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Reading. We popped into the Irish Museum of Modern Art today (see below), and due to having slightly longer than we'd expected poked at the gift shop, where there was a Shaun Tan I hadn't got -- Cicada -- so I read it on the spot, and A bought it for me, because he likes indulging me. I've also still been working, somewhat slowly, on Dreams From My Father, which I continue to find engaging; it's just that a lot of my words-brain this week has been sucked up by benefits bullshit and paper-wrangling, so reading-for-pleasure has been hard. (Possibly I should start to note the academic papers I've read enough to meaningfully cite them in this section, but keeping track sounds like Work.)

Film. I did not, alas, manage to drag myself out of the house to see I'm Not Running when it was shown live in cinemas; A was on late shift, and it's almost as if I'm disabled, or something.

Tiny adventures. Today we headed south to Dublin for the afternoon, dropping off the friend of A's who'd been visiting and squeezing in seeing a friend I'd utterly failed to speak to in several years (we're both... really bad at e-mail). While we were waiting for him to get out of work and then back up from said work (he's a church organist; at the moment he's actually carting a digital piano around while an organ gets refurbed...) we said hello to the hungry tree, then headed to the IMMA for lunch and slightly longer than we'd anticipated looking around the galleries (my friend, surprise, ended up running late). The buildings (esp. the sundial) were glorious -- it's a repurposed hospital -- and while alas we didn't feel up to braving the rain enough to explore the formal gardens and the sculpture in the (extensive) grounds I ended up really into Wolfgang Tillman's Rebuilding the Future, which we skimmed rather. And then we stopped off at the Chester Beatty Library tearooms in order to meet up with my friend (while, it turned out, his SPOUSE wtf and his sibling went on A Tour Of The Adjacent Castle); we didn't look around the collections because we were catching up (& lovely it was to do so too) but the architecture and surrounding gardens were amazing -- there was a fantastic view of the castle -- and I'm wisting over the possibility of going back, though that probably won't be this trip.
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