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Shut The Fuck Up, Marvel:
"Shut The Fuck Up, Marvel" is a nearly 30k long essay, a spiritual sequel to The Problems With Comics, a deep dive into the true issues with Marvel's economics and business - and how an obsession with short term profit, the constant renumbering and relaunches and events, all compounded by a complete inability to understand basic marketing techniques or outside audiences, has absolutely destroyed the sales stability of many of their former best selling books, all as they condescend to those who criticize them on their stories, or on how they try to sell comics.

Marvel's Secret Empire kicks off by doubling down on Captain America's Nazi past.
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... it being the UK release of Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Exhibit A: Nazi Captain America holding Thor's hammer, with an associated discussion of symbology, senior Marvel staff donations to the 45th US President's campaign, etc

Exhibit B: Marvel asking comic stores to change their logos to Hydra symbols and staff to wear Hydra t-shirts.

Like. Especially maybe don't give them opening-weekend money for this shit, please?
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Strong Female Protagonist, which I've recced before and will rec again, is a webcomic that has consistently thought hard about definition, regulation and registration of super-powered humans, and about morality and ethics and how to make good choices. It doesn't have answers; it does have compassion. I like it a lot.

(... this is not exactly a CA:CW hate blog, but I do think it's sort of tragic that a freak meteorite destroyed the Marvel studios after GotG was released, so they never got a chance to fulfill the potential of the storylines they'd set up up to that point. But hey, your blue-eyed boys is canon.)

eta I take it back, this is a Civil War hate blog, I had not at that point seen this (trigger warning, I seriously cannot work out how to words things beyond that in ways that aren't ~~a spoiler~~, but please do note that I distinguish between "content note" for "bad things happen" and "trigger warning" for "this is handled abhorrently")


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