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1. I do actively like getting up with dawn and being in work by 8am. If I could find a way to do that sustainably (given insomnia, fatigue, etc) then I'd be all over it. (Two days running this week; aiming to replicate tomorrow. Though, to be fair, I did come home very early this afternoon and then sleep. But -- I got labwork done before 9am, I taught for three hours, and I booked mass spec time. And I'm doing some more faff at home. Writing abstracts is haaard. I mean, actually I think formal writing is hard, but perhaps I will work out how to get past this, sigh.)

2. Facesfriend is great, though - I stayed over at theirs last night, and sometime in the wee hours they very gently woke me up enough for me to disentangle myself from the nightmare I was having (whimpery rather than screamy, thank goodness; once a year or so I wake myself up screaming, and I'm always very embarrassed about the disruption to other people) and then they coaxed me back to sleep and... gosh, that was nice.

3. Guiltknitting progresses apace. It was supposed to be done 18 months ago. I was stalled on it for all sorts of reasons, largely boiling down to "autism" (it became apparent I hadn't bought enough of the main colour; no more of that dye lot was to be had; I couldn't work out what on earth to do about this; and then for the primary gifting period largest smallcousin bought me some very tasteful yarn, some medium-tasteful yarn, and some yarn that um looks kind of like a sunset got overly excited and has a terrible hangover; the sunset yarn goes very well with the purple). I am unblocked and nearly halfway through the section I charted up. Weaving in the ends is going to be a pain and a half - why I thought learning to do intarsia with two strands no less in the context of double-knitting I have no idea but hey, it's working and legible, so.

4. I have acquired the rest of the Toby Daye books in paperback from eBay, to my immense frustration, because apparently it's impossible to buy the ebooks from anyone but Amazon in the UK, and my preferred UK booksellers aren't carrying the volumes I want, so... eBay. And in attempting to locate the short stories I have spoiled myself for something that was starting to really irritate me, so I can now read on secure in the knowledge that the characters are going to stop being so infuriatingly oblivious sometime soon (well, two books' time, but). (I am also feeling kind of guilty for spending money on books by white folk - [personal profile] calissa posted recently about diversity and reading; one of the ways I try to (1) ~broaden my horizons~ and (2) restrict my spending on books, in addition to "don't buy anything while the to-read pile on the ereader is greater than $number" [currently 25, previously 50], is to by-and-large avoid buying books by whitey? On the grounds that I get loaned lots of them and I can satisfy most of my desire-to-read-white-people via loans, so. AND ON THE OTHER HAND I am working super hard this month in lab terms, I'm helping teach a maths course which is a massive deal, I am a bit ill, paper books are good for reading in lab because not metal, and for all I'm finding them gently frustrating they are excellent brain-candy.)

5. I really do need to set up that review blog. Which in turn means that I need to get my act together to choose a CMS for my personal website, siiigh.
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1. Okay, apparently when I was complaining last night about how my entire street lost power for a couple of hours (and therefore I was missing a Skype counselling session), I should have been complaining about how my entire borough lost power for a couple of hours...

2. ... but on the upside, this means that I watched Belle with my housemate over dinner (because we had matches and gas hobs and fully-charged laptops, oh yeah, so food was a possibility as was everything else).

3. I continue incredibly annoyed that on any given afternoon/evening the 12-hour weather forecast determines my work schedule for up to the next week. In practice I have spent today flat out in bed, because first day of period, so having tidied up lab last night to the point where I could leave it and it'd be safe was a good thing? But still deeply irritating and seriously slowing me down (as is the fact that our lab manager's been laid out with something flu-y with complications for which she's been given antibiotics... for a fortnight).

4. See above re knackered: what this means in practice is that I made the puttanesca pasta bake again and consider it Improved. It goes like this: in a large deep rectangular baking dish, place: half a bulb of garlic, finely chopped; a teaspoon or two of dried crushed chilli flakes; some oregano or whatever; as much black pepper as you can be bothered to grind; half a jar of capers, with brine; half a jar of olives, with brine; a tin or jar of artichoke hearts, with preservation medium; two wossnames of tomato passata; as much pasta (penne is good) as will fit, when stirred in well; water to just cover the pasta, stirred in well; top off with grated cheese of your preferred description if not dairy-free; stick in oven at approx 200degC for approx 30-45 minutes (we stuck it in the oven and watched an episode of Elementary while it was cooking and it was fine).

5. Awesome ex-housemate C has a PhD offer! This means I might (depending on the places she's still waiting to hear back from) have cause to end up on the east coast of the US periodically...
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Happy housiversary: my housemate and I have been living together for a year as of today in our ridiculous flat with our ridiculous lives, and she just took the time to spend five minutes curled up on me on my sofa catching up before running out the door again. It is pretty great.

I just sent myself an e-mail containing the following:

Marie on Mars: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0012821X14007262

Lunar dynamo paper: www.sciencemag.org/content/346/6214/1246753.abstract

Carbon-bearing iron phases and the carbon isotope composition of the deep earth: http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2014/12/11/1401782112.short

LIPs and supercontinent assembly: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S026437071400163X

Lower-mantle water reservoir: http://www.nature.com/ngeo/journal/v8/n1/full/ngeo2306.html

Lunar cryptomaria: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0032063314003912

I am having feelings about access to speech.

I wrote two things for Yuletide this year: At the going down of the sun, in the Vorkosiverse, an oral biography/history of Olivia Vorbarra Vorkosigan's life and how she got involved with Piotr anyway; and a treat in the Mechsverse, specifically about the Sirens in Ulysses Dies At Dawn: You'll Reign Supreme. Two things to note: (1) I now want to write Ulysses-fic about the Furies; (2) to my utter bafflement, the Vorkosigan fic has immediately become the most liked thing I've ever written??? Which I suppose is a little reassuring given that I wasn't convinced I'd done a terribly good job of it.

I have discovered that I can reliably do French and Dutch braids tolerably neatly on myself. This is excellent because it means that my hair is less of a disaster when I go a week without brushing it, which makes Dealing With It less intimidating; it's also excellent for reasons including "it does a better job of keeping my hair off my face" and "people's reactions are really funny".

I am poking at my brain quite hard and will post about it soon.
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  • Group Christmas dinner last night. Head of Group checked with staff whether it was okay to smoke inside the building. My coughing & throat were noticeably worse when he was more actively smoking the e-cig than when he wasn't (even when I had my back to him so had no idea what he was doing other than lung reaction). On the other hand, he noticed me looking twitchy so I've managed to discuss it a little... and awkwardly it turns out that he was already smoking less in meetings with me than with all his other students. Augh.
  • Lots of being-scared-of-things at the moment. Need to sort out what fears are which. The scared-I'm-crazy (wrt the smoke exposure thing) vs the scared-of-accidentally-dating vs just being so tired again. (Actually, I just need to write that post about last week's Elementary, I think, to discuss this more; right, that's why I wasn't going to do that here.)
  • Housemate is home. <3
  • Lunch with my mum in the NHM was nice (she was there for work and it's right next door, so).
  • I am having so many feelings about Stray Italian Greyhound (god I just want to lay down/these colors make my eyes hurt/this feeling calls for everything that I am/not//I’m not that kind/I’m so good at shooting down any notion/this tired world could change) and also a bunch more about Least Complicated (I'm just a mirror of a mirror of myself)
  • Everything hurts pretty consistently at the moment, for reasons I am not at all clear on, and I am just. so. tired.
  • Okay, I will get up the national rail website to prompt myself to sort out tickets to York for later this month, and then I will listen to Never Look Away again, and then I will head down to lab and do a five-minute job and then I will come back up here and try to get caught up with paperwork and then I will do another fifteen minutes in lab. Ugh. Everything is slow and difficult, and executive function isn't; SAD, I think.
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  • the company I bought a bike pump from had been having troubles with their supplier; after I sent them a message, they had a rummage and ended up digging out two models up in the same brand (which sells for about twice the price) and couriering it over to me (!!). Very, very happy with them; Bliss Bikes if'n you're interested
  • I am super-excited about post today: my copy of Sông I Sing arrived (& woozl promptly made gleeful noises at it; thanks, [personal profile] littlebutfierce!)
  • I've been listening to Seanan McGuire's album Wicked Girls on repeat, and I... kind of want to write fic for all of it, I've just got no idea where to even START; never mind, I'm sure something will coalesce
  • lunch today was all of us, er, Having Fun: there was rosemary & olive oil La Brea in the co-op, and I have an enormous soft spot for La Brea; there were avocados at a reduced price and I've been wanting them for ages; so what with one thing and another we ended up with ONE BOWL CONTAINING sliced avocado, thinly sliced fennel, salt, pepper, lemon juice; and ONE BOWL CONTAINING white bean and toasted garlic dip courtesy of [personal profile] noldo; and this constituted FOOD tyvm
  • ongoing e-mail exchange with the university's Disabilities lot, which is tentatively starting to look helpful - we've set up a meeting
  • I have spent lots of today sorting out my ebook library, which has been very soothing; also, if you have anything to do with ebooks, get Calibre coz it's awesome
  • WTF, Evolution? continues a source of great joy in my life (noooooooooooooooooooooose squid!)
  • I've just been introduced to this lovely, quiet little poem via [community profile] poetry


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