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2013-04-05 09:15 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: with regards to the shores upon which you find yourself

Hello! You are a person! You are probably lovely! I like people!

This journal ends up being a bit of a mix of Srs Business (rants; things I've learned from counselling; &c), fannish & scientific joy, linkspams, poetry, & misc life updates. I tag fairly compulsively, though not always helpfully; I use content notes; I have written up a cast of characters; I aim to maintain this as a safer space, and appreciate (but do not expect!) call-outs when I mess up.

I like it if you introduce yourself when you subscribe, but it's definitely not required. Probably 30% of this journal is access-locked; I give access very readily. Fanworks are always public; AO3 is the canonical place to find my list of works. I'm very happy for you to link to anything that's public, and I'll be even happier if you let me know you're doing it. :-)


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2019-04-21 10:03 pm
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vital functions

Reading. V excited that I can read physical books at the moment without my hands yelling at me (hurrah for ring splints). Head On (John Scalzi) and record of a spaceborn few (Becky Chambers) in hard copy; I'm now making substantial progress through The Collapsing Empire (also John Scalzi) in ebook, because I got to the top of the library queue. (For reference, also on hold: Feel Free, being collected essays by Zadie Smith; Daring Greatly, Brené Brown, having failed to get together the brain to read it when I got it out the library in hard copy a while back; The Consuming Fire, John Scalzi, sequel to TCE; Conversations with Friends, Sally Rooney. There's a fair chance that I'll suspend the holds on both the Smith and the Brown just because they are likely to be fairly heavy going and, as discussed in therapy a few weeks back, it is actually okay for me to read for fun at the moment.)

Details, including spoilers. )

Film/TV. Leverage. It is Leverage. I am still kind of fascinated by it but, like, I cannot quite deal with Eliot, last episode, having... decided that Parker was incompetent? For reasons of plot convenience? Obviously she wasn't, but. Oh children.

Growth. AHAHAHA SO MUCH. Headlines:
  • I've repotted the lemon!
  • I've provided some timelapse photography of the plot!
  • I've borrowed a cordless drill and made significant progress with building my raised bed edging! (This also counts as a Skill Acquisition, especially as I was doing so without more competent supervision.)
  • I've fixed the broken autovent on the roof of the greenhouse! (Ish. It's possible I need to get a new wax cylinder; it's not opening as much as I really feel it ought.)
  • ............ I found the carpet.
  • It is, you see, The Rule that every allotment plot is absolutely chock-full of fundamentally made-of-plastic carpet.
  • I thought I'd got away with it.
  • I tried to dig a hole to put the legs of the raised bed into.
  • ... I hit carpet.
  • I have found at least two layers.
  • I... I think they extend underneath all the raised beds.
  • The raised beds in which I am growing spinach, and fennel, and allium various.
  • The raised beds I weeded thoroughly last year and then manured and then left to get themselves set up with decent soil structure and generally getting going with a no-dig philosophy.
  • That I'm now going to have to dig up.
  • To get out the carpet.

Notable Pokémon. Another (!) shiny Eevee. Hatched a Really Rather Good Beldum. No event-specific shinies yet, of course, but there we go.
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2019-04-20 10:41 pm


Apparently I haven't posted any photos of the allotment since last August, whoops.

Four photographs. )

I'm really pleased with how it's coming along? This is the very first plot you see when you enter the site, which fact I am occasionally a little daunted by, but I am making progress and I sincerely hope sorting the raised beds out will facilitate a bunch more.
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2019-04-19 11:49 pm
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I have a laptop back!

To my disgust this hard drive came with Windows Vista installed, where the previous one had Windows 7; I'm getting an e-mailed receipt tomorrow and might grumble at them. In the meantime, this evening has mostly consisted of getting a usable Debian install set up (because for bonus points, I ended up overwriting my install media on Tuesday before the drive death because that was the convenient USB stick I had on me).

Doubtless I will complain endlessly about sharks, including sharks I'd previously solved but not bothered making a note of.

Other things this evening included: takeaway dinner from Roti King with A, in the vicinity of Granary Square, followed by ice cream, because the shop I got this laptop from in the first place was on Tottenham Court Road, so by the time we'd got there sitting by the canal eating dinner while the sun went down seemed like an excellent idea.

... but for right now probably I should just do some Duolingo quickly and then head to bed...
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2019-04-17 08:59 pm
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mixed bags with silver linings

  • On Tuesday evening, my laptop ran out of battery, put itself to sleep, and lost its hard drive. I have successfully (1) not panicked much, (2) got on with my life or at least the mass spec, (3) got A to help me do some simple diagnostics, (4) taken it back to the place I got it less than a year ago and got them to order replacement parts because alas they couldn't sell me something on the spot so I could just go home and spend this evening sorting myself back out, which means that (5) I had the opportunity to dig out the 12-month repair warranty and set it to one side to take with me when I go to pick the thing back up, meaning that this Ought To Be Free.
  • On Monday, we had [personal profile] alexwlchan around. I got some of the spinach-and-butternut-squash-and-roast-garlic-and-ricotta pasta out of the freezer, portioned out the amount we were going to want to eat for dinner, and then absent-mindedly put the remainder back into... the fridge, not the freezer. Which means that dinner tonight -- I got in a little before eight -- is that pasta, along with the leftover tomato-and-mascarpone-sauce, only I'm the only one eating it tonight so it now also contains a slightly obnoxious quantity of chilli, plus bonus nutmeg.
  • The non-existence of buses between Green Park and South Ken due to the Extinction Rebellion protest (which, yes, is very worthy, but this means there is no reasonable accessible route for me to get into work and I had machine time booked and I'm just quite augh about the ways in which this specifically fucks over disabled people massively disproportionately to the effect on people using public transport who don't need level access) led to me getting up ridiculously early this morning and then pushing from Green Park to lab via Hyde Park. This involved two pairs of Egyptian geese with three spotty little balls of fluff each. (Also there were some Loudly Beeping Moorhens, and a lot of yell birds in general.)
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2019-04-14 11:26 pm
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vital functions

Reading. Got out of the library this week, because they were right there when I was waiting for a loo to come free: Head On, which I had not yet got around to, and record of a spaceborn few, because [personal profile] alexwlchan particularly recommended it. (I was indifferent to the first book and found the second book very soothing and iddy.)

The Push micro-liveblog. )

From the library, via the magic of ebooks: Normal People, Sally Rooney, enthusiastically recced to me by Waterstones staff the other week. I was wary and it's full of triggers but oh dear no actually I love this a lot and have promptly placed a hold on her first book. (It's vivid and intense and evocative and I spent the entire thing feeling kind of breathless, and -- oh dear, children, oh dear.) The thing is, though, that I know why I love it! I just can't quite wrap my head around why everyone else does. (It is A LitFic Phenomenon, if you have thus far failed to come across it.)

Bonus slow progress through my current Shaun Tan, Tales from the Inner City, which is slow mostly because they're incredibly dense and I want to savour them and also their art.

Film/TV. Leverage continues... Leverage. We are just sitting down to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel along with dinner and cocktails, because Date Night; I have never seen it before, but A is fond. (We were going to watch Amélie, and indeed I have got crème brûlée in the fridge to eat with, but we were mysteriously unable to find a copy despite being pretty sure the house ought to contain at least one, so A Different Film It Is and... we will just have to eat more crème brûlée in future.) -- right okay yes I enjoyed that.

Growth. Mysteriously, only one row of cherry tomatoes has hatched. Probably they need to be Planted up but I'm still quite ??? at them. (Okay no wait between writing this on about Thursday and... Saturday evening...? some more started hatching, HURRAH.) Meanwhile, my LEMON TREE has arrived.

Further points: A, who has The Patience Of Several Saints, spent this afternoon on glazing the greenhouse with me. The greenhouse is now done. I am Very Excited??? I need to work out why my bin got a bit sort of sad (mostly because I didn't feed it for a bit over a week, I suspect) and make it happy again, and actually pull up all the dandelions, but the next major project is in fact now finalising my raised beds aaaaaaaaaah.

And! One more chilli! Which may or may not survive, who knows, but chilli-the-largest has A Third Leaf and so does passion fruit-the-largest, so, fingers crossed.

Notable Pokémon. Last week: shiny Articuno traded from A (because he! had a spare!!! this is most unfair!), plus a wild-caught shiny Pineco. HATCHED A PERFECT TURTWIG. Also wild-caught a perfect Weedle, which is actually my second, but I sent the first one to the professor Back In The Day before we had TMs because its moveset wasn't ~perfect~ and I needed the storage space. This week: shiny Lotad shiny Lotad shiny Lotad. Wednesday morning -- right after the bug-type event ended -- SHINY CATERPIE as first Pokémon of the day.

Additionaly and furthermore, hatched BABY SNORLAX and BABY SUDOWOODO (Munchlax; Bonsly) and am Very Excited about their little faces.

... and a shiny Taillow because this is Frankly Ridiculous, and then on Community Day I... got two shinies (neither of them any good) and more importantly traded a bunch of the Bagon I'd caught with A and ended up with a 100% lucky Bagon, aaaaah.

Language. Still attempting to blitz the end of FutureLearn Irish 101; still annoyed by the lack of explanation of pronunciation and especially by the insistence that we watch a video of two speakers in a language we don't yet know repeatedly while... perky upbeat music has been edited into the background. That is a Hard No from me, friends.
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2019-04-13 10:54 pm
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tiny adventure!

Astronomy Photographer of the Year, which this year included a retrospective of the ten years the award had been running.

Of immediate interest to me: a lot of the photographs are fundamentally of The Same Thing (the Milky Way; the sun; the moon), so quite a lot of everything is in the composition and -- and this really surprised me -- the processing. Because it is absolutely accepted that post-processing is necessary for a bunch of these (not simply compositing exposures but straight-up colourising them, and of course having to process different types of exposure (infra-red; H-alpha and HII; ...). This is in stark contrast to the rules for Wildlife Photographer of the Year, where in addition to the final image the raw files off the camera have to be submitted and enhancement is right out -- and, of course, to some extent WPY has a much greater range of subjects.

I'm glad I went to see this, to be clear, but especially given that it featured highlights from the last decade I doubt I'm likely to make regular trips to Greenwich for this (in the way that I'm happy to take a minor detour to the NHM on my way to work for the sake of WPY). Nevertheless, some favourites! From the People and Space category I particularly enjoyed Me versus the Galaxy and Expedition to Infinity (this is one A & I disagreed about re the merits of humans for scale); looking at the online gallery, I am also very taken by Keeper of the Light, which was not on display. From Skyscapes: Eclipsed Moon Trail, Holding Due North, Circles and Spirals (not on display!). And also Galaxy Curtain Call, Speeding on the Aurorae Lane.
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2019-04-10 09:51 pm

oh that was another thing that happened at the ice cream parlour yesterday

As [personal profile] barrelofrain and I were getting properly into catching up, a family came in and sat down near us. (The King's Cross Ruby Violet has one long table with four chairs each side, plus some bars & bar stools.) One of the parents was talking excitedly about the pear sorbet and I Could Not Help but enthuse about How Good that flavour in specific and particular is.

A little while later, this same parent Explained How Do Science to a very solemn small child, which appeared to be being assumed to be a girl -- something to the tune of Ask Lots Of Questions, and trying things out and seeing what happens, and so on and so forth.

"Sorry for butting in again," I said, "but yes. That is How Science. I am A Scientist and I Approve This Message."

I proceeded to learn that (0) this small child and her sibling had recently Made a Volcano with food dye and vinegar and baking soda; (1) she likes volcanoes but doesn't love them; (2) she is entirely happy saying to strange adults that she doesn't want to share about what she loves; (3) she likes doing experiments; and (4) she's going on an adventure to see the Loch Ness Monster soon. (Probably some other bits, but they escape me.)

I, naturally, explained about (1) The Volcano That Erupts Baking Soda (And Is Why Flamingoes Are Pink), and slightly less comprehensibly that (2) wrapping her water glass in a paper towel would help keep it warm, like how I give my plants a coat over winter so their feet don't get cold.

There was also some back and forth about how I go to big-big-big-BIG-big school, The Biggest School You Can Go To, in response to which I cheerfully explained that it means I don't have to get an actual job.

I spent a lot of time thanking the child's parents for letting me interact and being generally cheerful and good-natured. They spent a lot of time thanking me for Giving Them Facts, and also Being An Example Grown-Up (Girl) for their small child to imprint on, because she is v interested in science and they want to encourage this. (Refreshingly, the wheelchair was not at any point mentioned.)

It was a lovely interaction, even though I am xkcd-crawling-under-my-metaphorical-bed after the fact.
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2019-04-09 11:08 pm
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ten good things

  1. My lemon tree is getting delivered at some point in the next three days and I am Extremely Excited! (I also... need to finish the greenhouse, whoops. Perhaps tomorrow evening's greenhousery will be mostly cleaning glass and FINALISING THE BASE.)
  2. Some of the other plotholders have cordless drills they can lend me, which will make Dealing With the raised beds much easier and less expensive (... subject to me getting the greenhouse up so the existing ones can stop being used as a prop for the glass...)
  3. I spent a chunk of this afternoon sat in Ruby Violet with excellent hot chocolate, waiting for [personal profile] barrelofrain to show up so we can have ice cream. I was seriously conflicted about which set of things to get because there's At Least Four that I Want, but happily BoR having had A Day meant that I had plenty of time to dither. (I ended up with the pear sorbet and the marzipan & orange blossom ice cream.)
  4. Via a small pile of anxiety I successfully navigated the BL and used one of the reading rooms for the first time ever. Quiet! Plugs! A desk! Yes good. (I also got to look at a couple of the exhibitions currently on; I skimmed The New Londoner, observed that the third floor has Some Furniture for me to look at more in future, and made a mental note that I want to drag A to spend fifteen minutes looking around Imaginary Cities next time we're in town.)
  5. I have made Some Progress on The PhD Work and am slowly building up momentum again. (It's the thing where If I Manage Some Every Day I stay engaged and have ideas and can think of things to do next; if I let it slide I... really struggle to pick it back up.)
  6. I have introduced my godmother's eldest and my largest smallcousin and they are talking enthusiastically to each other in a group chat I've set up with the three of us, which is thoroughly pleasant to check in with periodically.
  7. We've had some of A's family visiting tonight; we're now at 3/4 parents having seen The Flat, and we successfully Went Out For Dinner including Everybody's Favourite Waiter, me successfully judging how hungry I was, and Managing A Social without immediately crawling under the bed.
  8. The walk back from the restaurant featured an excellent crescent moon glowing orange through an approximation of fog.
  9. I am greatly enjoying my current book, because it's filling in gaps and giving me more detail in re The Dawn Wall, and it's very... communicative of personality in a way I'm mostly charmed by.
  10. This morning's bread worked particularly well, and I am very much enjoying continuing to experiment and learn and improve (both understanding and skill).
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2019-04-08 10:06 pm
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two quick bits

  • today's xkcd (official transcript has not yet been filled in but explanxkcd has one): it me.
  • language fact of the day: I finally (several days after first going "... surely...") got around to looking it up, and seachtain (Irish) is in fact cognate to semaine (French), both being the word for "week". (things that are not cognate: the constructions for "[fruit] juice" in Turkish and Irish. yes the orthography and indeed pronunciation are pretty similar give-or-take diacritics, but no they are not the same.)
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2019-04-07 09:47 pm
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vital functions

Reading. FINISHED. THE BOOK. (i.e. The Audacity of Hope, which continued a slog.) Came to the conclusion (in therapy, no less) that I might e.g. get more PhD work done if I... am reading fun books for leisure, not ones that are A Slog. Promptly got started on The Push, through which I am making much more rapid progress, and also: child. CHILD. The EARTHWORMS. (Additionally and furthermore: it is completely okay to not know where any of your limbs are in teenagerhood, child. Oh my goodness.)

Film/TV. Ten minutes of Coraline before my father decided he didn't actually want to watch it after all (I'd been pushing for Jupiter Ascending or the new Ghostbusters, but never mind, eh.) Leverage: The Gimme a K Street Job, in which the show is remarkably sympathetic to a criminally incompetent coach who cares more about success than her kids' safety, with bonus poorly-understood paralysis plot.

Language. Very crankily finished off Week 1 of the FutureLearn Irish 101 course, and got started on week two. Spent some time discussing Irish orthography with my godmother's eldest and felt rather the better for it.

Growth. Hatching tomatoes! Just the cherries, so far, but fingers crossed for More To Come. The two surviving chilli have each got a third leaf coming (and I still daren't move them out of the warm box); I've stuck a baby stake in each of the Passiflora pots, and they're working on their second leaf-pair. At the allotment: spring onion seeds + shallot and garlic sets into the ground, plus some weeding in a desperate attempt to convince myself there's still time to get root veg in.

Tiny adventures. Inveigled A to drive me down the road to visit my godmother + family today, and spent a thoroughly lovely if slightly exhausting afternoon there. Am now in the process of introducing godmother's children to my small cousins, because they will all get on EXCELLENTLY, and I'm mildly embarrassed I hadn't thought of it sooner. We stayed much longer than I'd expected & I v much enjoyed myself.
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2019-04-05 03:47 pm

the big lies

Not-really-a-linkspam: How Autistics and Neurotypicals Experience Emotions Differently. I have a whole bunch of quibbles & criticisms, but I'm interested in the framework, the concept of experiencing "justice" and "mercy" and "work" as emotions -- for example (emphasis as in the original):
I have a close friend [...] She will show me something she has been working on, and my immediate response will be to correct the language which might not be as accurate or as thoughtful as it could be. I do this before telling her how proud I am for the Work she’s doing, before I tell her it’s well-written, and before I affirm for her that she is a good person doing a good thing. She does the same for me.

The reason is because if someone complimented me on Work I was doing, then I would feel they were implying that I was Laboring in the interest of self-promotion or validation-seeking. These aren’t spoken values, but something we feel innately. This is how I Labor with other autistics. We correct each other. We offer what expertise and insight we can to sharpen the other’s Work, to add volume and clarity to the other’s Love song.

I don't think the things the author talks about as Weird Neurotypical Habits -- gifts, cards, talking about the weather, asking "how are you?" -- are in any sense universally solely Weird Neurotypical Habits even though they don't work for her. "We don’t really congratulate each other, because that would be an invalidation of the Purpose." -- um, excuse me, no. (There's probably something here about autism and trauma, as previously discussed: it's taken me a while to learn that it's useful for me to note and recognise and praise effort, as well as outcomes and product, but it taking me a while to notice that, it not coming naturally to me, doesn't mean it's pointless or invalidating.)

But it still feels like there is Something In There, even if I've not managed to articulate it yet, so apparently that's what I'll be chewing over this afternoon.
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2019-04-04 10:56 pm


  • apparently nobody had ever explained to A how to navigate the garlic bureaucracy. he was startled and dismayed when I looked at him mildly baffled the other evening and pointed out that if you squish-and-twist the cloves a little with your fingers before Dealing With The Paperwork it goes more easily. I... am not entirely sure how he'd been dating me for four and a half years (more or less) before discovering this.
  • HE FOUND MY DRESS SHIRT. He! was putting together kit for a LARP this weekend! And rummaging through a wardrobe I had already been through at least three times increasingly frantically! and found a wing-tip pleated-front dress shirt, and was surprised and dismayed that it no longer fitted him really, but hey it worked tolerably well with a cravat for the purpose he had in mind! it was not until he was taking it back off... and putting it back into the wardrobe... that he started going "... hold... on... a second..." so NOW I HAVE MY DRESS SHIRT AGAIN. (This is particularly exciting to me because it FITS, and I had thought it lost forever but had not quite got together the cope to buy a new one, for which I am at this point very grateful.)
  • Ein Teufel sitzt darauf, Mama always used to say of this manner of thing: there's a devil sitting on it (to hide it, to spread misery and strife, as of the M25, thank you Crowley). Ergo I should probably offer a small prayer to St Anthony.
  • A small blessing also upon the gods of cut-price supermarket cheese, for the Cornish yarg wrapped in wild garlic.
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2019-04-03 10:28 am

oh no oh help

Tektite and rough diamond shiny: The Roads We Choose
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2019-03-31 03:28 pm
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vital functions

Reading. An American Marriage, Tayari Jones. This was recommended on the 46 books by Women of Color to read in 2018 list, and was available via my library in ebook. I... did not get on with it terribly well. Read more... ) On the upside I have now nearly finished The Audacity Of Hope, for realsies this time, at which point next up is Tommy Caldwell's The Push (on loan from the library in hard copy), and then I'll either manage some Shaun Tan or I'll end up with the next batch of ebooks showing up from the library.

Growth. [personal profile] ewt very kindly risked life and limb helping me get the greenhouse skeleton rearticulated on Monday; A Who Is A Hero basically put up the ridge pole & rafters on Wednesday evening while I flapped around uselessly on the floor.

(Bin continues happy. Chillis are doing great until I move them from the warm box to a bigger container outside the warm box... at which point two of them promptly keeled over, so I'm going to let the three that are still in the warm box get a little more robust before I upset them.)

Comfrey went into the ground on Friday afternoon, along with some more wrangling of the set-up for the greenhouse. Heading back over there shortly to get the base a bit more square and level and supported; I am currently dithering over whether I reaaaaaally want to faff about with the soil compactor even though I Know I Should.

Film/TV. Leverage S5 started! A... had a cold and insufficient brain for Orphan Black, so we're going to finish this one up first.

I have some more recs from [personal profile] rydra_wong for People Doing A Climb.

Living space. Bookshelves largely rearranged: we now have a Book Corner and I am Pleased about it! The shelf that's moved into the study needs Attaching To The Wall using the convenient IKEA Wall Attachment Thingies, because it's otherwise leaning alarmingly, but it's in the study and we've moved the wheelchairs and the airing rack and all-in-all the living room feels much more open and it's lovely. (Still to maybe do: shuffle the TV sideways a little on its racks.)

I've been doing lots of little bits and pieces; A has been engaging in Yet More Actual Heroism, including "drilling holes in the wall to route the new master socket appropriately and also fix the router to a different but adjacent bit of wall", "working out what's necessary to install a shaver socket in the bathroom", "using a rotary saw rescued from my grandfather's cellar to tear up the piece of worksurface that had been glued upside-down to the concrete underneath the old dishwasher so that the new dishwasher can FINALLY HAVE ITS HAT PUT ON", and "providing a bunch of moral support with getting the power chair to a state where it can actually get bloody put on bloody eBay and hopefully get out of the house."

So many things, friends. So many.
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2019-03-30 10:10 pm
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pondering food waste

I mentioned the other week that my worst failure mode with respect to food waste is doing a big batch cook and then completely failing to have the executive function to put it in the fridge or freezer. I have also been thinking a lot about the One Third Of Food Is Wasted factoid, guiltily, every time I bin some food. Which isn't actually a healthy approach to take (especially as, on extremely cursory further reading, that's one third of food is lost or wasted, of which ~40% of losses happen at the retail and consumer levels).

So, okay, sitting down to write this post has already been useful in that it's calmed me the fuck down about how much consumer-level food waste even happens, but nevertheless I'm gonna talk a bit more about Things I Do At Home.

Read more... )
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2019-03-29 10:44 pm

the days grow longer & the light stays later

which in turn means I am less and less likely to make it home from the allotment in reasonable time for dinner, but it's so soothing to have a series of well-defined jobs that make a visible difference to the world, and that slot neatly into its rhythms.

the Ribes and the cherry are in riotous bud; the jostaberry has gone so far as to develop flowers. the comfrey is now in the ground. dandelions always need uprooting.

it all feels manageable. it makes for a nice break, at the moment.
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2019-03-28 11:05 pm

there are a lot of reasons to be very tired so let's have some good things

  • Movement. Read more... )
  • I got a phone call from a Dublin number while I was at the gym. ???, I thought. And lo, it was the passport office, wanting to confirm my card details so they could take a payment. (This does not mean I'm getting the passport any time soon; it just means they're processing it, which means that in the next phone call we'll get to discuss a. my name and b. my godmother's phone number, I expect.)
  • A's lavender -- that we got for 50p from a stall by the side of the road on our trip to the south coast to pick up [personal profile] chiasmata's wheelchair, and which has spent the winter resolutely grey and miserable and dormant -- is sprouting with enthusiasm from its base, and getting visibly larger day by day. (This is going to be one of the plants that lives on the back porch at home, at least until it gets big enough to layer, at which point I might move a baby plant over to the allotment for the sake of pollinators.)
  • w8rose had more reduced thyme! so I have another bucket of thyme that I HOPEFULLY won't kill off instantly, which gets to go live... on the porch. (Also there were reduced tiny carrots and cavolo nero, so dinner tonight was sausage + mash + veg, and reduced yarg, so belated lunch was cheese + ajvar + Ryvita + cucumber.)
  • I have allllllmost finished moving the furniture around. (It's not perfect but then it wouldn't be with the constraints we're working with; it is nonetheless an improvement, I think, and I'm appreciating having A Book Corner.)
  • On Monday I collected some rhubarb from the allotment; we have spent the week consuming pear-and-apple-and-rhubarb crumble.
  • Bread bread bread. A continues to set the oven to be hot when we actually wake up, which is making fresh sourdough for breakfast a much less time-consuming and sleep-disrupting process, hurrah. (Still working on the timings of feeding the tiny god for optimum rise. Unfortunately, this means lots of experimental bread. It Is A Trial, etc.)
  • I have more-or-less decided where I want to stick the comfrey on the plot. At least one of them can go under the cherry tree, and I will probably attempt to distribute the other two in the Awkward Corner.
  • [personal profile] rydra_wong has pointed me at some footage of Beth Rodden being amazing, and I have the firm intention of curling up with it tomorrow afternoon in the post-meeting adrenaline crash (if I don't just disappear off to roll around in the mud, which is also a possibility).
  • A is great and has spent the evening wrangling soldering irons and heatshrink in service of streamlining my life; we have sorted a batch of towels for disposal; more bits have been put on freecycle/freegle; I have Progressed Some Of The Mending (by which I mean "I have taken the memory-foam travel pillow out of its wrapper in order to facilitate sewing repairs to the disintegrating wrapper, also lol whoops the pillow... has a massive tear? never mind", but this is a significant executive function step); make house a home, etc etc etc.
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2019-03-27 08:47 pm


  • a bag of rice... exploded... in the car... on the way back from Belfast, and I hadn't had the cope to do anything about it until yesterday; it is now mostly in a plastic tub for me to (eventually) dry seeds with, give or take the bits that'll require removing a seat to get at properly. In the process, I found half a belemnite; I'm absolutely certain I didn't put it there, so apparently my habit of finding interesting rocks in unexpected places continues. (First prize is still going to the chunk of iron meteorite the age of the solar system.)
  • [personal profile] ewt and [personal profile] me_and are the both of them superstars; ewt risked life and limb to articulate the main mass of the greenhouse skeleton on Monday afternoon, and this evening after dinner A took me over to the allotment and flailed around up a stepladder in the dark to put up the roof. I now just (just!) need to finalise its footing, clean the glazing, and actually glaze it (probably via roping A back in, bless him). I keep having warm fizzy feelings about it starting to look like A Proper Grown-Up Plot.
  • My gym has been failing spectacularly at actual reasonable standards of accessibility for Some Time Now (it's possible to get in, with no reliance on a stairlift, because they bought a ramp with very little prompting when I initially e-mailed them, so it's doing better than the other gym in central Enfield -- but the accessible changing room doesn't have a working shower or toilet or, as of a few weeks ago, a door, and also half the lights are gone) and I finally sent them a Chirpy E-Mail Asking What I Could Do To Help... and have been apologetically informed that they'll freeze taking payments from me until the issues are sorted. Which on the one hand is likely to be a little while yet, and on the other is Financially Useful.
  • Not least in that I now feel justified in Actually Spending Money on The Raven Tower, which I had not yet got my act together to do, though I will probably delay it 'til after I've worked through the... kind of ridiculous... backlog of books I've got on loan (or hold) from the library.
  • I spent 15 minutes doing some work I'd been putting off for a fortnight, related to the PhD, and it all works, aaaaaaaaaaah, I have a first-order explanation for what's going on. Ish. So THAT'S exciting.
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2019-03-24 05:50 pm
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vital functions

Reading. The Audacity of Hope disappeared back off to the library, whoops, but I got through the chapter on Praising The USA's Economic Model In A Fashion Designed To Have Broad Appeal and then started getting on with it better, surprise. I have placed another hold, I will get it back at some point soon-ish, and in the meantime I have been reading An American Marriage, Tayari Jones, one of the books that I was startled by the arrival of last week. Thus far I am quite ???heterosexual men??? about a principal character, but we shall see how it goes. (On my list for this week coming: picking up The Push from the library, where a paperback is waiting for me.)

Film/TV. FINISHED LEVERAGE S4. A has been Much Too Sleepy for managing Orphan Black, alas, but maybe this week? Maybe at some point this week we will start S4.

Food. Read more... )

Growth. Two! Passion fruit! Now planted out into intermediate-sized pots! Also two chilli, and maybe a third will go out tonight. Peas went into the ground and are getting taller (!) and growing more leaves (!). No significant progress at the plot; I tried contacting the local tools-for-hire folk to establish whether the soil compactor they had on offer ran off petrol or mains and haven't had a response, so I need to Come To A Decision about whether I'm phoning them, dropping by in person, getting A to phone them, or giving up and going for one of the larger and less local & indie places. Oh, right, and the other thing I did was rotate the compost bin so that it was... facing... down-slope... and the liquid could drain out of the base... and it has promptly heated right up hurrah hurrah.

I should be starting to plant the broad beans and the salads and if I want the peppers to ever happen I should definitely get them started (along with some more tomatoes to go with the tomatoes already -- hopefully -- germinating in the bathroom). Oooh, and the red onion and the leek and the carrot, apparently.

Much of which remains slightly blocked on me getting my act together to actually get the greenhouse up and then sort out the raised beds, of course, but. Plans are afoot; the plot (aha) thickens; etc.

(Today I got distracted by a garden centre and acquired some more pot saucers so as to reduce the amount of soil getting washed onto the decking. I am looking forward to installing them once home.)

Living space. Additional bookshelves sorted out for A's bookcase! Most of his books moved over! On our way down to Wessex for the weekend (more anon) we dropped A Bunch of stuff off at charity shops and tips various, i.e. there is now (hopefully) space for me to finish wrangling bookcases! We have... a long list of More DIY To Be Getting On With. Let's see how evenings this week go, eh.

Tiny adventures. Wildlife Photographer of the Year! Also A had a family thing on this weekend and I ended up accompanying him, so I have now met A Bunch more of his family, mostly been polite if slightly stunned, and now we're in Oxford briefly on our way (ish) home.