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[healthwork] Mystery menstrual symptoms update

[Content notes: see title; minor surgery]

Just had a phone appointment with my GP to discuss the outcome of the ultrasound I had a few weeks back, investigating ongoing unusual-for-me spotting and unusual-smelling vaginal discharge; my GP started out by asking me what the sonographer had told me, so I rattled off lesion in uterus is probably a polyp-looked like I'd recently had a lot of cysts burst on my right ovary, which would explain why I was so unhappy the Saturday afternoon beore-thanks for ACTUALLY coming in between days 5 and 10.

So, yep, probably a uterine polyp, to which the standard approach is hysteroscopy: electroablation via a wand inserted through the cervix, with a recommended one-week rest period after the fact. I'll get a phone call in 2-3 weeks to arrange an appointment; I've e-mailed my supervisor to give her an early heads-up, asked if there's any time she'd particularly like me to aim for given other constraints, and floated the possibility of taking another month's interruption with the aim of spending most of it writing. My GP will in the referral be requesting a gynaecologist with a specialist in endometriosis (who was recommended by my Cambridge gynae); I'll be requesting her too come the phone call. I am pleasantly relaxed about the prospect, and plotting ways to further my various agenda.

Thanks as ever to [personal profile] silveradept and [personal profile] azurelunatic, who know what they did. <3
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Bleh. I'm glad you're relaxed about it.

...your tags crack me up.
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*googles "uterine polyp"*

well that sounds...fun... :(
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Glad to have been helpful, even if the circumstances by which we are being helpful are not those I would wish on anyone.
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♥ Good healthwork!
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'Meh!' seems appropriate for the circumstances arising.

Usual extended bendy range of stuff crossed for trouble-free de-polyping whenever it happens.
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Yes thank you for etc.