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As previously discussed, I strongly suspected that the antidepressant mirtazapine was the reason I'd suddenly started getting recurring (i.e. at least once a month) BV and thrush. Having now been off the mirtazapine for around six months I am delighted to report that both of these things have stopped being an issue. I am so much more comfortable and also doing so much less laundry.

Having started using anti-fungal shampoo in December thanks to [personal profile] me_and accompanying me to make sure I actually raised the topic only ten months after I came to the relevant realisation, my scalp and hair are much happier. For a while in there I was using a combination of Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 (this is a touchy subject for me for non-obvious reasons, please be gentle) and Neutrogena T-gel; they helped but didn't actually make the problem go away. My GP wrote me out a scrip for Dandrazol, a shampoo that is 2% the antifungal ketoconazole; on dropping down to Nizarol 1% while in Cornwall due to incompetence, symptoms got noticeably worse again, so... yeah. That's that issue addressed. Discussing explicitly because several of you expressed an interest, and also trying to deal with aforementioned Ongoing Shame...

Also discussed in that GP appointment A accompanied me to were Mystery Menstrual Symptoms; over the preceding three months I'd been bleeding more days than not, usually spotting but sometimes something that definitely qualified as "light flow", and while the problem is/was probably endometriosis this was still atypical for me so I thought I ought to raise the topic, especially in light of another friend's recent experiences with atypical bleeding (hiiiiiiii). Right, said my GP, let's ship you off for that follow-up ultrasound then, probably nothing'll show up but peace of mind, etc.

The ultrasound happened last week. The ultrasound tech went "hmmmmm" a lot, asked me what day of my cycle I was on and whether I was prone to forming cysts, and then said she'd be writing to my GP to tell him she wanted me to come back in between days 5-10 of my cycle for a follow-up, because she wanted to see how many of the cysts resolved and as it was day 23 of my cycle she couldn't be sure that the things she was seeing in my uterus were lesions rather than endometrium preparing to slough as normal.

I had not yet made the follow-up appointment with my GP because results are reckoned to take up to a fortnight to get to said GP, atypical bleeding resolved shortly after the appointment, and Executive Dysfunction because Nothing That Important Surely.

And then this morning I got woken up (again, but that's another story) by my GP practice phoning to say, your GP would like you to come in for an appointment to discuss your test results, can you do the morning of the first of February.

Whiiiiiiiiiich is mildly concerning, so at around 4:30 I finally got around to calling them back and going "so can I have a phone appointment any sooner" and the answer was "sure how's the 24th" -- so I will be getting another ultrasound referral on Tuesday, I hope, which means that I should just be able to schedule the appointment for this cycle's days-five-to-ten rather than having to wait another five weeks.

It is very probably just endometriosis lol + being shortly-pre-period, but given quite how major an undertaking a radical hysterectomy on me will be, as and when it happens, I would quite like to know What Is Going On. I think uncertainty + "GP thought this was worth getting receptionists to phone to nag me about" is more of a concern for me than, like, actual Possible Bad Health Outcomes (all else aside I didn't get shoved in emphatically on one of the days he runs the triage clinics!), but I had still rather know. >:(

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Date: 2017-01-27 01:15 pm (UTC)
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Yay for a couple of positive developments and fingers crossed all went well* with the GP appointment.

* For workable values of well.


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