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Date: 2017-06-26 09:27 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] dolljoints
hiya, a friend linked me this guide about a month ago.. i re-read it and started making notes at about midnight today (is 10:17 right now), trying to prepare for wheelchair services..

i don't have access to anyone with a car or anything, so almost every ebay find is completely out of the question.. so i figure i'll try my luck at glasgow's wheelchair services. i've had better luck with physiotherapists and psychiatrists here than in any other city so far, so finger's crossed.. (if anyone has had experience, pls lmk)

i unfortunately don't know anyone i could borrow a spare chair off of.. i used an acquaintance's for a while a few years ago, but it was only in the upstairs of their house, so i didn't get much of an idea of outdoor usage. except once, where i was totally unable to get up a very slight incline, but more importantly it told me that armrests that aren't adjustable are bad (though i think i need *some* at least when at my computer, and my future wheelchair will almost certainly replace my computer chair), most footrests suck, solid tyres suck... etc.

i really hope i luck out and get something amazing, but in the mean time, i'm having to work together with flatmate to get the flat sorted out... because we were forced to move here just before christmas, due to our previous flat being repossessed by landlords for them to live there themselves... and the flat we were moved into has so many things breaking or broken. but the landlords want to look at all the problems all at once, and try to minimise call out fees and stuff... so we have had to unpack and make all the problems accessible. it's taken almost 2 months but we're almost there!

since i know how much of a problem wheelchair services can be, i'm waiting until all of the repairs (strangers coming into our flat... i want to limit it to once a week max, but they might haggle that down because they're terrible. they keep saying they understand and want to work around our issues but have consistently actually done the opposite so far.. the week we moved in some workmen showed up, and 3 showing up 3 days in a row was the fucking worst!!) are done before doing anything with wheelchair services. but at the same time, i know about long waiting lists... but on the other hand, i don't want to be caught out if one pops up before we're done dealing with landlords...

um, uh, i was wondering if you could possibly link me to the online guides you mentioned about dealing with wheelchair services (i intend to have my GP and physiotherapist print off letters describing my problems and my needs, and "unrolling" EDS into EDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain syndrome, to make it seem more intimidating, perhaps – my physio was the one who recommended i pursue wheelchair services, at least, after she saw how much of a difference my walking stick has made, but learning that it isn't enough by itself.) and measuring for online buys (i'll keep an eye on them just in case something in glasgow that's not a 15kg folding chair shows up, after all)?

ah, sorry, that's a lot of brackets. um, i'm going to rephrase that! – you mentioned online guides for navigating wheelchair services and self-measuring for buying chairs yourself, but no matter how much i searched online, all i could find was useless guides like "measure your width" and i'm like,, how?? do i include the curvature of my hips and stomach, or try and somehow get a linear measurement from my body? i don't have a wheelchair to tell already... so i was wondering if you had a few you like that you could link? it's totes ok if not of course.

(said friend actually talked to you in the comments a while ago, but i'm not going to namedrop because i've not checked if that's ok to do)

ah jeez i thought i had notes of what to say after i'd opened All Those Tabs but i seem to be drawing a brain blank... uh.. i hope your day is good! and i hope my comment was ok. please lmk if i did anything triggering or just insensitive or anything... um, uh , well bye >.>
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