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Hello! You are a person! You are probably lovely! I like people!

This journal ends up being a bit of a mix of Srs Business (rants; things I've learned from counselling; &c), fannish & scientific joy, linkspams, poetry, & misc life updates. I tag fairly compulsively, though not always helpfully; I use content notes; I have written up a cast of characters; I aim to maintain this as a safer space, and appreciate (but do not expect!) call-outs when I mess up.

I like it if you introduce yourself when you subscribe, but it's definitely not required. Probably 30% of this journal is access-locked; I give access very readily. Fanworks are always public; AO3 is the canonical place to find my list of works. I'm very happy for you to link to anything that's public, and I'll be even happier if you let me know you're doing it. :-)


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The Entropy of Bones (2015; Ayize Jama-Everett) is terrible. It is abysmal. It is appalling. I am about 60% of the way through (and at this point am probably going to finish it, because that's about 80 pages left) and it is so bad on so many topics. I assume that The Liminal People, by the same author and in the same universe and apparently published first (so perhaps I should have read it first but Oh Well, Never Mind), is not any better.

Honestly largely irrelevant snark about the quality of the writing, presented mostly as a framing device. )

Which is all fine as far as it goes, like, whatever, I read a lot of pulpy speculative fiction, but then there are the fucking trigger warnings. And oh dear me are there a lot of them. (At some point I will try to usefully articulate the distinction I make between "content note" and "trigger warning", but that time is not now; just... bear in mind that I'm using the latter not the former.)

The overview. )

The detailed trigger warnings. )

Just... if you decide to read this, you might wanna be prepared going in.
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Because I had a birthday, again. P had arranged to be Elsewhere this year, so A was my only dining companion. I was a little nervous about that, partly because I am a seething mess of anxiety at the moment but partly because my understanding had been that last year he'd enjoyed it well enough but hadn't been anything like as impressed as P & I. Which, you know, fair enough -- but in fact this year his main arrived and he proceeded to sit looking stunned and rapturous for several whole minutes, which I of course found utterly charming.

For my part, this year they took me well outside my comfort zone and it almost all just worked.

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Notes for next time, just so I don't have to work it out again.

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So I'm three sessions into the Improvers' class, though I missed the second by dint of being in Cornwall; having spent a lot of last term learning principles and grammar and getting used to moving our hands and receiving sign (and a big introductory lot of vocab!), we're now getting lots more vocab, and last week's homework was to work out 100-200 (English) words' worth of story about our lives, then bring it to class as BSL.

I promptly had a lot of thoughts, contained herein.

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(content note for mention of misgendering with a happy ending!)

Popped in today to talk about additional paperwork for academia purposes. He's perfectly cheerful about writing a letter to the effect that I'm well enough to resume studies, but the amount of physio/medical appointments/etc I have to do isn't compatible with working full-time.

We also got chatting about sports wheelchairs and The New Chair (I've just booked train tickets to go and pick it up and I am so excited) -- I get the impression he's a cyclist, and therefore goes oooOOOOOooh when you point out you've got Spinergy wheels on, and that wheelchair wheels are basically the same thing as high-end bike wheels.

And while he was distracted by all that, he referred to me using an inappropriately gendered pronoun in the notes he was making, caught himself, apologised appropriately, and rephrased entirely without input from me.

I genuinely hadn't even noticed that he'd spent the past however-long-it's-been carefully making sure that he doesn't misgender me in my medical records.

I am doing a small good cry about it, okay.
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Like: guidelines on when it's appropriate to touch a chair; guidelines on asking if help's wanted; guidelines on talking to someone using a chair (and therefore not at standing height) -- with the understanding that people vary. (Largely because I have come up with a rule-of-thumb about touching chairs that I am failing to phrase as a standalone post, so.)

Interested? Got things you'd like addressed?
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Strong Female Protagonist, which I've recced before and will rec again, is a webcomic that has consistently thought hard about definition, regulation and registration of super-powered humans, and about morality and ethics and how to make good choices. It doesn't have answers; it does have compassion. I like it a lot.

(... this is not exactly a CA:CW hate blog, but I do think it's sort of tragic that a freak meteorite destroyed the Marvel studios after GotG was released, so they never got a chance to fulfill the potential of the storylines they'd set up up to that point. But hey, your blue-eyed boys is canon.)

eta I take it back, this is a Civil War hate blog, I had not at that point seen this (trigger warning, I seriously cannot work out how to words things beyond that in ways that aren't ~~a spoiler~~, but please do note that I distinguish between "content note" for "bad things happen" and "trigger warning" for "this is handled abhorrently")
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1. Rose lemonade. Read more... )

2. Pad thai. Read more... )

3. Orphan Black. It turns out that I am still very emotionally invested, okay: I have to keep pausing it to squeak. (I also paused it to stare, narrow-eyed, at the perplexing geology, and then to, um, take a screenshot. to keep staring at. later.)

4. Cyanocitta stelleri (Steller's Jay), and #dreamwidth, who identified the source of this image in particular for me. Excellent blue; ridiculous crest.

5. Aphelocoma californica (Western Scrub Jay). Also an excellent blue.

6. This hedgehog, which tumblr thought it was important for me to see.

7. A Brief History Of Tax Evasion In Britain (Or: Panama Is For Posers, Now Brick Up Your Windows).

8. Check, Please! fandom is giving me lots of people-adoring-each-other to roll around in, and is also giving me lots of really thorough and thoughtful incredibly iddy fic ([personal profile] staranise wrote a really detailed soulmates AU that I just want to smoosh my face on, okay?).

9. An amble round the charity shops in the sunshine this afternoon yielded a film and a gift, in addition to, you know, the part where I got sunshine.

10. I am having a possibly ridiculous number of Feelings about continuity-of-community and shit about this thing in passing, and I... really need to be asleep so I'm not even slightly going to go into the details in any depth now, but I've been having A Rough Week Or So on several related topics so this was A Good, alright.

ALRIGHT. Sleep. xx
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... I've announced the next contributor weekend, which is running on the 14th and 15th of May!

If you have requests for specific flavours of cake, now is a good time to make them :-)
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Anyone interested in doing Kew the Movies with me? I've booked tickets for myself and a friend for the Star Wars showing already, but I'm happy to have others join us and I am 100% up for seeing any of the other showings (Jurassic Park, Mean Girls, and Labyrinth). I am similarly up for potluck picnic dinners.

On the heartbreaking difficulty of getting rid of books:
After all, the romance of minimalism relies on invisible abundance. The elegantly empty apartment speaks not to genteel poverty, but to the kind of hoarded wealth that makes anything and everything replaceable and available at the click of a mouse. Things and the freedom from things, and then things again if you desire. If you miss a book after getting rid of it, Kondo consoles, you can always buy it again. Dispose and replace, repeat and repeat.

What should student doctors learn about sexual healthcare? This survey is being run by the University of Oxford:
We are redesigning courses for medical students to teach them what they need to know about sexual and genital health. If you have experience of going to the doctor for these issues, including asking about contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, screening, or any concerns about your genital or sexual health, we would like to hear from you.

I am spending a lot of time at the moment watching two eaglets grow up.
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I am currently having the problem with Duolingo French, you see, that it is trying to teach me the word for wallet, and the word it thinks means wallet is "le portefeuille". Which is all fine and good, as far as it goes, except that the French word I know meaning wallet is, er, "das Portemonnaie". Because German, you see, or at least my flavour of German, went through a phase (as did much of the rest of Europe) that can summarised, somewhat crudely, as You Know What's Really Sexy? French. French Is Really Sexy.

I have no idea whether Duolingo thinks le portemonnaie is an acceptable translation, and I suppose I will find out next time I find myself learning how to talk about clothes in French. (I am dubious. Duolingo persists in not believing in potatoes, you see, even if it has condescended to believe in priests.)

The University of Oxford Botanic Garden, meanwhile, have an attempt at Engaging Their Younger Visitors, as best I can tell, that consists of sticking a bunch of laminated Shakespeare quotes near plants mentioned in said quotes, which series is entitled Bill's Blooms.

I was delighted to realise that one of these was taken from Much Ado About Nothing (II.i):
The count is neither sad nor sick, nor merry nor well; but civil count, civil as an Orange, and something of that jealous complexion.

... except, to my slight consternation, it was attached to an example of Citrus madurensis, the Calamondin orange.

I perambulated the remainder of the Conservatory, which contained a goodly set of Citrus. (A fact of which I had not previously been aware: nobody knows what the fuck lemons are. Citrus medica x Citrus aurantifolia, suggest Oxford, with which Wikipedia does not agree.) Not represented, alas, was Citrus aurantium, the bitter - or Seville - orange. Well, fair enough, thinks I; if they have no Seville, it is reasonable that the quotation not be attached to a Seville.

... they do so have a bloody Seville -- it's just over in the Palm House.

I have sent them an e-mail thanking them profusely for my lovely afternoon, and inquiring as to whether they just... don't think that joke's as funny as I do, then.

(It's okay! I was actually more polite than that, I promise.)

"Excuse me," I said to the woman in the charity shop, bent to peer at the bookcase, "could I trouble you to reach me down a book from the top shelf...? Oh, thank you so much -- second from the left, Americanah..."

"Oh, good find," she said, "I'm trying desperately to quickly find something to read, that looks like the only good thing on that shelf. But--" and here she brandished some Orhan Pamuk at me.

... and having thus Bonded over Literature, we went our separate ways, which at least in my case involved being briefly deeply embarrassed about What It Is I Have Become, as a result of which I knocked a shoe onto my head; it thonked pleasingly as it bounced, somewhat sadly, to the floor.
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... the whole "updated Horsemen of the Apocalypse" wherein Pestilence is an Anti-Vaxx Mom thing, right, as distinct from being e.g. Andrew Wakefield or A Failure To Teach The Scientific Method or whatever is just... yet another iteration of The Sin Of Eve, isn't it?

I mean I was already bored of it, but the pattern "keep a woman ignorant, lie to her, then blame her" is sort of... notable, I feel.
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Turns out [personal profile] me_and has two Yotam Ottolenghi cookbooks (Plenty and Plenty More, for those of you who care), probably acquired as gifts at some point, to which he'd been sort of oblivious up until I pounced on them on Monday night while we were working out where my boxes of books should live temporarily.

(He proceeded to go to one of the Ottolenghi restaurants on Tuesday night and really liked it; we'd walked past a different branch on Sunday and I'd pointed it out, and there was one just down the road from a gig he was going to, so he decided to give it a go.)

Ergo I have established that Ottolenghi, unlike basically every other recipe I've found during this particular set of experimentation, agrees with me about actually boiling the dairy (see also). seriously nobody is as interested in this as I am )
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A couple of days ago I managed to mess up my morning routine sufficient that I didn't get as far as putting ring splints on 12.30ish, and oh but did my hands hurt.

I'm pretty sure that the hand therapist's attitude would be that I'm wearing them all the time, so of course my hands are getting weaker, so of course they hurt -- except: my hands are demonstrably getting stronger (I'm doing hand physio pretty much every day; I've just moved up to the third and last block of memory foam, which has the most resistance), and it's not the kind of pain that comes with muscle work or fatigue.

Which leaves me at: wow, did my hands just... hurt that much... all the time... and I thought it was normal...? And the conclusion: yeah, probably, that'd be why I started out wearing the splints experimentally and then just kept wearing them despite the fact that they chewed through wheelchair gloves, gave me a bunch of new callouses, did not (in the first instance) fit me terribly well, and were an all-round faff.

So! Yes! If you are bendy, and your hands routinely hurt, and you're sort of dubious about the point of ring splints: yes they're amazing, and please by all means do if we have even vaguely similarly-sized hands ask to try mine on if we're in the same place. Because, to reiterate: I can use chopsticks. I can use chopsticks more than once a week. I can type, and I can make pastry, and I can brush my hair, and my hands just hurt less. They're actually magic.
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[personal profile] jedusaur told me about it, of course, and [personal profile] staranise has just started writing fic about it, which in turn means that I've been flailing about headcanon.

Read more... )

I DON'T EVEN GO HERE, etc etc etc.
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Tulipa 'Gavota'
Circular bed of interplanted tulips and primroses. The primroses are Primula 'Stella Snow White' (white) and Primula 'Stella Lunar Gold' (yellow); the tulip is Tulipa 'Gavota', with tall pointed petals that are a very deep rich red on their body, with brilliant yellow edges.

+3 )

  1. Yesterday, after doing a lot of tedious and stressful administrivia, I dragged myself over to Kew on the grounds that it was sunny and I should take the opportunity while it existed. (Today has been drizzle interspersed with hail; I made the right choice to drag myself out there yesterday.) The various Prunus are doing excellently; the camellias are gorgeous, though I'm still working out which white double cultivar I'm after; the rhododendron are not quite there yet; and the tulips are magnificent.
  2. I am enjoying SL Huang's Russell's Attic series immensely. Huang is an MIT maths graduate; the eponymous Cas Russell is very, very good at maths, and uses this to work decidedly illegal job markets very competently. I'm not in a position to judge how good the mathematics is, but I will say that the villainous supervolcano lair subplot in book 2 only made me pull a face very briefly, and one of the principal characters is a wheelchair user who's done competently. They're fun; I'm tearing through them; if you have issues with mind or memory control, or gore, or violence, these are probably not for you, but perhaps go read Huang's short stories instead?
  3. This afternoon's foray into capitalism involved the acquisition of Mad Max: Fury Road and some ceramic baking beans that were substantially reduced. (This evening's plans involve "curling up in bed with hot chocolate and MM:FR".)
  4. Food! )
  5. Food! )
  6. Food! )
  7. My xkcd Garden contains a tortoise! And, bafflingly, two humans, and some things that are possibly pet rocks. A. informs me that his contains an octopus, and I am deeply envious; on the whole I am finding this comic strip a much more soothing implementation of the general idea of Mountain, and to be perfectly frank if anyone gets around to writing an Android app I will be all over that.
  8. It is seven twenty pee em and it is still properly light. I came back from a brief shopping trip at eight forty-five last night and the sky wasn't completely dark yet. You had better believe I am basking in this.
  9. I have some (slightly unexpected) clarity on health misc, which involved less of a fight than I expected it to (I am so, so tempted by the noncompliance is a social skill t-shirt), and I'm doing a good job of sorting through brain misc as well.
  10. I have outline notes for all the sections of the job app; I'm going to turn them into first-pass sentences, because apparently this iterative work thing is good for me, and then I'm going to curl up with a film, I think. Yes. Good.


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