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Date: 2014-08-25 01:50 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kaberett
Thing the zeroth: thank you for engaging; I am well aware that my notes are strident and that they're getting wide circulation, and I can't imagine writing your comment was easy or pleasant to do. I very much appreciate that you did anyway. I'm sorry that I didn't get the entirety of your statement written down: the explanation is approximately that I was trying to catch up and my RSI was flaring pretty badly 4000 words in. If you'd like for me to edit the post to better reflect what you actually said I am absolutely willing to.

To clarify a point up-front: I'm white & perceived as a lady (I am genderqueer). By this point in the con I was getting majorly annoyed with the extent to which white people were asking 101 or outright derailing & racist questions of PoC panellists - not helped along by the first question at pretty much the first panel I went to being "I'm a straight white man; as the prototypical reader, how do [you brown ladies] want me to engage with your work?" I was seriously frustrated (and still am) that the majority of PoC panellists I know or have talked with or have read about experienced at least one incident of outright racist aggression, never mind microaggressions.

And, moving on to the topic of Wales, to clarify a second point up-front: I was born in the UK, English is my second language, and my stupid nationalism about which nobody cares is with respect to Cornwall and Sudtirol (which is these days an autonomous province).

I think my friend [livejournal.com profile] miriammoules (lives in Wales, learning Welsh, married to a Welshman who is a native Welsh speaker) does a really excellent job of discussing the issues that do arise in this post, with respect to when it's okay to talk about anti-Welsh sentiments.

I absolutely and uneqivocally support the use and teaching of Welsh. I absolutely and unequivocally support self-determination, including autonomy and independence, for Wales. It's just that I also feel very strongly that in the context not only of the panel (where it was made clear that centering discourse around US and European nations was something the panel were actively trying to avoid) but of the con as a whole (see earlier -- horrifyingly racist), bringing up the complicated issue of Wales (in a setting where it was due to time constraints not going to be possible to do the issue justice) constituted a microaggression. And that is where I see the problem.
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