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Reading. Happiness, Aminatta Forna, finished earlier today. I... really did not get on with it: the prose style involved lots of half-disconnected sentences strung together with commas in a way that I found very heavy going; I utterly failed to suspend my disbelief about both the description of an academic conference and the ecologist who thinks that, compared to coyotes, dogs are Evolutionary Toddlers; I was underwhelmed by the two dead women providing character development for a dude (this is a slightly crude summary but also I'm not wrong); and I struggled with the idea of "resilience" being presented as a Revolutionary New Concept In Psychology in... 2014. It's not that I disagree with the partially-underlying idea that the suffering and damage "caused" by a traumatic incident actually have a lot to do with community responses to the individual survivor; I just... am really not the right audience to have this presented as revelatory. The mildly baffling thing (to me, at least) is that Forna does, actually, have a bunch of up-close-and-personal experience with trauma, and has clearly spent some time thinking about it, and this is a highly-praised result of all of that that just... really didn't work for me, in terms of either style or content. I'd be interested to know if any of you think I should nonetheless try her other work.

Next up: Dreams From My Father, Barack Obama, because I enjoyed Becoming a lot and therefore Right Fine Okay Let's Get Around To These (i.e. I speculatively put a hold on the ebooks from my library, and they... showed up faster than I expected, so now I get to inhale them whoops.

TV. We finished Orphan Black S3; A reappeared shortly thereafter in the living room holding out S4 to me. I gently pointed out that there were only 20 episodes left; we are therefore getting started with Leverage S4, which began with Elliot being wrapped up in snow gear and we think makes even less sense and involves even more incompetence.

Food. Visited Jumon, which I'd wandered past the other week; it reckons it's fusion-y pan-Asian vegetarian food. The laksa was not what I expected it to be but was nonetheless very nice; the chips-with-kimchi were Somewhat Baffling but also I ate most of them; and there was a fried cauliflower starter that was Great. Lots of leftovers, which A & I have eaten for some weird lunch-dinner hybrid today, hurrah hurrah, and probably we Will Go Back (he was working late on Friday so didn't join us). ALSO: The Collective Dairy's passionfruit yoghurt = my new fave, as mentioned.

Trips. We stopped off at Belfast zoo on our way to drop off [personal profile] cesy and [personal profile] alexwlchan at the airport! We got snowed on while watching the penguins be fed. (I hadn't previously realised that Rockhoppers and Fiordland penguins also have yellow eyebrows; I thought it was just Macaronis but nooooooooope.) My other favourite New To Me Aminal: the Gidgee Skink, which is a sort of slightly flattened spiky sausage that droops itself inelegantly over surfaces and cannot move itself to movement even when crickets are literally walking all over it. They're great and I love them, almost as much as I loved the tiny tortoise that was very determinedly failing to eat a pear. Also feat.: small goats (that were efficiently stripping needles off all the local seasonally-recycled-pine-trees), Tamsworth pigs (v eager to be scritched by fingers, which are better than walls, in that they are flexible and repositionable and have pointy bits), miniature donkeys, a BARN OWL that was an OWL and therefore a LIE, some Norfolk Grey chickens.
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