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Hello! You are a person! You are probably lovely! I like people!

This journal ends up being a bit of a mix of Srs Business (rants; things I've learned from counselling; &c), fannish & scientific joy, linkspams, poetry, & misc life updates. I tag fairly compulsively, though not always helpfully; I use content notes; I have written up a cast of characters; I aim to maintain this as a safer space, and appreciate (but do not expect!) call-outs when I mess up.

I like it if you introduce yourself when you subscribe, but it's definitely not required. Probably 30% of this journal is access-locked; I give access very readily. Fanworks are always public; AO3 is the canonical place to find my list of works. I'm very happy for you to link to anything that's public, and I'll be even happier if you let me know you're doing it. :-)


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... that was definitely a nonsensical Western about dinosaurs, with a lovingly rendered backdrop of thoroughly referenced completely incorrect geology

I object strenuously to the fact that it made me cry that much in spite of the baffling artistic licence taken with evolution and wish to lodge a complaint

Nipples don't exist! But that's okay because the C4 photosynthetic pathway does, paving the way for remarkably resilient leaf loincloths

This concludes your complementary review of The Good Dinosaur, now showing in cinemas near you!
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where I will abruptly realise that one of the men I love simply does not know something that so thoroughly permeates my experiences of the world that I barely even think to mention it.

Content notes for misogyny and gender policing and violence and all that good stuff.

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yep, these are a good idea.

The only thing I'm intending to tweak is actually doing it as a tart with standard pastry next time, because I like my standard pastry. I'll probably need to up the frangipane by 50% in order to have it fit my quiche dish, but that's fine.
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1. Tumblr, as you may be aware, makes the convincing and thorough case for black Hermione Granger. Jewish Hermione headcanon just crossed my dash. Consequently I have abruptly acquired the unshakeable conviction that Hermione is an Ethiopian Jew.

2. On a related note, since people are apparently occasionally surprised by this, I reiterate that my main tumblr is 100% a space for stuff that will make me smile (or cry in good ways) when I look back through it. That is the entire purpose. If small iridescent blue squid are your jam, and you don't object to occasional botany and frequent mineralogy spam, there's a thing. (I have been looking back at my tumblr archive a fair amount over the past week.)

3. Passing cissexism with a happy ending: Read more... )

4. I accidentally two kilos of parsnips for eighteen p sorry [personal profile] me_and your fridge is full of parsnips

5. I wrote in to Clue with a bug report and a PS of gratitude for the fact that the innards of the app are incredibly consistently gender-neutral and competent, because genderqueer + endometriosis, and got back a message saying "thanks for the bug report, I'm punting it to dev, I'M GENDERQUEER TOO :D :D :D :D and are there any features that would help you with endometriosis management? we're thinking about what else we can implement!" So that was a lovely experience of customer service, too.

6. I rewatched Captain America: The First Avenger this evening, and I picked up some more bits I could tell I'd missed from ybeb, and it is nice to have that a bit more solid (also wow I'd... really not have got on with these films terribly well if I hadn't had ybeb as a lens).

7. I have mostly learned the words for the gig I'm performing next week.

8. Finger splints and increased NSAID really do seem to be bringing my background pain down some.

9. Duolingo is still hitting easy-measurable-success buttons (I'm currently using it to drill gender of German nouns, and the forms of the second person I'm crap at because heritage speaker), and is leading to me learning all sorts of weird North German words. It is a fascinating cultural experience.

10. I am managing a degree of self-awareness and coping-strategy-application, and this is in fact a good thing much as I would prefer to have enough grip in the first place to not need it.
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An Elementary (Sherlock-focussed, probably) fanvid to Frank Turner's Get Better.

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Nov. 10th, 2015 12:30 am
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If you're interested in some fairly accessible accounts of the kind of work I do, I strongly recommend Geochemical Perspectives as a series - I'm currently reading my way through White's (2015; Probing The Earth's Deep Interior Through Geochemistry) and have grabbed a couple of the others (Arndt on continental crust formation; Moreira on noble gases in the mantle). The White is written colloquially, clearly and accessibly, assuming very little background: it's very readable, and is an excellent introduction to my PhD's topic area.

I've not looked into it at all but I'm amused by a leaflet I received with one of my charitable wossnames advertising Book Aid International as a reverse book club: you buy three books and you never receive them because they get donated to people who would otherwise struggle to afford them (e.g. medical textbooks and the like).
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Pull requests made: 13 16 18 (with a few more probably to come)

Attendees: twelve I think (in addition to general hanging out in IRC)

Other bug progress: [personal profile] hunningham and [personal profile] pseudomonas did loads of work on big projects, [personal profile] shortcipher has done a lot of testing, [personal profile] cesy has made serious headway on an automated test suite, and [personal profile] me_and has written a feature spec

Longest telecommutes: [personal profile] swaldman had this one cornered (at ~725 miles) until the Australian contingent rocked up (thereby neatly overtaking the San Franciscans and Seattlites); video calls worked, eventually.

Wiki pages edited: SEVERAL.

Issues filed: five (#1604, #1608, #1609, #1612, #1613)

Naps taken: three

Wheelchair tyres changed: two

Slightly suspect soldering jobs: one

Food made: white bean dip & smitten kitchen's chickpea thing, macaroni cheese, sweet potato chilli, couscous, rice, parsley-tomato-cucumber-preserved lemon-pomegranate salad, apple-honey cake, gingerbread-apple upside-down cake (recipe via smitten kitchen; nb you can substitute yoghurt + a little water for the buttermilk), Apfelstrudel (family recipe I should probably write up), lemon meringue pie (with more reasonable meringue)

State of the kitchen: astonishingly non-wrecked.

Next (in-person) event: Saturday 20th February & surrounding, probably. Watch this space for details! (With an option on having me do something virtual or less over-catered sooner if folk are in favour.)

Thank you all so, so much. <3
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Thing that are not terrible and also do not begin with P:

1. My baby brother phoned me this evening to vent about SPSS and request tech support as an excuse for catching up with me and it was lovely.

2. I heard someone asking a member of cleaning staff how to get to Leicester Square. There was perplexity and some problem with accents. I provided assistance in the form of detailed instructions, then checked the Earl's Court Thought for the Day on my way out, and it was about unexpected kindness, and I briefly felt less like shit.

3. I'm really enjoying seeing all the Canadians I know on tumblr being dazed and tentatively hopeful about politics. There are multiple aboriginal/Native ministers. The cabinet is 50% women, because it's 2015. The Minister for Science is a scientist who's served on the IPCC. 50% female cabinet appointments lead to 5000% increase in guys who suddenly care about merit in cabinet.

4. My local bike shop has got in a replacement pump head and a new set of tyres for me, and I have in all the necessary parts to peer suspiciously over [personal profile] me_and's shoulder while he applies a theoretically-straightforward fix to my power brick, whereupon taken altogether my big chair will work properly again and it will be a great relief.

5. Hot chocolate. Utterly ridiculous hot chocolate with mixed spice and condensed milk and plum brandy.

6. After having an enormous grump late last week and early this about my literature review (and massive thanks to each & every one of you who provided pep talks) I'm now feeling rather more confident about my framing and approach and am kind of enjoying working on it? Obvious sources of stress are obvious, but. Enjoying working on it. That's definitely a thing.

7. your blue-eyed boys. my e-reader.

8. I have acquired all the necessary ingredients for planned baking (bar buttermilk, which I am happy to work my way around not having). Ergo tomorrow all I have to do is Cook All The Things. (Planned: macaroni cheese, Apfelstrudel, two varieties of apple cake, as much stewed apple as I have jars for, a vat of chickpea thing, a vat of chilli, and the start of lemon meringue pie.) (Prep done tonight: loaf of bread started; fennel and garlic laid out for roasting.)

9. I picked up another bag of apples from my parents' this afternoon, and additionally liberated a jar of quince jelly made by my mother's own fair hand, an avocado, and the aforementioned fennel.

10. I'm not enjoying the shit my brain is throwing at me but I am at least recognising it as distortions, and employing coping mechanisms around it.
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I want this general idea of ring-holder (ring tray style of thing also acceptable) only smaller, in that I want to be storing max 18 rings.

Specifically, I am very much appreciating the ring splints [personal profile] ewt loaned me (per previous), I am going to be acquiring a full set of my own, and I want to have something I can put them in when I'm not wearing them such that order and orientation are preserved even if I e.g. put glasses down clumsily on bedside table. I also want something in a form factor I can easily stash in an overnight bag. I am failing at search terms and would be very grateful for input.

(I've considered tackle boxes and will get one if that's what it comes down to, but I'd slightly rather something that will - as I say - preserve orientation: which way up I want each ring to be on each joint follows no obvious pattern, and having to work it out from scratch via "it doesn't actually fit on my finger this way round" is non-optimal not least because that's a route that leads to... hyperextending joints.)

Food misc

Nov. 4th, 2015 06:57 pm
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Gentle murblings about plans for the next few days.

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Hello folk!

A reminder that I am running a Dreamwidth contributor weekend this Saturday.

If you need my address and I haven't sent it you by tomorrow, please comment here or PM me and I'll send it + instructions on finding the place.

If you'd like to attend remotely, find us on IRC or add me on Skype (ekabrett): I'm intending to have a spare machine running a video Skype call to interested folk from the corner of one of the rooms from about 10.30am on the Saturday (i.e. if you're attending in person and would rather not participate in the Skype call this will be avoidable).

More logistics! )

I am currently slightly discombobulated, so may well have missed things; please do ask questions if you have any!
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1. I have decided that I probably am sufficiently into the concept of Omnifocus (as mentioned some months ago by [personal profile] recessional) to want something Apple-ecosystem and portable to run it on. I also want it to not be new because I am absolutely vile to tech, sooooo do any of you (preferably of the semi-local variety) have old iDevices you're looking to sell? More toward the "small tablet" than the "smartphone" end ideally, I suspect.

2. In medical/internalised ableism news: Read more... )

3. To continue the assistive tech theme, I continue to amuse myself by referring to the SIMless smartphone I use for health-tracking and meds reminders and the like as my Auxiliary Internet Device. AID or AIDe, gettit.

4. Tiny crochet dinosaurs. Plush toys of children's drawings, by Ikea.

5. Food. Things I am vaguely intending to make over the course of the weekend, an aide memoir: sea-spicy aubergines (use the pepper, self) and egg fried rice. Lemon meringue pie, maybe. Bean chilli (pick up the sweet potatoes, & while you're at it repack your washbag). I am still stuck on what to do with the half-cabbage other than cabbage soup (suggestions welcome) but in the process of seeking inspiration I came across smitten kitchen's hazelnut brown butter cake and feel a BAKING coming on (not least because I have abruptly realised that rather than browning just the butter for the salted caramel I could brown all the butter ever when making brownies. Hmmmmmm.) [hello future self P wants you to try Norwegian porridge]
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1. I got home to a letter from the DWP informing me that I need to apply for PIP. This at least answers the question about whether I tell them that my hips have started dislocating on the regular.

2. I just did a round of upgrades on my laptop, and also installed Google Chrome for troubleshooting purposes, and I know it's probably the fault of the former not the latter but nonetheless "[FAILED] Failed to mount /boot/efi" is not a good error message and I have been travelling for six hours today so I am doing nothing more with it right now.


e: aaaaaand problem solved. (It was actually a two-parter -- to get as far as booting again I had to do dpkg --configure -a, following which there were desktop environment problems that were fixed by the above. Reinstalling lightdm and mate by themselves didn't do it.)
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meanwhile in sweden: succulents
spray-painted hallowe'en-themed succulents

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