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Hello! You are a person! You are probably lovely! I like people!

This journal ends up being a bit of a mix of Srs Business (rants; things I've learned from counselling; &c), fannish & scientific joy, linkspams, poetry, & misc life updates. I tag fairly compulsively, though not always helpfully; I use content notes; I have written up a cast of characters; I aim to maintain this as a safer space, and appreciate (but do not expect!) call-outs when I mess up.

I like it if you introduce yourself when you subscribe, but it's definitely not required. Probably 30% of this journal is access-locked; I give access very readily. Fanworks are always public; AO3 is the canonical place to find my list of works. I'm very happy for you to link to anything that's public, and I'll be even happier if you let me know you're doing it. :-)


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1. Rose lemonade. Read more... )

2. Pad thai. Read more... )

3. Orphan Black. It turns out that I am still very emotionally invested, okay: I have to keep pausing it to squeak. (I also paused it to stare, narrow-eyed, at the perplexing geology, and then to, um, take a screenshot. to keep staring at. later.)

4. Cyanocitta stelleri (Steller's Jay), and #dreamwidth, who identified the source of this image in particular for me. Excellent blue; ridiculous crest.

5. Aphelocoma californica (Western Scrub Jay). Also an excellent blue.

6. This hedgehog, which tumblr thought it was important for me to see.

7. A Brief History Of Tax Evasion In Britain (Or: Panama Is For Posers, Now Brick Up Your Windows).

8. Check, Please! fandom is giving me lots of people-adoring-each-other to roll around in, and is also giving me lots of really thorough and thoughtful incredibly iddy fic ([personal profile] staranise wrote a really detailed soulmates AU that I just want to smoosh my face on, okay?).

9. An amble round the charity shops in the sunshine this afternoon yielded a film and a gift, in addition to, you know, the part where I got sunshine.

10. I am having a possibly ridiculous number of Feelings about continuity-of-community and shit about this thing in passing, and I... really need to be asleep so I'm not even slightly going to go into the details in any depth now, but I've been having A Rough Week Or So on several related topics so this was A Good, alright.

ALRIGHT. Sleep. xx
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... I've announced the next contributor weekend, which is running on the 14th and 15th of May!

If you have requests for specific flavours of cake, now is a good time to make them :-)
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Anyone interested in doing Kew the Movies with me? I've booked tickets for myself and a friend for the Star Wars showing already, but I'm happy to have others join us and I am 100% up for seeing any of the other showings (Jurassic Park, Mean Girls, and Labyrinth). I am similarly up for potluck picnic dinners.

On the heartbreaking difficulty of getting rid of books:
After all, the romance of minimalism relies on invisible abundance. The elegantly empty apartment speaks not to genteel poverty, but to the kind of hoarded wealth that makes anything and everything replaceable and available at the click of a mouse. Things and the freedom from things, and then things again if you desire. If you miss a book after getting rid of it, Kondo consoles, you can always buy it again. Dispose and replace, repeat and repeat.

What should student doctors learn about sexual healthcare? This survey is being run by the University of Oxford:
We are redesigning courses for medical students to teach them what they need to know about sexual and genital health. If you have experience of going to the doctor for these issues, including asking about contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, screening, or any concerns about your genital or sexual health, we would like to hear from you.

I am spending a lot of time at the moment watching two eaglets grow up.
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I am currently having the problem with Duolingo French, you see, that it is trying to teach me the word for wallet, and the word it thinks means wallet is "le portefeuille". Which is all fine and good, as far as it goes, except that the French word I know meaning wallet is, er, "das Portemonnaie". Because German, you see, or at least my flavour of German, went through a phase (as did much of the rest of Europe) that can summarised, somewhat crudely, as You Know What's Really Sexy? French. French Is Really Sexy.

I have no idea whether Duolingo thinks le portemonnaie is an acceptable translation, and I suppose I will find out next time I find myself learning how to talk about clothes in French. (I am dubious. Duolingo persists in not believing in potatoes, you see, even if it has condescended to believe in priests.)

The University of Oxford Botanic Garden, meanwhile, have an attempt at Engaging Their Younger Visitors, as best I can tell, that consists of sticking a bunch of laminated Shakespeare quotes near plants mentioned in said quotes, which series is entitled Bill's Blooms.

I was delighted to realise that one of these was taken from Much Ado About Nothing (II.i):
The count is neither sad nor sick, nor merry nor well; but civil count, civil as an Orange, and something of that jealous complexion.

... except, to my slight consternation, it was attached to an example of Citrus madurensis, the Calamondin orange.

I perambulated the remainder of the Conservatory, which contained a goodly set of Citrus. (A fact of which I had not previously been aware: nobody knows what the fuck lemons are. Citrus medica x Citrus aurantifolia, suggest Oxford, with which Wikipedia does not agree.) Not represented, alas, was Citrus aurantium, the bitter - or Seville - orange. Well, fair enough, thinks I; if they have no Seville, it is reasonable that the quotation not be attached to a Seville.

... they do so have a bloody Seville -- it's just over in the Palm House.

I have sent them an e-mail thanking them profusely for my lovely afternoon, and inquiring as to whether they just... don't think that joke's as funny as I do, then.

(It's okay! I was actually more polite than that, I promise.)

"Excuse me," I said to the woman in the charity shop, bent to peer at the bookcase, "could I trouble you to reach me down a book from the top shelf...? Oh, thank you so much -- second from the left, Americanah..."

"Oh, good find," she said, "I'm trying desperately to quickly find something to read, that looks like the only good thing on that shelf. But--" and here she brandished some Orhan Pamuk at me.

... and having thus Bonded over Literature, we went our separate ways, which at least in my case involved being briefly deeply embarrassed about What It Is I Have Become, as a result of which I knocked a shoe onto my head; it thonked pleasingly as it bounced, somewhat sadly, to the floor.
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... the whole "updated Horsemen of the Apocalypse" wherein Pestilence is an Anti-Vaxx Mom thing, right, as distinct from being e.g. Andrew Wakefield or A Failure To Teach The Scientific Method or whatever is just... yet another iteration of The Sin Of Eve, isn't it?

I mean I was already bored of it, but the pattern "keep a woman ignorant, lie to her, then blame her" is sort of... notable, I feel.
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Turns out [personal profile] me_and has two Yotam Ottolenghi cookbooks (Plenty and Plenty More, for those of you who care), probably acquired as gifts at some point, to which he'd been sort of oblivious up until I pounced on them on Monday night while we were working out where my boxes of books should live temporarily.

(He proceeded to go to one of the Ottolenghi restaurants on Tuesday night and really liked it; we'd walked past a different branch on Sunday and I'd pointed it out, and there was one just down the road from a gig he was going to, so he decided to give it a go.)

Ergo I have established that Ottolenghi, unlike basically every other recipe I've found during this particular set of experimentation, agrees with me about actually boiling the dairy (see also). seriously nobody is as interested in this as I am )
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A couple of days ago I managed to mess up my morning routine sufficient that I didn't get as far as putting ring splints on 12.30ish, and oh but did my hands hurt.

I'm pretty sure that the hand therapist's attitude would be that I'm wearing them all the time, so of course my hands are getting weaker, so of course they hurt -- except: my hands are demonstrably getting stronger (I'm doing hand physio pretty much every day; I've just moved up to the third and last block of memory foam, which has the most resistance), and it's not the kind of pain that comes with muscle work or fatigue.

Which leaves me at: wow, did my hands just... hurt that much... all the time... and I thought it was normal...? And the conclusion: yeah, probably, that'd be why I started out wearing the splints experimentally and then just kept wearing them despite the fact that they chewed through wheelchair gloves, gave me a bunch of new callouses, did not (in the first instance) fit me terribly well, and were an all-round faff.

So! Yes! If you are bendy, and your hands routinely hurt, and you're sort of dubious about the point of ring splints: yes they're amazing, and please by all means do if we have even vaguely similarly-sized hands ask to try mine on if we're in the same place. Because, to reiterate: I can use chopsticks. I can use chopsticks more than once a week. I can type, and I can make pastry, and I can brush my hair, and my hands just hurt less. They're actually magic.
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[personal profile] jedusaur told me about it, of course, and [personal profile] staranise has just started writing fic about it, which in turn means that I've been flailing about headcanon.

Read more... )

I DON'T EVEN GO HERE, etc etc etc.
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Tulipa 'Gavota'
Circular bed of interplanted tulips and primroses. The primroses are Primula 'Stella Snow White' (white) and Primula 'Stella Lunar Gold' (yellow); the tulip is Tulipa 'Gavota', with tall pointed petals that are a very deep rich red on their body, with brilliant yellow edges.

+3 )

  1. Yesterday, after doing a lot of tedious and stressful administrivia, I dragged myself over to Kew on the grounds that it was sunny and I should take the opportunity while it existed. (Today has been drizzle interspersed with hail; I made the right choice to drag myself out there yesterday.) The various Prunus are doing excellently; the camellias are gorgeous, though I'm still working out which white double cultivar I'm after; the rhododendron are not quite there yet; and the tulips are magnificent.
  2. I am enjoying SL Huang's Russell's Attic series immensely. Huang is an MIT maths graduate; the eponymous Cas Russell is very, very good at maths, and uses this to work decidedly illegal job markets very competently. I'm not in a position to judge how good the mathematics is, but I will say that the villainous supervolcano lair subplot in book 2 only made me pull a face very briefly, and one of the principal characters is a wheelchair user who's done competently. They're fun; I'm tearing through them; if you have issues with mind or memory control, or gore, or violence, these are probably not for you, but perhaps go read Huang's short stories instead?
  3. This afternoon's foray into capitalism involved the acquisition of Mad Max: Fury Road and some ceramic baking beans that were substantially reduced. (This evening's plans involve "curling up in bed with hot chocolate and MM:FR".)
  4. Food! )
  5. Food! )
  6. Food! )
  7. My xkcd Garden contains a tortoise! And, bafflingly, two humans, and some things that are possibly pet rocks. A. informs me that his contains an octopus, and I am deeply envious; on the whole I am finding this comic strip a much more soothing implementation of the general idea of Mountain, and to be perfectly frank if anyone gets around to writing an Android app I will be all over that.
  8. It is seven twenty pee em and it is still properly light. I came back from a brief shopping trip at eight forty-five last night and the sky wasn't completely dark yet. You had better believe I am basking in this.
  9. I have some (slightly unexpected) clarity on health misc, which involved less of a fight than I expected it to (I am so, so tempted by the noncompliance is a social skill t-shirt), and I'm doing a good job of sorting through brain misc as well.
  10. I have outline notes for all the sections of the job app; I'm going to turn them into first-pass sentences, because apparently this iterative work thing is good for me, and then I'm going to curl up with a film, I think. Yes. Good.
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One of the things I've been half-heartedly (ha) sorting through in the spin-off from The Emotional Labour Thread is the cultural construct of the Other Half. The primacy of the nuclear family in my current cultural context -- which as we know is a relatively recent and decidedly unusual invention -- shores up a system in which maintaining a full-time job and a social life is a massive undertaking:
Yes, life would be easier if I had someone who is always a few yards (or less) away from me when we're not at work and who can provide romance, friendship, emotional support, entertainment, household help, financial assistance, AND hot sex (and maybe eventually co-parenting) without me ever needing to seek out other people or even leave the house. But that's... horrifying.

And it is horrifying, but -- or and? -- humans aren't set up to work solo. We're not good at it: we're social mammals, and we need touch and engagement and interaction to survive.

When I'm living with someone we frequently end up joking that between the two of us, we just about add up to one competent adult -- in terms of executive function, and ability to do chores and care and so on. To some extent this is presumably an artefact of the unavoidable fact that I'm significantly disabled and prone to selecting people-I'll-spend-a-lot-of-time-with for criteria (like "not being shitty about disability") that have substantial overlap with "likely to also experience executive dysfunction" -- but even so and even still, the fact that we end up phrasing it that way makes me look at the concept of An Other Half and go "... huh."

Because when the assumption is that by default you're going to relationship escalate your way up to living with one other adult human, and that anything else is evidence of immaturity or failure or a shocking lack of moral rectitude, despite the fact that we by-and-large work best as interdependent networks with a range of specialisms... well, no wonder we end up feeling inadequate and incomplete, and no wonder that we cling so tight to anyone with a suitably complementary skill set to our own. The problem, as far as I can tell, isn't actually us: it's that we're measuring ourselves against unattainable ideals and finding ourselves wanting.

I don't think it's any surprise that in this frame breaking up turns into The Worst Thing In The World [cached version, because Pervocracy currently appears to be down].
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(Announcement of its availability, and list of sources; DRM-free epub from Smashwords.)

This book is my new best friend.

It's about botany and the dreams of plants. It's about language and words, words that are like fish, and you catch them and you get to keep them. And it's about, elliptically, how girls are taught to accept shitty behaviour from men as profound and meaningful and worth it, and about some of the ways one might be able to go about unlearning it.

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Tuesday afternoon I went to Otherworlds with [personal profile] sebastienne -- an exhibition of space landscape photography -- and it was so good, people, so good. It was so good I started crying less than fifteen seconds after entering (good little space robot). I accidentally left with a scarf and two postcards. I am going to drag [personal profile] me_and along and let him wander the hall while I sit and cry over my favourites. I am willing to take absolutely anyone else along at all to wander the hall while I... sit and cry over my favourites, with breaks for getting loud and overenthusiastic at you about how geology is fucking FANTASTIC, okay, BECAUSE, right, [a totally relevant and utterly enthralling fact]. The curation is brilliant (you get to see reflections of other photographs in the black backgrounds of the ones you're looking at). I just -- I had a lot of feelings, okay, and then they leaked out of my face.

(And then we went and recuperated in the Members' Room for fifteen minutes before braving the thronged hallways of It's The Natural History Museum And It's The Easter Holidays once more, and a small child sat thoughtfully on the sofa said to its mother, "I wish the WHOLE WORLD was made of candy... except for us," and then in the queue for the accessible loo I had a fantastic chat with another three small children about why I use a wheelchair, and how it's polite to ask people before you touch their wheelchairs, and how they could give me a quick push to see how easy it was, and how I could do wheelies. OFFICIALLY COOLEST GROWN-UP IN THE TOILET, okay.)

And then! An Evening Of Unnecessary Detail! This month's -- it is a monthly thing -- featured Tom Scott (talking about emoji), Morgan and West (the time-travelling magicians), and a couple of other people [personal profile] sebastienne and [personal profile] shortcipher were actively interested in, I think; it was a show in three thirds, each third being subdivided into three acts; there was one act I Actively Disliked (a whole bunch of misc oppression-perpetuating not-actually-very-funny jokes strung together as a thinly-disguised ad for an upcoming show), but the other eight + MCing were great. I am now actively into Helen Arney and Marian Call (particularly Good Morning, Moon), and I also learned a great deal about how to cook in hotel rooms from [twitter.com profile] georgeegg (it had not occurred to me that balancing a cereal bowl on top of the kettle would give you a double boiler, e.g.).

Meanwhile I have been reading a lot of excellent short fiction. Over the past few days I have particularly enjoyed John Chu's Hold-Time Violations (the politics of physics; content note for ill mothers) and Restore the Heart into Love (orthography); SL Huang's By Degrees and Dilatory Time (transhumanism and aids and vision; content note for cancer and surgery), and the diptych Hunting Monsters (content note for abuse) and Fighting Demons (... I mean this also has content notes but I am struggling to word them); and I have finally got around to starting T Kingfisher's The Raven & The Reindeer, which thus far I am finding very comforting.

And there is sunshine, and I am basking in it.
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Helen Arney and Marian Call are fantastic geek songstresses -- I saw them both perform last night, at An Evening Of Unnecessary Detail, which was great -- and over the next week they're playing Bath (today), Edinburgh (tomorrow), Manchester (1st), London (again; the 2nd) and Cambridge (the third). More details at the link; I hadn't realised I needed the Elements Song filked about unobtanium and phlogiston but I really did. More info
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1. One of the picture prompts Duolingo gives you when you're learning German and it asks you to translate "the sugar"? Is a bowl of sugar with vanilla pods in. I am charmed, and also sort of curious about whether it does that for other languages and I just... haven't noticed.

2. I am signed up to the London Business School Behavioral Research Lab, which means I sometimes get an e-mail inviting me to participate in a study in exchange for cold hard cash. This morning I got to drink a small quantity of beetroot & passionfruit juice (selected from a tray containing a variety of juices), read some feedback about it, and then give my own. It took about 15 minutes all told, I got paid a tenner for it, and I continued very gently learning to like beetroot. (It was surprisingly tasty, and paid for half my new ereader. This makes it a win all round.)

3. I've actually been managing to swap e-mails with P over the past few days! He's been responding! It's been lovely, not least because he pointed out an excellent bit of costuming that occurred in Elementary 4x17 that completely passed me by -- namely, Read more... ).

4. I think I have worked out why some of the creme brulee attempts have gone grainy! I'm pretty sure (I have not kept adequately detailed notes) that it happens when I pick up cheap extra-thick double cream and let it out with a little milk, as opposed to just using double cream. So that is a mystery solved, for all the mechanism remains somewhat opaque to me. (Ideas?)

5. ... A. just brought the last creme brulee through, with the last of the strawberries he picked up for me last week on top, and two spoons, and proceeded to lean companionably against me while telling me all about how en-GB-oed is his problematic fave. hashtag domestic bliss, etc etc etc.

6. I got to stick my name at the top of a file in the Dreamwidth codebase, today, because I'd written more than 10% of it (or 100 lines, whichever is smaller; in this instance, 10%). It's a tiny feature that like one person (possibly two people?) is going to (be able to) use, but I think that's still actually the first time I've got to do that, and I am Contented.

7. I had shakshuka and bagel for breakfast, and bagel and cheddar and cucumber and a strawberry for lunch, and textures and flavours and yes.

8. I was on time to (or early for!) all my appointments in spite of Tube Shenaniganry (the Piccadilly line just wasn't for much of this morning, okay), and the staff at my local station did a top-notch job of looking out for me, and then pleasant brief commiseration occurred on my way back in. (People who have had that much of a morning 100% get me explicitly thanking them and wishing that the rest of their day gets better.) (I gotta say, given what today's been like for them, I really hope they enjoy tomorrow's strike.) And then I made a phone call I really didn't want to, and removed another source of uncertainty; and then I dealt with some other stressors. Yes.

9. I am so endlessly, immensely grateful for having a warm and comfortable bed that makes me hurt less and that soothes me. (I have a memory foam topper from freecycle; memory foam pillows from my mother; a weighted blanket of my very own; soft duvet covers, and soft micofleece blankets, and stripy tulip pillow cases my mother thought I should have.)

10. Have a ridiculous song. (Oh right, what was actually going to go here was mild amusement at the intersection of interests of public transport, graphic design, zoological illustration and a specific animal species that means I've probably managed to luck into sorting A a Very Appropriate Present -- this is not spoilers, I've had a chat with him about how much effort I'm willing to go to in order to achieve the thing -- but I sort of wandered off into being distracted. So have two cheerful things for the price of one.)
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Vanilla shortbread cake; spiced quince cake, and pear, chocolate and hazelnut cake; the Nigel Slater lentils also don't sound terrible; and of course several of the things from this week's theme of charred.

Meanwhile cake #2 is a mild horror that as far as I can tell has been designed precisely to make [personal profile] me_and think it's a good idea: it is, in essence, a purple maths-themed beetroot-dust pavlova and I'm gently horrified.

eta smitten kitchen just posted an unholy mashup of puttanesca and shakshuka. I have capers and oregano and thyme and parsley in and I am so here for this.
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1. My medical appointment this morning passed off astonishingly quickly and smoothly -- I was obliged to attend the triage clinic for a minor irritation, and my regular GP turned out to be the duty doctor. I now have a follow-up phone appointment with him for next Tuesday (not the three-weeks'-time my own attempts to get to talk to him anyway was going to land me with), and have as instructed e-mailed him the name of the respiratory specialist I want to be packed off to. (His instruction to e-mail is important, because last time I sent anything non-routine -- all e-mail has to go via reception -- I got told off a bit.) On my way out he sort of raised an eyebrow at me and said "I like your badge", and I grinned back and thanked him and was off on my way; the badge in question is an I SUPPORT JUNIOR DOCTORS sticker I was kindly given when I had a hospital appointment during the last 48-hour strike.

2. I pushed through Hyde Park to Green Park Station rather than getting the bus, and in consequence saw (a) concrete and recycled glass plaques commemorating the Great Exhibition, which I'd not previously met because I don't normally go around that part of the Park, (b) a cavalry drill behind Knightsbridge barracks, complete with swords and bugles (and, yes, shouting sergeant-majors). Which is the first time I'd seen the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment at anything above a rather prissy trot, and (c) a wide and riotous array of crocuses and daffodils various.

3. The post brought me a new-to-me e-reader! My previous one was alas dying a very definite if somewhat lingering death; I am Very Excited about having a new technology friend. It can connect to wifi! It is faster! The buttons work! I have ORGANISED IT. (Relatedly, calibre is great.)

4. The kitchen contains lemon macarons and also custard ready for bruleeing; A brought me pears last night, so lunch was the last of some very nice goats' cheese and some sourdough toast and a pear. (Breakfast, to fortify me against Leaving The House At That Kind Of Time, was fried mushrooms with garlic and parsley, also on sourdough toast.)

5. I am very much enjoying having a tiny sun set up. I basks in it, yes I do.

6. I am absolutely delighted at someone having made a pinboard for Mercedes, who is one of [personal profile] recessional's OCs in your blue-eyed boys, not least becauuuuuuuuse either the OP also has a non-obvious DW oooooooor someone actually appreciated me dropping the link to the post in which M. finds Someone Who Looks Like Mercedes in comments on ybeb, i.e. I am not the only person who makes a point of rereading all the comments on all the parts of the fic every time I reread the thing on the internets. >>;

7. Fact: the Tallis Spem, Spem in Alium, is a very very famous piece of early choral music in forty parts. Fact: Allium is the genus that contains onions, garlic, leeks, spring onions, etc. (Subsidiary fact: the -lic of garlic is the leek word, and it shows up much much more in allium names in Swedish). ... fact: this means that there is a Certain Type Of Person who mutters spem in allium any time they're cooking with a member of the allium family. So when I'm reblogging pictures of allium flowers on tumblr that is obviously the tag I use, and then this happened and I was delighted forever.

8. Thus spake Carly Rae: a song of Friedrich Nietzsche, in the event that you had not yet met it. (Stare into the abyss and the abyss will call you, maybe.)

9. I have managed to acquire blue corduroy slippers that meet the requirements outlined by podiatry, in plenty of time to take them along to next week's podiatry appointment.

10. I currently have a palindromic number of support points, and for bonus minor smug it is the first four-figure palindrome, and I am actually just completely delighted about it. I get a small jolt of glee every time I think about it. BRAINS: sometimes they can be pretty great.


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