keeping one for self because I harbour the fond but probably misguided notion that there will come a point when I feel like making another ginormous batch of pastry).
  • I have fairylights! They are blutacked to my curtain rails, because I am a student! They are fantastic ~mood lighting~ and very much help to make room feel slightly brighter when I have decided I do not want daylight bulb on.
  • If you are in any way involved in the Avatar: the Last Airbender fandom, read Drink Some Fucking Tea.
  • I am currently consuming vast, vast quantities of raspberry-mango boba.


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