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Two major things: Yet More Lung Tests (I get to find out results on the 26th) and pain clinic psychologist assessment (physiotherapist will be happening tomorrow afternoon).

So far so good on the fluoxetine -- I'm not now getting BV every time I spend more than about two hours using a wheelchair (I am still managing to set it off occasionally, but by "occasionally" I mean "when spending all day travelling internationally after a solid preceding several days of Out And About In A Chair", which is consistent with other folk I know seeing slooow returns to baseline after discontinuing mirtazapine due to unacceptable side-effects). I'm still under-medicated (in that I'm irritable and weepy), so that's not brilliant, but I'm seeing my GP on Thursday, whereupon we will bump up the dose.

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I started a new antidepressant on Monday. Read more... )

I saw respiratory medicine a week ago, for my first appointment, and it was promising in several respects. Read more... )

Gynaecology: ultrasound results not yet with my GP. I'm going back in a month and we'll talk about them then, or if there's anything particularly exciting in them he'll give me a ring. (There won't be.)

Pain clinic information session: less dire than I expected. Individual assessment as to whether I'm a good candidate for the group course to follow sometime in September.

Physio: still making improvements, though I'm (as expected) really struggling to manage the amount of physio I'm supposed to be doing with actually going into work, i.e. I've become much more inconsistent about compliance, which is vicious-spiralling slightly because of the associated increase in difficulty of doing the things. Nonetheless, podiatry are expecting to discharge me at my next appointment in September because of how much I've improved with them, and I think that's the right decision; chasing up physio for the rest of me is on the todo list but just... hasn't happened yet.
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Basically, it is just such an enormous relief that I have a GP this willing to work with me.

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Sep. 4th, 2015 08:08 pm
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1. About twenty minutes ago I thought something to the effect of "hmm, okay, I want to do something intellectually engaging this evening, now what sha-- HOLY SHIT MY ANTIDEPRESSANTS ARE WORKING." This is a glimmer as yet, but thank fuck. PHQ-9. ) I'll have been at 30mg for two weeks come Sunday.

2. Woolstack continue absolutely brilliant - the colourway I'd asked them to special-order came in today, and Lisa-who-seems-to-handle-communications-at-least-with-me sent me photos of all ten skeins so that I could tell her which of them I wanted for my specific project. (And then in the follow-up e-mail commented enthusiastically on how good my chosen colours looked together!) They're going in the post Monday - I just missed today's post - whereupon I'll be able to start making the skyscape shawls.

3. In related news, I am utterly baffled that my quick and dirty picspam of those shawls is the most popular thing I've ever put on tumblr by, like, two orders of magnitude. (I mention this in part because it's picked up another 150 notes in the past 24 hours.)

4. Braided nylon hoses for track pumps exist. I have contacted the UK importer for the pump I currently own asking if there's an appropriate part; if not I'll sell it on ebay (resale value high) and buy myself one of the brand that manufactures the hoses I got linked to, because holy shit being able to top up my tyres without worrying about allergen exposure. ♥_♥ (Context for those of you missing it: I've gone and done that thing where it's super easy to develop a contact allergy to latex, and it's easier still if you've got a bunch of other misc autoimmune/autoinflammatory bullshit going on. The hose on my current pump is latex, which is A Pity. This is additionally the context for the one-line story about The Time I Made An Unauthorised Purchase Of Latex-Free Gloves Using A NASA Grant.)

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Counsellor yesterday asked if next week's session could be a little later than usual, at 2 instead of noon, and I said sure and then belatedly realised that I was due to see my GP at 2.20, and then at 1am I was very good and logged into the online system and discovered that his only other appointment between now and when he goes on holiday was 11.20 today, so I booked that. (A moment of amusement: I went to see David at the local IAPT place yesterday, rather than at my GP surgery where he works one day a week. When he's there he's in rather more of a managerial role, and, well, that is the first time I've ever seen him wearing a three-piece suit, let us put it that way. The instant we got into the room for therapy he took off the jacket and rolled his shirtsleeves up...)

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